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How to make plastic toys in a factory

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The toy manufacturing industry is one of the most influential and powerful industries in the world, thanks to its ever-growing demand in the market. People of all ages, whether adults or children, are fond of playing with toys and plastic toy molds manufacturers realize their dreams into reality with various new techniques and inventions.  

However, many people out there often wonder how their toys and action figures are made from scratch with such precise detail and accuracy. If you too are one of these and are curious about the creation of plastic toys, then don’t worry because in this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about how plastic toys are made in a factory.

What Are Injection Molding Toys?

Injection molded lego plastic pieces.
Source: Indian Express

Most of the plastic toys that you walk by in a toy store are created through a particular technique called injection molding. Injection molding essentially means filling hot and moldable plastic into specific molds to get a toy part in a desired shape and structure. Injection molding is used in the creation of countless toys such as lego injection molding. Because of this, injection molding has an important place in the toy manufacturing industry. 

Toys created through the injection molding technique are called injection molding toys which comprise most of the toys that you see in the toy market. Injection molding toys made from plastic have a lot of advantages over wood and metal toys. The injection molding technique has been revolutionary for the toy industry because it has allowed manufacturers to produce cost-effective toys on a large scale so that more people can enjoy them.

Why Should You Choose Injection Molding Toys?

Vector illustration of a plastic model kit
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There are several reasons why most manufacturers in the world have integrated injection molding as their primary toy manufacturing technique. Manufacturing toys with toy mold techniques has several benefits that other traditional methods don’t. The most significant advantage is that injection molding offers much greater detail and better geometry for the toy because it applies more pressure during the process. 

Injection molding techniques also allow the toy to be created more efficiently at a much faster pace, making the toys extremely effective from a time-efficient and economic perspective. The toys also gain enhanced strength in their molded parts, so if a particular toy requires additional strength, injection molding can provide it. 

Advantages of Injection Molding Toys

If there is one toy manufacturing option that is both affordable and cost-efficient, it is injection molding toys. These toys have several benefits attached to them, and they provide them to all the customers who buy them. These benefits are –

How Does The Toy Manufacturing Process Actually Work?

Plastic injection molding machine
Source: EasyChangeSystems

Firstly, a toy prototype is designed that can act as a reference to the factory toy workers. This is either a wax model or a plastic mold, and it gives engineers an idea about how the actual finished toy looks like and if they should make it with the same parts or different parts. Mainly, this prototype is sent to the production team, where it is fit in a mold and covered with plaster in such a way that when the prototype is removed, it leaves a cavity behind in the mold. 

Then this cavity is again filled with a variety of molten minerals like aluminum and magnesium, which then cool down and break the plaster around them. The mold transforms into a metallic production mold which will soon be used to make actual plastic toys. When the mold is done, consisting of either two or more parts, it is used to make the perfect toys via the injection molding technique. It is mounted on top of an injection molding machine and is filled with plastic pellets. 

These plastic pellets are in solid form and have multiple types of colors, which are usually mixed to achieve a preferred shade. After these plastic pellets dissolve, they are filled into the mold cavity of the metallic production mold. After letting it cool down, either naturally or artificially, the plastic inside the cavity hardens into a definite shape. However, the journey of the injection molding toy and the materials inside it is not finished yet as it is further cooled down using artificial water to become rock-solid in structure. 

Each toy piece that comes out of the mold is checked for quality and integrity to ensure that everything is alright. In case a plastic toy turns out to be defective, it is sent back to the production line for recycling. Manufacturers make sure that a product and its plastic are not wasted at any cost. After the quality testing, these toys are then either sent directly to stores after packaging or sent further down a production line for additional techniques.

Why Should You Choose Immould As Your Custom Toy Manufacturer?

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Immould is considered to be one of the leading plastic injection molding companies in the world for manufacturing custom toys and action figure molds. Their quality and reputation are unsurpassed in the industry. They listen to the demands and requirements of their client and fulfill them entirely with top-end toys mould design and action figures. The best thing about Immould is that they support local workers and engineers as much as possible to reduce unemployment. 

Immould has over 40 years of industry experience which makes them one of the most well-experienced injection mold companies in the world. They have a worldwide business network and have no problem catering to international clients. Due to their expertise and the sheer amount of experience, they know exactly what their clients want. Whatever project you assign them will be completed with the utmost quality. 

Each of their plastic toy mold projects has a separate manager that overlooks the project’s demands and logistics and ensures that it is finished in a set schedule. They are able to work internationally and maintain their standards because they have created a quality testing and management system that helps them deliver the best plastic toys in the market. 

With experienced and reputable leaders onboard overlooking each of the company’s details, you can be assured of the quality they are reputed for as one of the leading plastic injection toy molding manufacturers in the world. When you assign them a project, they ensure it’s up to your standards with constant monitoring, which no other toy manufacturer does.

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Manufacturing plastic toys for consumers that are both enjoyable and safe for use is a difficult task that toy manufacturers have to deal with every day. No matter if the toys are simple as lego toys or they have action figure mold design, these toys go through various rigorous processes and treatments before arriving in the hands of their owners.  

We hope this article was insightful for you and served as a guide to answering all your questions about the manufacturing process of plastic toys in a factory. If this guide was helpful to you, please consider following our website and blog for regular updates, as it will help us out immensely.

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