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Plastic Injection Molding Bucket and Mold Manufacturer

FOW Mould ventured into making bucket molds for businesses in 2009. Over time, we have gained lots of experience and expertise in designing buckets, making molds, and manufacturing plastic buckets. We have a well-put-together team of designers, engineers,
and marketing consultants that steer all our bucket injection molding projects. This cooperative approach is the secret behind
our short lead times and continued customer satisfaction.


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Our Plastic Bucket Injection Molding Services


We offer both product design and design optimization services. For plastic bucket design, simply present to us your vision of the type of buckets that you need and our team will design them for you. We would then seek your approval to confirm that we have captured your requirements to your satisfaction. In design optimization, we analyze the bucket design that you present to us and enhance it for manufacturability.


Our injection mold designers use your approved bucket design to develop a mold that can replicate it with precision. They take into consideration the materials to be used, cooling systems, and ejection mechanisms to come up with a suitable mold design. Our bucket mold designs are also optimized to achieve even wall thickness. Once an initial draft is complete, it is prototyped for testing and modified to perfection.

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Prototyping is essential during the development of injection molding designs. It provides tangible samples of the designs for evaluating, testing, and fine-tuning the molds and buckets. Additionally, it is much cheaper and faster than producing actual samples of the product. We provide 3D printing using high-resolution 3D printers. They produce detailed and precise prototypes within a lead time of 3 to 5 business days.


CNC machining involves producing parts or molds using computer-controlled tools. It is an effective way to produce sample molds or parts in small quantities within a relatively short time. We have invested in numerous CNC machines to enable us to provide these services to our clients. They are fast, accurate, and make prototyping buckets more affordable.


The FOW Mould factory is equipped with cutting-edge machinery for high-standard mold making. We use superior materials that make our molds durable and highly efficient during injection molding processes. Our equipment has high tolerances of about +/- 0.02mm and we can, therefore, guarantee you that your bucket dimensions will be accurate. We have the capacity to handle bulk injection molding within short turnaround times. 


We are a plastic bucket manufacturing company that offers OEM & ODM injection molding services. Our facilities use the latest technology and have streamlined injection molding processes. This keeps our production costs low and delivery times short. We handle proprietary information and client designs with great discretion; they are never replicated or imitated for any other brand And are protected by an NDA.

Injection Mold Design for Diverse Plastic Pails

FOW Mould offers a wide range of plastic bucket mold designs. They are designed for injection molding buckets that are applicable in both food and non-food industries.

On size, we can design a bucket mold that is small enough for a 1-gallon plastic bucket or big enough for a 5-gallon plastic bucket. We are also fully capable of developing custom bucket molds for other sizes within this range.

Our shape options, on the other hand, include oblong, square, rectangular, and round plastic buckets. Additionally, our design team can incorporate other features including plastic pails with lids and IML (In Mould Labelling) buckets.

In-House Design at Fow Mold

Quality Materials for Plastic Pails


We pride ourselves on being a reliable plastic bucket manufacturer that use quality inputs. Our plastic bucket structures are made using materials such as HDPE, LDPE, or ABS to ensure durability and stability. The bucket handles and lids are injection molded using easy-to-mold PP and PE plastic.

All our thermoplastic materials are sourced from carefully vetted suppliers. Our list of options is quite vast but if you prefer alternative custom materials we can always source them for you. You can also rest assured that the bucket injection molding processes will run smoothly as our staff is experienced in handling different types of plastic.


Why FOW MOULD for Bucket Injection Molding


Our company has over 40 years of experience in developing manufacturing solutions for plastic bucket businesses. We are thus well-versed in both designing bucket injection molds and manufacturing plastic buckets. You can rest assured that the bucket design and injection molding services we offer are adequately researched and tested. They are carefully developed to help you realize the best possible bucket products through an efficient manufacturing system with low costs and short cycle times. 

Turnkey Injection Molding Solution

We understand how difficult it can be to find a professional and dependable plastic mold designer. It is equally costly to have to engage multiple injection molding suppliers for every aspect of the bucket molding process. This is why FOW Mould is a full-service firm. From mold and bucket design to injection molding and surface finishes, we have what it takes to see your project to its ultimate conclusion. This assures you of a standardized quality of buckets and timely delivery because all processes are performed in one fluid cycle under one roof.

High-Quality Plastic Buckets

As a testament to our commitment to quality, our buckets are internationally certified by industry regulatory bodies. How have we achieved this? FOW Mould has and continues to invest in high-precision machinery and design software. We do this to make certain that our production processes yield high-quality designs, molds, and end-products. Quality standards are further maintained through stringent technological quality checks that are carried out after each stage of production. Each stage is overseen by our team of well-trained and experienced staff.

Previous Plastic Bucket Projects

FOW Mould has been the sole plastic injection molding supplier in more than 1000 bucket molding projects.
Each of them has been successful and has seen us become a long-standing
injection mold manufacturer
for hundreds of companies. Some of our clients have since diversified their interests into
furniture, baby products,
warehousing, and storage, among other industries. We have risen to the occasion each time and supplied
them with molds and product designs for these industries. Regarding capacity, we can manufacture
550 plastic injection mold units per year for your bucket and more businesses. 

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a pair of bucket molds
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