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Since 2009, FOW Mould has been dedicated to the designing and manufacturing ofbucket molds.

For bucket molds, the most important factor to consider is the consistency of wall thickness because uneven wall thickness will result in molding injection failure after a certain period. This requires high accuracy tools throughout the manufacturing. FOW Mould’s tooling machines are of high precision which ensures the accuracy of the molds, thus lengthen the mold life.

Other than wall thickness, the cooling system also plays a vital role in the upcoming molding injection period. The cooling system must be designed based on the bucket specifically. Improper cooling water lines might affect the efficiency of the whole injection molding process. With FOW’s 10 years experience in bucket mold, we are able to avoid mistakes and offer you the most reliable mold-making service.


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10 Years of Experience in Bucket Mold Making

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