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Plastic POS Display

With expertise in making plastic parts through injection molding, FOW Mould offers different plastic POS displays. We also engage in other manufacturing processes like insert molding and overmolding to produce durable bulk plastic POS displays.

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Plastic Injection Molding Company for POS Display

FOW Mould is a renowned designer and manufacturer of plastic POS displays with over 10 years of experience in the industry. 

We offer an all-inclusive customization service to clients who want customized molds of plastic shelves for injection molding operations. We manufacture custom plastic POS display molds which are precise for clients’ specifications, enabling the production of excellent custom plastic shelves.

Plastic Injection Molding Services for POS Display


We engage in proper analysis of the details of your custom project. We achieve a perfect product design for your custom POP display by integrating Design For Manufacturability (DFM) in our process, which increases speed, simplifies the process, and reduces cost.


FOW Mould is blessed with the best workers who provide suitable design solutions. In offering mold design services, our professional workers incorporate your product design and quality requirements. All those things ensure that your plastic shelf molds are well-designed and can produce functional parts.

3d image of a plastic part

We provide 3D printing services for creating prototypes of your plastic shelves product design. Our state-of-the-art 3D printing machines create prototypes of different specifications. This enables a quick turnaround time on complex designs.

cnc machining

It involves the use of computerized controls to produce your custom digital signages. Using the CNC drilling, milling, and turning machines, prototypes of complex designs and large products are easily and quickly created, resulting in a fast turnaround time.

mold making

Working with us allows you access our wealth of experience in creating quality molds. We create plastic shelf molds that accurately produce your custom product. Implementing technology and advanced software in our world-class factory, we create your custom products to be efficient and superior.


We use our molding techniques to produce plastic shelves that meet your requirements. From raw materials to finished products, we incorporate quality in creating your bulk custom plastic shelves. While your products are designed to have appealing appearance, we also guarantee optimal performance.

Custom POP Displays Mould by Experts

our injection molding experts

Custom POP display molds require expertise for the creation of unique products. FOW Mould works with experts that manufacture molds to your detailed specifications. Our services stand out as we guarantee products that conform to all recognized national and global standards. 

Custom services offered include:

  • Supermarket Display Shelf Mold
  • Cosmetics Display Shelf Mold
  • Makeup Display Shelf Mold 
  • Product Display Shelf Mold
  • Pharmacy Storage Racks Mold 
  • Plastic Digital Signage Mold

Fulfill Insert Molding and Overmolding Needs

This involves the inserting of a metal part into a mold before proper injection molding occurs. This molding can be done in several ways to fit your requirement.

This process involves the creation of a seamless component by combining several materials. In this process, the second shot of molding resin is injected to cover the first layer.

How We Make Injection Molds to Support Your Plastic Shelves Business

Custom POP Display Mold

Our mold designs are tailored to your initial sketch or sample. All departments work together to ensure your samples are properly analyzed. Using computer-aided design software, your plastic shelf molds are designed with high precision before prototyping.

Injection Mold Engineering

In making molds of custom POP displays, we understand that the outside and inside features of your molds matter. Hence, using advanced machines, our experts pay adequate attention to all the sides, including the small and big, ensuring that they are fabricated to replicate your plastic parts design.

Injection Mold Assembly and Finishing

Using high-grade technologies, we give your custom plastic shelf molds attractive finishings by smoothening and polishing them. Then, they are assembled after ascertaining the sequence is in accordance with the designing layout. Finally, before packaging and delivery, we test their performance.

Injection Mold Assembly and Finishing

Using high-grade technologies, we give your custom plastic shelf molds attractive finishings by smoothening and polishing them. Then, they are assembled after ascertaining the sequence is in accordance with the designing layout. Finally, before packaging and delivery, we test their performance.

Advantages of Making Product Display Shelf Molds in FOW Mould

Instant Quote

We believe in an efficient process for product purchase and delivery. Hence, upon your request, a detailed and straightforward quote will be sent to you within a short timeframe. In addition to that, you can easily connect with our readily available representatives for further engagement or inquiries.

Customized Manufacturing

Our extensive capabilities include making custom molds and plastic POS displays. Your desires are followed meticulously, and your requirements are met strictly. After assessing your requirements, our experts keep you informed with possible adjustments. Regardless of the complexity involved, we fulfill your specifications.

Timely Delivery

Working with FOW Mould, we keep our word by delivering your custom plastic POS displays within the specified time. We understand the need for quickness in supplying products, hence, we ensure our delivery process is timely. The punctuality will enhance the reliability your customers will have in you.

Why Injection Molding for Product Display Shelf Industry

Fast Prototyping

The 3D printers and CNC machines enable the fast recreation of complex plastic shelves designs, shortening turnaround time and facilitating production. In this way, adjustments can be quickly made.

Cost Effectiveness

In creating bulk plastic digital signages, injection molding is cost-effective as batches of products are manufactured with one injection mold. This reduces production costs and shortens turnaround time.


Injection molding enables quick production of plastic POP displays. In other words, significant amounts of products can be produced within a short time. Bulk displays are created and delivered on time without sacrificing the quality.

Quality Inspection

Dimensions, shape, and other features can be inspected and adjusted easily. Working with injection molding experts, such as FOW Mould, your products are manufactured to comply with certified standards.

Why FOW Mould for Injection Molding Plastic POP Displays

High-Quality Products

At FOW Mould, all our materials are sourced from reliable suppliers. Materials from suppliers undergo strict quality checks to ensure they conform to our quality standards. We only use top-quality steel in making plastic POP display molds and qualified resins for custom POP displays.

Injection Molding Experts

FOW Mould’s team of experts is backed by several years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Our experts possess the know-how required to offer premium injection molding services. Working with us, you have direct access to them as they oversee your project.

Custom Solution

Our comprehensive solution to customization makes us the best option for injection molding services. We manufacture various molds, including plastic POP display molds that precisely meet all your specifications. By working with FOW Mould, an OEM expert, you’re guaranteed the best custom service.

Over 10 Years Experience as an Injection Mold
Manufacturer & Plastic POP Display Manufacturer

We have over 10 years of experience in making molds and manufacturing bulk plastic POP displays, which is why we are the best at what we do. Applying various molding techniques, we produce different types of plastic shelves. 

We are a one-stop solution to all kinds of supermarket display shelves. Our services include producing and supplying durable plastic shelves at competitive prices.

Supermarket Display Shelf

FOW Mould is a reliable manufacturer of alluring cosmetic display shelves for the cosmetic industry. To display a wide array of products, our stylish shelves are the best.

Cosmetic Display Shelf

In creating makeup display shelves, we ensure a perfect combination of storage and decoration. Using the best machines, we add beautiful finishes to the shelves.

Makeup Display Shelves

At FOW Mould, we manufacture unique product display shelves that are suitable for product organization and merchandise.

Product Display Shelves

Our pharmacy storage racks compensate for the small floor space. They are made with high functionality and are delivered to you within a short lead time.

Pharmacy Storage Racks

For electronic digital displays, FOW Mould manufactures digital signages that use technology to display digital images, videos, and other information.

Digital Signage

Best-in-class Materials for Plastic Shelves Injection Molding

PC For Supermarket Display Shelves

Using this material, plastic shelves are manufactured to be strong and impact resistant. Additionally, different types of finishing can be added.

HDPE For Cosmetics Display Shelves

This material is perfect for making cosmetic display shelves as it offers excellent dimensional stability and toughness, and it is cost-effective.

POM For Makeup Display Shelves

Makeup display shelves should be strong and resistant to organic solvents, which is why POM is appropriate for making them.

ABS For Product Display Shelves

For chemical-resistant and cost-effective product display shelves with high dimensional stability, ABS is one of the major thermoplastic resins used to manufacture them.

ABS/PC For Making Pharmacy Storage Racks

Combining the properties of ABS and PC creates a suitable material for manufacturing strong and heat-resistant pharmacy storage racks. They are also a cost-effective option.

PEI For Medical Store Furniture

While this material is a costly option, it provides excellent features, such as high performance, toughness, and flame retardance. All those features are beneficial when PEI is used to manufacture medical store furniture.

PBT For Digital Signages

Due to its superior electrical properties, this thermoplastic material is best for manufacturing digital signages. It also makes tough products that are resistant to many solvents.

Previous Injection Molded Plastic POS Display Projects

At FOW Mould, we design, manufacture, and supply molds to an expanding client base worldwide. With an annual production of 900-1000 molds, including crate molds, baby product molds, plastic bucket molds, automobile molds, and home appliance molds, we deliver various kinds of molds to many industries. 

In addition, while we major provide injection molding services, we also offer other services like insert molding and overmolding, enabling us to produce and supply cost-effective bulk plastic products.

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