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Plastic Injection Molded Furniture Company

Furniture plays a fundamental role in homes, offices, and social venues. It offers comfort and convenience to all. At FOW Mould,
we keep these important factors in mind as we design and manufacture premium quality plastic furniture. We aim to meet not just
the needs of our corporate clients but also those of the consumer that will experience the furniture in their space every day.

Plastic Furniture Injection Molding Services


We provide plastic furniture design services for various plastic furniture items. Whether it is a plastic office chair or a molded dining side chair we will bring your design ideas to reality. Our creative team will work with you to come up with a product design template that matches your needs. In every design project, we strive to deliver stylish furniture that is stable, stackable, comfortable, and has even weight distribution.


Furniture pieces are larger than most commonly injection molding items They, therefore, require molds that are equally large but very precise. Our injection mold designers pay close attention to the furniture design and use MoldFlow software to ensure its dimensions match those of the mold design. The mold design also takes into consideration production issues such as draft angle and the desired surface finishes for the chair.

3d image of a plastic part

3D printing involves 3D Printers printing out parts in 3-dimension using resins. We recommend it for prototyping designs for analysis before they are approved for production. There are three main methods: SLS, FDM, and SLA. Each of them is ideal for achieving different effects and we would thus advise you according to your furniture injection molding project.


Computer Numerical Control(CNC) machines have a power tool and computer system section. We use the computer system to control the power tools during the production of mold or some furniture prototypes. It is possible to use both resins or metals for the prototyping. The tools are carefully calibrated for accuracy and high tolerance. Using a computerized system to give commands also reduces any chances of error.


We are dedicated to offering you molds that will serve you efficiently for many production cycles. As such, we use steel or high-quality aluminum to make molds for our clients due to the durability properties. We also consider other mold-adjacent structures like ejector pins and gates that contribute to mold depreciation. Our team optimizes the mold core and cavity to ensure they work well with such components for utmost efficiency.


At FOW Mould we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop on all things injection molding. Our facility is fitted with the latest injection molding technology, including overmolding and insert molding, and can produce injection molding furniture in brief lead times. We have the capacity to produce in bulk and at affordable rates. All clients’ intellectual property on designs and production formulas is handled with absolute discretion both during and after the project.

Why FOW MOULD for Plastic Furniture

Expert Injection Molding Team

FOW Mould comprises different departments that each play a crucial role in our production processes. They include design and engineering experts as well as experienced marketing professionals that understand consumer needs. These teams work in consultation with each other during projects to ensure we provide you with a well-rounded plastic furniture solution.

Custom Solution

Our design team will transform your brief into sketches and prototypes for your approval. We also welcome your input throughout the project as it helps us deliver the exact type of plastic furniture designs that you are hoping for. Custom solutions equally include choosing your preferred material. If the material does not feature on our list, we would be happy to source it for you.

Precise Manufacturing

We use top-grade automated technology on all our plastic furniture injection molding processes. This ensures precision and high tolerances on everything we produce. Further, we design parts for manufacturability. This reduces cycle times, improves product quality, and facilitates the precise use of resins.

Previous Injection Molded Furniture Projects

We have successfully worked with plastic chair manufacturers in projects where we were tasked with developing molds
for their production processes. On the other hand, numerous brands have also entrusted us to handle their plastic chair
injection molding. This has seen us produce
white molded plastic chairs, molded dining chairs, among many other designs.
We additionally serve other sectors such as the
automobile, home appliance, and baby products industries.
Each project is handled with attention and dedication because our clients’ satisfaction is of great importance to us.

Blue plastic chair stool
Blue plastic chair in white background
Beige plastic drawer in white background
Plastic decorative hardware