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Professional Injection Mold Design in China

With our experienced injection mold engineers in the factory, FOW Mould specializes in high-efficiency plastic injection mold design and manufacturing. Our injection molds are produced with great precision and high tolerances to match the geometrics of your part design. We also believe that a mold should give you long-term value. As such, we recommend high-grade durable injection mold materials that will serve you for countless production cycles.

Plastic Injection Mold Design Cores

  • image of a mold's gating system

    Gating Syatem

    The gating system of injection mold plays a vital role in mold production and product quality. Whether the gating system design is reasonable or not has a direct impact on the quality of the products, including appearance, warping deformation, weld lines, flow marks, trapped gas and so on.

  • image of a mold's gating system

    Cooling System

    A well designed cooling system can significantly shorten the molding cycle, increase production capacity and reduce costs. Improper design of the cooling system will lengthen molding time, increase costs; uneven cooling will cause product warpage deformation and other undesirable.

  • image of a mold's gating system

    Molding System

    Unreasonable design of the molding system will affect the mold-making cycle and injection molding cycle, as well as product appearance and performance. Thus, our engineers pay 100% attention to the design of core and cavity, ensuring the best product possible.

  • image of a mold's gating system

    Ejection System

    The ejection system will determine the appearance and performance of the final product, unreasonable ejection system will cause deformation, whitening, rupture and so on. With 10 years of experience in mold design, FOW got you covered.

Plastic Injection Mold Design Process

We have tailored our mold design processes in stages to ensure that every relevant department works in coordination
with the other. The process unfolds as follows.


Mold Flow Analysis

Mold flow analysis is a consultative session. It involves the project manager reviewing the client’s brief using MoldFlow software alongside other experts like the injection mold designer and production engineers. During these sessions, the team would evaluate crucial design factors such as mold precision, draft angle, and cycle times. Every department gives its input and recommends modifications if necessary. We have incorporated this step because an uncoordinated design approach results in costly errors and delays. 

3d graphing


FOW Mould is committed to providing you with wholesome injection molding solutions. This is why we analyze your injection molding project in its entirety; from the part design to anticipated production processes. Our goal is to ensure that we not only deliver a suitable mold but that it is viable and optimized for your project. Our design experts may offer advice on part design, material choice, or whether the part is properly designed for manufacturability. 

injection mold design


All our injection mold design engineering is done using Computer-Aided Design(CAD) software like MoldFlow and SolidWorks. It has inbuilt tools that guide the plastic mold designer as they draw to ensure that we make molds with high precision. Further, it makes it easy to review mold designs in great detail at different angles before the mold is prototyped for more analysis. This saves time as most design flaws can be detected and addressed early on.

Our Professional
Injection Mold Designers

The FOW Moulding staff team is made up of high-skilled professionals that are quite talented. Our injection mold designers, in particular, are continuously researching and developing innovative ways to produce high-performing molds. Additionally, our factory is equipped with superior machinery to optimize all design processes.

Your feedback and satisfaction are important to us. Subsequently, our designers will seek your team’s input throughout the design process and keep you informed on progress. We also accommodate any custom plastic molding ideas or requests that you may have. 

our injection molding experts

Mold Design For Your Industry

Our mould design expertise spans across several industries. FOW Mould designs injection molds for the warehousing, automobile, and home appliance industry, among numerous others. We are equipped with the latest technology and more than 40 years of experience. You can trust us to deliver the best design solutions for your project.