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Plastic Product Design

By taking advantage of our plastic part design you could share details about your project. With this feature Immould will cater to any specific design that you can think of.

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Your Professional Plastic Prototype Manufacturers

When it comes to creating injection molding products, we make it a priority to ensure that all our injection moulding products are as perfect as possible. We know that there is no standard size for molds, and whether you send us a sample or just a 2D file, we will still do our best to work with you throughout the whole process. First things first, you should share key details about your project. Once we have the details of your project, we will run a quick analysis of your plastic molding design, and make the necessary changes afterwards.

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#1Get Your Solidworks Plastic Part Design Fast

We know how important it is for our clients that they get their products fast. Send us a 2D or 3D technical drawing of your design. Better yet, you could send us a sample of the product, so that we could perfectly recreate the prototype.

#2 Evaluate All Of Design Considerations For Injection Moulding

Before we conduct the injection molding process, our experts take the time to analyze key aspects of your design. We check the size and dimensions. This ensures that your plastic moulding products are as accurate as possible.

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    Plastic Parts Evaluation

    After we get initial input from you, we extract information to evaluate the feasibility of every design element.

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    We integrate Design for Manufacturability throughout the product development process to facilitate production, reduce costs and eliminate potentially expensive delays.

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    Mold Design Adjustments

    Our designers can make recommendations including material selection, wall thickness analysis, tooling, mold flow analysis, surface finish and part decoration based on our expertise.

#3 Plastic Rapid Prototyping

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3D Rapid Printing

For those looking forward to developing and testing new product ideas, rapid prototyping allows you to have a quick and real glimpse at your newly developed product. Rapid 3D prototyping service is available at your request.

Examples Of Products Made From Injection Moulding

Immould has been in the injection molding industry for a long time, and through the years the company has manufactured a good number of top class products. These products range from plastic furniture, containers, toys,automotive components, and electronic components.

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