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Solar Panel Parts

FOW Mould is a reliable provider of all-around plastic injection molding parts services with expertise in manufacturing plastic solar panel parts. Incorporating several production technologies, we manufacture quality solar panels and parts.

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Injection Molding Company for Solar Panel Parts

FOW Mould is a highly-rated manufacturer of solar panel components. Providing several injection molding services, we offer one-stop solutions to all solar power parts needs.

Implementing a streamlined process, all operations are carried out in-house with the help of our experienced engineers. From the solar panel parts and mold designing to the final stage of production, we conduct professional analysis and rigorous quality control measures.

Solar Panel Accessories Plastic Injection Molding Services


Our engineers are backed with over a decade of experience and state-of-the-art machinery in crafting alluring product designs. From the proper assessment of your samples and demands, we will develop unique designs that cater to your custom solar panel accessories needs. 


With the expertise of our professional workforce, we will seamlessly fabricate the perfect mold design that’s suitable for making your solar panel accessories. Our engineers will conduct a DFM analysis report to ensure the compliance with your requirements.

3d image of a plastic part

Improving the delivery of your solar panels and parts demands, we make use of 3D printers to create samples. Our 3D printing technology provides outstanding benefits, including the creation of complex parts designs quickly at an affordable price. 

cnc machining

At FOW Mould, we employ the use of CNC machining, an advanced manufacturing process that enhances the production of plastic solar parts. This system provides precise replicas of your solar panel parts samples. It’s a unique technology used in injection molding to optimize quality.

mold making

Using injection molding making process, FOW Mould meets solar accessories demands quickly. With over a decade experience in manufacturing injection molds, you’ll benefit from our wealth of expertise. We create molds that accurately produce your plastic solar panel parts to be efficient and superior.


Combining our exceptional product design, highly precise manufactured mold, and the premium injection molding technology we have installed, producing solar panel parts is extremely easy. In no time, our world-class engineers will get to work, making production according to your specifications.

Fulfill Insert molding & Overmolding Needs

This involves encapsulating a metal part with molded plastic resins. It provides better toughness, handling of the items, and providing safety in applications like electricity.

This manufacturing process involves the creation of a single component by combining different plastic resins. After the first molding process, other materials are molded on the first layer.

How We Make Injection Molds to Support
Your Plastic Solar Power Parts Business

Custom Solar Accessories Mold

At FOW Mould, we make different types of mold designs for solar panel components. Following your specifications, we craft mold designs that are made of quality steel and perform highly. We visualize your solar accessories prototypes and create a mold that can produce replicas at a fast rate.

Injection Mold Engineering

After designing the mold, we begin production. Following strict compliance with your demands and intricate details, we implement our streamlined injection molding system to produce high-functioning molds that are capable of replicating your samples. Banking on the expertise of your engineers, optimal production is guaranteed.

Injection Mold Machining

Using our CNC technology, we implement 100% precision and accuracy into complex mold designs. Helping simplify the fabrication process, the CNC machine reflects all the details and angles of the mold, which helps for easy notice of points that need adjustment.

Injection Mould Assembly & Finishing

To complete the making of the molds, we assemble the separate components together, polishing them to be attractive and reflect their clean look. Afterward, they are inspected and tested to ensure optimal effectiveness. If any flaw is noticed, immediate corrections will be made.

Advantages of Making Solar Panel Components Molds in FOW Mould

Instant Quote

We believe in a fast and seamless product purchase and delivery, that is why quotes are provided soon after understanding your requirements in detail. This helps fasten the production process to meet your market needs.

Customized Manufacturing

Following our years of experience and a wide range of capabilities, we have handled numerous  projects, gaining adequate knowledge to meet various demands. In addition, we have many experts who are specialized in providing different types of custom solar power parts solutions.

Timely Delivery

Once your order is placed, we commence production. With the full service of our ever-ready workforce and the application of advanced manufacturing processes and machinery, all operations are fast-tracked. This makes us deliver your solar panels and parts orders to you within a short lead time.

Why Injection Molding for Plastic Solar Parts Industry

Fast Prototyping

Before injection molding, fast prototyping is made possible with the implementation of 3D printing, CNC machining, and other technologies. Precision is ensured as flaws are easily noticed and amended.

High Cost Effectiveness

Injection molds are constructed with quality steel, making them very strong and functional. With low cost, they are made to produce thousands of plastic panel components quickly with maximum accuracy.


This manufacturing system supports the expansion of the production scale. Its flexibility makes it suitable for switching production routines without altering the quality of plastic solar panel parts.

Quality Control

In the injection molding processes, several quality standards are adhered to. In addition, various inspections and testing are conducted to certify the performance of the solar power parts.

Why FOW Mould for Plastic Tableware Injection Molding

High-Quality Products

Offering both solar panel molds and parts, we always make use of quality steel and plastic materials. This guarantees the toughness and longevity of the solar panel components. Our materials are sourced from reliable vendors, making sure that the production quality is not compromised.

Injection Molding Experts

Thanks to the rich knowledge and expertise of our injection molding experts, all clients’ demands are fulfilled, including solar panel accessories with complex geometry. They ensure that the products are exactly what you need to boost your business.

Custom Solution

FOW Mould is an OEM expert with a wide range of solar panel components customization capabilities. In conformance to your specifications, we provide unique solutions to all your solar panel accessories needs.

Over 10 Years Experience as an Injection Mold
Manufacturer & Plastic Solar Accessories Manufacturer

With over a decade of experience of producing injection molded plastic solar accessories and mold, FOW Mould has catered to the needs of many clients with fast and quality production. Below are some of our custom solutions.

Using our standardized injection molding method, we produce different solar panel parts that are constructed with quality materials to guarantee high functionality.

Solar Panel Parts

To ensure the safety and cleanliness of the solar panel battery, we supply plastic battery containers that are made of strong resins.

Plastic Battery Container

We also produce tough and durable plastic battery boxes that are constructed with outstanding plastic resin to protect the battery and enable mobility. They are manufactured to last long while maintaining optimal efficiency.

Plastic Battery Box

Best-in-class Plastic Materials
for Solar Power Parts Injection Molding

ABS for Solar Panel Parts

It’s an amorphous plastic that has high resistance to temperature, making it suitable for making solar panel parts. It’s tough and featured by a high dimensional stability and good resistance to corrosive chemicals.

POM for Plastic Solar Parts

The material POM is also known as Acetal. It’s a high-performance polymer well-suited for making plastic solar components due to its wear resistance. The resin is strong, stiff, and resistant to creep.

PC for Solar Panel Components

PC is a unique type of polymer with several properties like resistance to impact, scratch, and heat, as well as good dimensional stability with low shrink. It’s considered a top choice for making solar parts because of its amorphous characteristics.

PP for Plastic Battery Box

PP is a kind of thermoplastic material used predominantly in injection molding applications. It’s cheap, easy to access, has a high flexural strength, and very resistant to heat. Also, it’s not heavy, yet durable, making it suitable for making plastic battery boxes.

Previous Injection Molded Plastic Solar Panel Parts Projects

FOW Mould is a prominent and reliable manufacturer of molds used in making plastic injection molded products, including solar panel components. Producing 900-1000 molds annually, we have an extensive capability of manufacturing several forms of plastic parts. 


We are highly rated for providing one-stop solutions to all plastic solar panel parts needs, including plastic parts design, mold design, injection molding, and so on. Some of our other injection molded plastic products are home appliances, furniture, automobiles, crate molds, and baby products.

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