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Plastic Cutlery Mold Service

FOW Mould is a proven provider of plastic cutlery mold services. Using injection molding, we customize several specifications of plastic cutlery molds. Working with us guarantees a quick solution to your plastic cutlery mold needs.

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Plastic Cutlery Company that Designs and Produces the Best Mold

At FOW Mould, we operate a streamlined process that produces excellent molds for our clients around the globe. We offer a comprehensive solution for manufacturing and customizing plastic tableware molds, used to make spoons, forks, and other cutlery. 

From injection mold design to manufacturing, we implement professional analysis, key system designs, and strict quality control measures that ensure our products are top-class and meet your specifications accurately. 

Our Plastic Bucket Injection Molding Services


Our design experts are backed by years of experience in creating plastic product designs. By proper analysis of your samples or 2D/3D drawings, we take into account all customization specifications. Our plastic product design process incorporates advanced software, which eliminates delays and results in a high level of accuracy.


With an efficient process, we create a mold design from which your custom plastic injection mold is produced. After receiving and confirming your sketch or sample, our experts conduct a DFM analysis report which optimizes your mold design, ensuring accuracy and conformance to your specifications.

3d image of a plastic part

 FOW Mould’s 3D printing services provide endless options for viewing plastic cutlery, guaranteeing quality, and validating your product for market testing. Our 3D machines create replicas of complex sample designs at cost-effective rates, enhancing product precision and quality.

cnc machining

Our CNC machining processes create new custom-designed plastic cutlery molds using computerized controls. As an integral part of our production process, CNC machining aids in fabricating impeccable molds to make replicas of plastic cutlery, providing excellent custom finishing with zero errors.

mold making

FOW Mould operates one of the best injection mold factories in the world. Our mold-making technology manufactures plastic cutlery molds that are durable, effective, and comply with quality standards. With high-grade machinery and advanced injection molding processes, we ensure quality and accuracy are built into your custom molds.


Within a short time, we deliver bulk plastic cutleries made with the best quality and high-precision machines. By employing various experienced and skilled engineers, we design and offer injection molding solutions that are cost-effective, dynamic and efficient.

Custom Plastic Tableware Mold Designed by Experts

our injection molding experts

Our all-inclusive customization services allow us to create any plastic tableware molds you want precisely to your specifications. 

FOW Mould’s design and manufacturing experts have adequate experience in the industry, boosting our ability to offer the best tableware molding services. 

Those customizable plastic cutlery molds include but not limited to:

  • Plastic Spoon Mold
  • Plastic Knife Mold
  • Plastic Plate Mold
  • Plastic Fork Mold
  • Plastic Cup Mold
  • Plastic Bowl Mold

Fulfill Insert Molding Part & Overmolding Needs

This process involves inserting a metal part into a mold after which they will be injection molded together. The metal part is overmolded with a thermoplastic resin, creating a single component.

This process involves the combination of different materials into a final component. It requires an injection of resin(s) over the first layer.

How We Build Plastic Injection Moulds to Support
Your Tableware Business

Injection Mold Design

FOW Mould is a leading designer and manufacturer of plastic tableware molds. Our experts engage in detailed custom tableware mold designs, ensuring all dimensions and structural specifications are precise. We perfect your design by fast reconfigurations and evaluations to remove all errors and make required modifications.

Injection Mold Shaping and Grinding

In this process, the mold structure is created to match the details in the design. Experts shape and grind all curves, ridges, and corners to fit your specifications. To achieve high precision and multiple repetitions, we use top-notch machines and software, which produces a perfect mold quickly.

Injection Mold Machining

With using CNC machines in the injection molding process, we build accuracy into complex tableware mold designs. This excellent machining process supports the creation of molds with intricate details. The CNC technology also serves as an inspection tool to assess and amend molds.

Injection Mold Assembly and Finishing

After the production of your custom plastic dinnerware mold, the final steps involve assembling, finishing, inspecting, and testing the functionality of the mold. We ensure all requirements are met and your tableware mold is in perfect state.

Advantages of Making
Plastic Cutlery Molds in FOW Mould

Instant Quote

We understand the need for processing speed in proffering solutions to the increasing market demand. Hence, a detailed and straightforward quote is sent to you as soon as possible.

Precise Engineering

FOW Mould use high-grade machines that ensure a detailed and meticulous representation of your design, providing you with a finished custom mold exactly as you want.

Short Lead Time

After a successful order, we take no time to design and make your plastic cutlery molds. All operations are fast-tracked to ensure your products are ready within a short time.

Why Injection Molding for Plastic Tableware Industry

Fast Prototyping

Fast prototyping shortens production time. FOW Mould use 3D machines to recreate plastic tableware designs and use CNC machines to recreate complex design.

Cost Effectiveness

It is a low-cost option for production as one injected mold can be used for a long time to create multiple plastic dinnerware. Working with FOW Mould, affordable options for plastic tableware production are available.


Implementing top-tier techniques, the production capacity of injection molding is enormous, and your market requirements are easily met. Products are easily scaled up to provide for larger amounts.

Quality Control

Using injection molds, high quality is assured. The quality of plastic tableware is easily checked and inspected. The dimensional stability, color, gloss, and molding defects are easily monitored in this process.

Why FOW Mould for Plastic Tableware Injection Molding

High-Quality Products

We prioritise the quality of our products, which is why we source high-quality plastic materials from vetted suppliers to produce our tableware. We ensure products conform to recognized standards by incorporating strict quality control measures in our production processes.

Professional Injection Molding Team

FOW Mould’s experts have decades of experience in delivering injection molding services. Over the years, through consultations and numerous operations, we have mastered the injection molding techniques that produce the best plastic tableware. 

Custom Solution

We offer all-inclusive customization solutions that enable us to create unique plastic dinnerware for clients. Complex designs and samples are quickly recreated and modified for mass production using our high-end machines. 

Over 10+ Experience as an Injection Mold Manufacturer
& Plastic Tableware Manufacturer Company

FOW Mould is an injection mold and plastic tableware manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in the mold-making industry. We offer various molding options, including baby product molds, furniture molds, crate molds, automobile part molds, and home appliance molds.

Using our standardized injection molding techniques, we manufacture high-quality plastic dinner set molds that perfectly bring your customization ideas to life.

Plastic Dinner Set Mold

FOW Mould is a top producer of plastic kitchenware molds. Our molding technology and machines enable us to create affordable plastic kitchenware.

Plastic Kitchenware Mold

Our unique plastic forks and spoons molds are manufactured in a fully-equipped factory which ensures the functionality and effectiveness without compromising on quality.

Plastic Forks and Spoons Mold

As one of the leading producers of plastic cutlery molds, we create the best plastic utensils and deliver them to you within a short lead time.

Plastic Utensil Mold

With your samples or sketches, plastic plates and cups molds are accurately designed and manufactured for use in creating bulk tableware.

Plastic Plates and Cups Molds

FOW Mould is a wholesale manufacturer and supplier of plastic bowl molds across the globe. Using our advanced machines, we produce precise plastic bowl molds.

Plastic Bowls Mold

Best-in-class Plastic Materials for Making
Injection Molded Tableware

PP For Plastic Silverware

PP is the most suitable material for manufacturing plastic silverware. Products made with this plastic material are heat resistant, alkaline resistant, and crashproof.

PS For Plastic Forks And Spoons

Non-foaming PS is used to produce wash-free plastic forks and spoons. With a heat resistance of within 60-degree Celcius, these materials are unsuitable for high-temperature conditions.

PLA For Plastic Flatware

PLAs are renewable and environmentally sustainable materials used in making plastic flatware. They are not sourced from hydrocarbons but plants.

PET For Plastic Dinner Set

Plastic dinnerware made with this material are acid-resistant and alkali-resistant but should not be exposed to high temperatures above 60-degree Celcius.

CPLA For Plastic Dinnerware

CPLAs are heat-resistant forms of PLAs. They are perfect for manufacturing disposable wash-free plastic dinnerware.

MF For Plastic Silverware

In producing plastic silverware for kids, MF is an appropriate material. It is crash-proof and cost-effective but should not be exposed to high temperatures.

PC For Plastic Dinner set

PCs are suitable for producing colorful and transparent bottles that are heat resistant. However, exposure to very high temperatures will lead to the release of a harmful substance from the plastic.

Previous Injection Molded Cutlery Projects

FOW Mould offers quality molding services to many industries. We design and manufacture about 900-1000 molds annually, which include bucket molds, baby product molds, tableware molds, furniture molds, crate molds, automobile molds, and home appliance molds.

Additionally, we offer a one-stop solution for bulk plastic tableware design, production and delivery. Our network and client base spans across the globe, including Europe, America and Russia, among other countries.

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