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Injection Molds & Parts for Various Industries

As a professional injection mold company in China, we provide services from plastic parts & mold design
to mold making and molded parts manufacturing. We are capable of bringing injection molded
product ideas into reality for a wide range of industries and applications.

  • Buckets
  • Baby Products
  • Crates
  • Furniture
  • Automobile
  • Home Appliance

One-Stop Plastic Injection Molding Services


When you need appealing products designed for manufacturability, simply provide us with a brief or sketch of your ideas. Our creative team will deliver exemplary designs that distinguish your brand.


FOW Mould is an injection mold supplier with decades of experience in mold design. Our molds are precise, durable, and designed to be efficient in the manufacturing process.

3d image of a plastic part

We are equipped with speedy high-resolution 3D printers that produce accurate prototypes in elaborate detail. Our services are affordable and have a brief lead time of about 3 to 5 days.

cnc machining

FOW Mould CNC machines are very precise and have high tolerances. This service is ideal for prototyping and producing actual parts made of metal, resins or a combination of the two.

molding making

We offer mold-making services at competitive rates and deliver in short lead times. All processes are performed under strict quality guidelines and the supervision of mold engineering experts.


Our injection molding factory is fitted with ultra modern equipment that churns out hundreds of injection molding parts on demand. We use premium quality materials for every project.

insert molding

Insert molding is suitable for assembling metal and plastic parts quickly and smoothly. We can design and manufacture all the components in-house and also insert-mold them for you.


In overmolding, when the first layer of resin cools, a second layer of material is injected over it. We provide this service and can source all the requisite materials for you.

Quality Is in Every Injection Mold and Plastic Parts

FOW takes care of all manufacturing tasks in house thus we are able to offer you an accuracy range within 0.005mm for all molds and well-made injection molded parts.

FOW only uses high-quality metal steel for injection molds and qualified resin for plastic parts. We are happy to provide composition analysis and other necessary test documents.

From raw material inspection and quality control through out the production process, we set up strict standards and make sure that everything undergoes through the quality system.

worker operating mold trials

Work with Our Experts for Customized
Injection Molds and Products

Our team of designers and injection molding engineering experts are highly-qualified and well-experienced in their craft. They keep up with evolving injection moulding industry trends and are continuously innovating new cutting-edge solutions.

When you entrust us with your injection molding project, we handle it with utmost professionalism and dedication. Every design detail will be custom-made to match your requirements and ease your manufacturing process. 

We guarantee you a stress-free customer experience and complete discretion on all intellectual property. Look no further. Contact us today and let us get started on your project. 

our engineer team

Your Trusted Plastic Injection Molding Factory in China

FOW has an annual capability of 900 molds, 300 of which are bucket molds. Started from bucket molds, we have expanded our mold-making and injection molding service to industries in warehouse & storage, baby products, furniture, automobile and home appliances over the years. Our team of experienced engineers can help you achieve an one-stop solution with both high quality and affordable injection molding cost in China.

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Why Choose FOW Mould for Your Plastic Business

  • a man holding a pen signing document
    IP Protection

    In order to protect our clients' intellectual property, we offer NDA Agreement to all our clients.

  • a man's hand holding spectrum analyzing steel

    Raw material is vital in mold-making. FOW only uses high quality metal steel and are happy to provide composition analysis and other necessary test documents.

  • cnc machine running
    Overall Quality

    FOW takes care of 90% of manufacturing tasks in house thus we are able to offer you an accuracy range within 0.005mm for all molds.

  • maintenance engineers with safety helmet
    Global Repair

    FOW has cooperated with local engineers in 5 countries (more are coming) to offer after-sale service to all our clients. Get in touch for more info.

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