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Your Reliable Automotive Plastic Injection Molding Companies

FOW Mould is an ODM and OEM manufacturer of automotive plastic injection molding parts and automotive moulds. We work with both
saloon and commercial automobile manufacturers to develop solutions that are suitable for their brands. Our design
team is experienced in creating comfortable, luxurious, and functional interior & exterior automotive parts and moulds within your budget. We also have
professional auto engineering experts that ensure all the
automotive injection molding solutions we offer are optimized
for assembly.

Our Automotive Injection Molding Services


Every automotive model has unique features. This is why our design team designs all automotive parts based on our clients’ specifications and requirements. Upon completion, we evaluate and test every product design proposal for functionality and manufacturability. The analysis process is carried out by design and engineering experts in consultation with the client. This cooperative approach ensures that we deliver parts that are precise, high-performing, and viable for production.


Molds have a significant impact on the quality of automotive parts. We, therefore, use high-precision software to design molds with accurate core and cavity dimensions. Further, we take into consideration requirements such as insert molding and double molding that are commonly used in the automotive motive industry. If our client intends to use such methods of injection molding, we tailor the mold design to make it conducive for them.

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We use 3D printing for producing automotive part samples for analysis and modification of auto parts and molds. It is cost-efficient, fast, and allows for the production of multiple prototypes at the same time. Moreover, our top-of-the-line 3D printers deliver high-quality prints that capture every design detail just as it would appear when the part is injection molded. With 3D prototyping services, we can ensure that our automobile injection molding moulds and parts are well-designed and productive.


CNC machining is applicable in producing automotive metal molds. The machining tools are controlled by computer systems thereby guaranteeing high accuracy and high tolerances. This processing method is more efficient in producing large and precision automotive moulds. Our FOW Mould factory is equipped to develop several CNC machining services concurrently and within short lead times.


Injection molding automotive parts is a demanding industrial process that requires accuracy and attention to detail. As such, we make molds for automotive parts using durable high-grade steel. Our production engineers further ensure that the core, cavity, and gate systems are properly structured to facilitate even distribution of resin during the injection stage. The mold structure is then tested for efficiency and to confirm that it has no structural flaws.


We use engineering-grade resins from certified suppliers when injection molding automotive parts. This is how we are able to deliver high-performing structures like ABS plastic parts that are resistant to wear. At this stage, we also use special techniques to achieve the surface finishes requested by clients. As an experienced plastic auto parts manufacturer, we guarantee that all procedures are performed under the supervision of production experts to ensure the quality of our automotive parts.

Why FOW MOULD for Automotive Injection Molding


FOW Mould has over 40 years of experience in providing manufacturing solutions to companies. For half of this duration, we have specialized in injection molding products and molds for a variety of industries. We have gained immeasurable skills that enable us to develop outstanding automotive injection molding solutions with a more wholesome approach. Each design, mold, or automotive part from our stable is designed for manufacturability as well as cost-efficient, and time-saving production.

One-Stop Injection Molding Solution

We are dedicated to providing you with a hustle-free customer experience. To this end, we offer all the injection molding services you would need under one roof. Our team is also always on hand for custom any auto part design or production details to meet your needs. Whether you need alternative materials, custom finishes, or different injection molding methods, we are fully capable of supplying your needs.

Precise Plastic Auto Parts Manufacturing

As a trusted automotive plastic parts manufacturer, we ensure that our machines are regularly maintained and recalibrated to enhance their accuracy. Our software is equally updated and upgraded on schedule. These efforts help eliminate errors during both design and injection molding processes because we understand how critical precision is when it comes to automotive assembly.

Plastic Materials for Car Parts

Plastic materials are ideal for some automotive parts like those found in vehicle interiors and car exteriors. They are smooth, user-friendly, and can be made to be sleek and stylish. In terms of functionality, the incorporation of plastic parts reduces the weight of automobiles because they are lighter than metal. It is also possible to bond them with other materials where firmer structures are required.

At FOW Mould, we use premium durable types of plastic to injection mold automotive parts. They include ABS, polypropylene, polyurethane, nylon, carbon fiber reinforced plastics, and polyethylene. Polypropylene car parts include cable insulations and polypropylene car bumpers while polyurethane is used to make suspension bushings and seat support. Our ABS plastic automotive parts are also popular in the industry.

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Plastic Parts Manufacturer for Car Interior and Exterior Parts

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Car manufacturers rely on plastic parts to make car interiors luxurious, appealing, and more comfortable. They also apply them as exterior components in lights, bumpers, and other parts because high-quality plastic is durable and weather-resistant.

We have extensive experience in designing and injection molding interior and exterior plastic car parts. Our staff is well-trained in specialized techniques like insert molding and overmoulding which are essential in manufacturing plastic car parts with a strong durable structure. We also use premium plastic materials and cutting-edge technology to produce each part with flawless precision.

Previous Auto Injection Molding Projects

We are injection molding designers and manufacturers for several leading automobile brands. Our factory facilities can
produce up to 700 automotive molds and thousands of plastic injection molding automotive parts in a year. Our services are also diversified to cater to manufacturers of baby products, buckets, home appliances, and furniture among many others. FOW Mould injection molding auto parts and
production processes are certified by international regulatory bodies. Working with us would thus make your plastic auto parts
industry-compliant by default. 

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