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Baby products are one of the main industries that we have helped through the years. Our injection molding and overmolding services allow us to create a bevy of wonderful plastic toy molds that will delight children and parents alike.

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Plastic Injection Molding Company for Baby Products

Babies are precious gifts that we all hold dear. This is why at FOW Mould, we design baby products and baby product molds with an
extra touch of care. We are dedicated to ensuring that each product is 100% safe in terms of its design, functionality, and material
composition. On the manufacturing front, we equally ensure that parts are designed for manufacturability and that our molds are
effective during production.

Plastic Injection Molding Services for Baby Products


Our baby product designs are guided by pediatric safety regulations. They comprise lightweight structures that are stable and easy to handle. Each design features smooth rounded edges to protect little ones. To crown it all we incorporate fun colors and design concepts that babies would enjoy.


Plastic baby products require smooth finishes and some, like toy molds, can have rather complex structures. Our design team is, nonetheless, well-experienced and mold design is evaluated by MoldFlow software, which enables us to make adjustments before prototyping thereby cutting down on costs and time.

3d image of a plastic part

We offer 3D printing services for prototyping and the production of small parts. Our 3D printers produce high-resolution parts and give a realistic representation of what the actual injection-molded part will look like. It takes about 3 to 5 days to realize a finished product and it is also cheaper than injection molding when creating samples.

cnc machining

In CNC machining, we use computer systems to control production tools. CNC machines are more suitable for producing large prototypes of baby products or their molds because of their high accuracy and high tolerances. Moreover, with material flexibility, they enable us to use steel when making items.

molding making

With tech-driven machinery, we are able to deliver molds with high precision and high tolerances. There are fewer errors as all processes are automated and keenly monitored by our injection mold production engineers. After production, each mold undergoes quality testing before being approved for dispatch.


With short lead times, our affordable injection molding services could produce quality injection molded baby products on demand, which are ideal for brands that are unable to handle production. We perform all procedures from resin injection, cooling, and surface finishes in-house. This guarantees quality standardization of products.

Fulfill Insert Plastic Molded Part & Overmolding Mould Needs

One of the best things about insert molding is that it creates an incredibly compact design. The process is all about combining a metal part to the existing mold, and sealing it through injection molding. This creates a very compact mold.

If you want to make a truly efficient and sleek design, then our overmolding technique is for you. The process uses various materials to produce a stronger, sleeker, and more efficient type of plastic. This is a very efficient and effective method.

How We Build Plastic Injection Moulds to
Support Your Baby Product Business

Injection mold design

If you want to have your baby products designed, with as much accuracy and care as possible, then Immould is the company for you. We have the molding software to design your baby products. Just give us your specifications and we will have it ready for you in no time.

Injection mold engineering

We have a team of highly experienced engineers that will ensure that all your baby product designs are as well-executed as possible. Just give us a confirmation for your specifications, and we will make your baby product designs for you.

Injection mold machining

Once we have the confirmation for your baby product mold designs, we will use our CNC machines to create a highly detailed prototype mold. We utilize computer systems to ensure that your molds are as detailed and well-tooled as possible.

Injection mold finishing & amssembly

We will use the best quality plastic resins and most advanced molding technology, to create your baby product molds. We have been in the mold injection business for over a decade, which means we could ensure only the best baby product molds for you.

The Advantages of Making Baby Product
Moulds in Immould

High precision

If you are going to have your baby product molds made with Immould, you will enjoy high precision molds for affordable prices.

Short lead time

Due to our streamlined process, we are capable of very short lead times. Which means we will be able to give our clients their products in record time.

Instant quote

Our customer service team is specially trained and very efficient. Ask for a quote from us, and you will have it in record time.

Why Injection Molded Parts for
Baby Product Industry

Injection Molding Experience

We have had around ten years of experience as baby product mold manufacturers. Throughout those years, we were able to perfect our injection molding techniques . We also have some of the best designers that will ensure all your toy molds are of the best quality possible.

Custom Solution

We totally understand that each and every plastic toy mold should be as unique as possible. Which is why we offer custom solutions to our clients. With these options, you will be able to have your molds customized to your exact specifications.

Quality Guarantee

As a veteran injection mold company, we make it a part of our procedure to double check all our products. We have a very stringent quality control system that enables us to guarantee only top quality products for our clients.

Safe Materials For Babies

We know that babies could accidentally put baby products into their mouths. This is why we make it a priority to use only non-toxic materials in our toy molds. We double check with our suppliers before we invest in any molding materials.

Best-in-class Plastic Materials for making
Baby Product Molded Parts

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene for Baby Products

Due to its weather resistant and very malleable attributes, this plastic is perfect for 3D printing and injection molding techniques.

Polyamide / Nylon for plastic toy molds

This type of plastic is very resistant to abrasion, and chemical deterioration. This makes it a perfect accompaniment to other plastics.

Polyurethane for plastic toy molds

The product is highly flexible, and could serve as cushions for your baby products. They are primarily used as seats for baby tricycles and baby seats.

Polyvinyl chloride for plastic toy molds

This material is a widely used polymer, and could be used to make your baby products more rigid and stable.

Over 10+ Experience as a Plastic Injection
Molding Manufacturer & Plastic Injection Molding Toys

Immould is one of the best injection mold companies in the world, and we have been in the industry for over a decade. Here are some of the key applications that we provide to the baby products industry.

In the past decades we have provided various toy companies with thousands of molds. With our injection molding technology, we are more than capable of fulfilling any design you give us.

Plastic Baby Toys

Babies need soft and comfortable surfaces. With our injection molding technology, we can fulfill all the baby furniture needs you have.

Plastic Baby Furniture

We are capable of creating plastic baby stroller molds for you. Just give us your design, and we could design and mass produce these strollers for you.

Plastic Baby Stroller

Babies love to play with toy sets. With our injection mold designs, we will create smooth and elegant designs for baby toy sets.

Plastic Baby Toy Sets

When babies take baths, they need smooth and safe bathtubs. Immould is more than capable of customizing your plastic baby bathtub according to your specifications.

Plastic Baby Bathtub Mold

Babies need a great deal of care. This is especially true if you put them in the car. With our injection mold technology, we are capable of customizing child safety seats to your specification.

Child Safety Seat Mold

Why FOW MOULD for Baby Product Development

Injection Molding Experience

We have been in the injection molding business for more than 40 years and venture into different industries including baby products. Therefore, with a wealth of skills and experience, when you entrust us with your project, we are well-equipped to offer the right solutions for your needs.

Custom Solution

Each baby product offers distinct features from each other. With this in mind, we offer our clients custom services where parts and molds are designed to their specifications. Our team would only advise on technical issues to ensure that parts and molds are designed for manufacturability.

Quality Guarantee

With a very strict quality standard policy in FOW Mould, we use high-precision machinery and PP materials safe for babies. We also abide by international child safety standards from credible regulatory bodies. Choosing us as your injection molding company guarantees your products exceed international market standards.

Safe Plastic Materials for Baby Products

Babies acquire stronger immunity gradually as they grow. They are, therefore, very vulnerable to toxicity in product materials as well as other similar contaminants. The presence of BPAs in thermoplastic materials used in toy injection molding, for example, has been linked to developmental disorders in children and a higher risk of cancer.

At FOW Mould, we care deeply for the well-being of our consumers. We remain committed to using polypropylene safe for babies among other vetted and medically approved material options. All our production processes are also tailored around ensuring that the integrity of these baby-safe materials is maintained so that they have no side effects.

plastic materials

Previous Injection Molded Baby Product Projects

Over the years we have partnered with numerous baby brands as the principal injection molding supplier. We
have successfully delivered molds for a plastic bassinet, a plastic swing seat, a plastic baby pen, and many
other baby products. 

We also revise these product designs from time to time upon clients’ requests. In addition
to the baby product industry, we also cater to others like
home appliance, automobile, and furniture manufacturers.
We have the capacity to efficiently produce 900-1000 molds a year.

Blue and white plastic baby feeding chair
Red, white, and pink portable baby toilet seat
Foldable plastic baby walker
Aset of colorful plastic baby toys
Full image of a plastic yellow baby toy

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