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Mold Making

One of Immould’s key attributes is our ability to create truly precise molds. Through our plastic injection mold making technology, you will be assured that your mold’s dimensions are perfect in every way.

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Manufacturing your injection molds from A to Z

Our injection mold making technology is capable of manufacturing a myriad of products. When you use injection mold making, you will be given top quality mold engineering, machining, and mold assembly. This versatility ensures that your products are as well-made as possible.

Your reliable injection mold factory

Advanced CNC Mold Making Technology (50 wc)

cnc machining

One of our greatest advantages as a mould making company, is our injection mold factory. Not only is it manned by a highly trained crew of workers, it is also equipped with a wire cutting machine, lathing machine, Engraving machine, and a CNC machine. These great examples of high-powered machinery allows us to fulfill all our client’s requests.

Lean plastic injection mold manufacturing(50 wc)

When it comes to plastic injection mold making, we are more than capable of fulfilling your needs. We have been in the mold making business for years, and we have helped manufacture a myriad of products for various industries. These industries include the automotive industry, toy industry, plastic storage industry, and the electronics industry.

Supply molds for your plastic injection business

We know the importance of varied injection molding options in plastic injection mold makinhg. In order for products to be mass produced swiftly, industries need good quality molds.Which is why we offer multiple mold making techniques.

A. Insert Mold(20 wc per point)

Insertion molding is the process of inserting a metal part into the mold before it is sealed off by injection moulding.

B. Overmold

Overmolding  mixes two parts together to create a more seamless combination. This creates a stronger and sleeker end product.

C. Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic injection molding is Immould’s bread and butter. This technique allows us to makes some of the most sophisticated and robust molds in the world.

Your Reliable Plastic Injection Mold Maker in China

FOW thrives on the challenges of high-volume injection molding to produce quality parts at
a mutually-beneficial price. We give our customers added value through our flexible production options, durable, long-lasting molds, and expert insight. By setting our aim on creating the most reliable and efficient
plastic molds possible, we can save customers even more time and money.

worker holding a spectrograph analyzing stainless steel

Steel Spectrograph


The hardness of the steel utilized will directly affect the mold life. To make sure all FOW molds meet the FOW standard, we source steel from globally-famous brands like LKM, ASSAB, Gröditz. But we do more than just that, every time new steel comes in, we insist on analyzing it with spectrograph, ensuring ensuring the best mold quality and long mould life span.

  • NC Milling CNC Machining Profile


At FOW, we use multiple specialty machines to work the 'big thing' such as the outlook of our molds, and the 'small things' like rejector pin holes etc,. Our equipments include:

  • • CNC Machine
  • • Drilling Machine
  • • Wire Cutting Machine
  • • EDM
  • • Lathing Machine
  • • Engraving Machine

Grinding machine


To ensure the accuracy of our molds, we deploy 4 Japan-imported High-Speed CNC machines which have a maximum operation range of 1530*1095*710mm and have tolerances of 0.005mm.

Five-Axis Deep Hole Drilling Machine


With the deployment of 5-axis deep drilling machines, which have a maximum operation range of 1500*1500*950mm, we are able to process edges or cooling gate that aren't straight to the same direction, thus manufacturing the exact mold to the exact injection molding part.

cmm coodinate measuring device

Coordinate Measuring Machine


During each process of mold-making, CMM coordinate measuring machine is used to inspect dimensions. Only when the dimension of each part is confirmed will it enter the next step.

worker operating mold trials

Debugging Mould Operation of Injection Molding Machine


FOW insists on running mold trails for each project in-house, making sure that our molds manufacture the exact product that our clients desire. During this period, we will communicate with you to confirm the product and modify it until the mold is perfect for you.

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