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Plastic Pet Products Mold

Over the years, plastic pet products are one of the major industries we have worked with. Implementing our all-round injection molding services, we create a bevy of functional plastic pet products molds that cater to market demands.

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Designing and Injection Molding Services for Plastic Pet Products

FOW Mould is one of the most reliable plastic pet product manufacturers that uses injection molding technology to customize different types of molds. Using this, we offer a one-stop solution to clients with different plastic pet product customization needs. 

Our design and manufacturing processes are standard, unique, reliable, and offer a high degree of functionality.

Injection Molding Services for Plastic Pet Supplies


At FOW Mould, our product designs are unique and tailored to meet our clients’ requirements. Thanks to our professional designing team, we are able to craft suitable product designs seamlessly within a limited time. The plastic pet supplies are manufactured based on the size, shape, color, etc., requested by clients.


Having over a decade of experience in mold design, we fabricate precise molds that are capable of producing your plastic pet products. In conjunction with this, our experts consult a DFM analysis report, ensuring that the molds are capable of producing precisely the plastic pet product designs.

3d image of a plastic part

The 3D printer is also an important high-precision tool used in the designing and manufacturing processes of plastic pet products. This 3D printing helps speed up the prototyping process while keeping every detail of your sample or design drawing. With this, the lead time is greatly reduced.

cnc machining

This is a high-grade machining tool used in the production and manufacturing of plastic pet products. With the use of CNC machining technology, we can satisfactorily optimize the production of your injection mold. It also facilitates shorter lead times, high design precision, custom finishes, and many more.

mold making

At FOW Mould, we ensure that our plastic mold-making processes are very standard and reliable as they determine the outcome of the injection molding process. Using quality steel and applying advanced fabrication processes, we make the best mold for your plastic pet products.


At FOW Mould, we implement injection molding technology in production. Our plastic pet products are manufactured and supplied in bulk at wholesale. With this, you can cater to the rising demand of your customers faster than expected. 

Custom Plastic Pet Supplies Mould by Experts

our injection molding experts

At FOW Mould, our team is composed of experts with experience in various services like product designing, mold designing, injection molding, and other manufacturing processes. For any kind of mold you need, you can contact us for a one-stop solution.

We offer different types of custom plastic pet molds. Below are a few:

  • Plastic Pet Bowls Mold
  • Plastic Pet Toy Mold
  • Plastic Pet Crates Mold
  • Pet Plastic Water Bottles Mold
  • Plastic Pet Carrier Mold

Fulfill Insert Molding and Overmolding Needs

Insert molding involves the process of molding or forming plastic parts around other metal parts. This type of manufacturing is very similar to injection molding.

In this type of manufacturing, when the first layer of resin cools, other plastic materials are molded on top. Overmolding is commonly used to manufacture plastic parts that feature rubber handles.

How We Make Plastic Injection Molds to
Support Your Pet Supplies Business

Injection Mold Design

Our injection mold designs are made to make your products unique and of a very high standard. With the help of our injection molding software, molds are fabricated exactly to follow the pattern clients require.

Injection Mold Shaping and Grinding

To have the designed geometry, we shape and grind our molds. These processes are carried out by our highly trained experts to turn the molds into the desired designs to fulfill your plastic pet products needs.

Injection Mold Machining

At FOW Mould, we make use of CNC machines to deal with more intricate mold designs. This high-precision machine facilitates a shorter delivery time, high-quality production, and custom finishes.

Injection Mold Assembly and Finishing

Assembling is one important step in the production process of plastic pet products molds. To put a finish to your mold, we assemble, inspect, and test all the functionalities. Any defect is corrected immediately once they are noticed.

Advantages of Making Plastic Pet Products Molds in FOW Mould


At FOW Mould, we provide very quotations quickly. After placing your order, your quotation will get ready as soon as possible, and there is no delay. With this, the production process is enhanced, making your order delivery faster.

Customized Manufacturing

Thanks to the abundant knowledge and skills of our engineers, unique solutions are provided to every demand. The plastic pet products are customized to suit clients’ specifications. We customize based on the color, shape, and size demanded.

Precise Engineering

Plastic pet products at FOW Mould are of high precision. With the CNC machining technology in use, our products’ designs and dimensions are very precise with high tolerance. This has also helped us in generating shorter lead times.


At FOW Mould, our professional engineers are time conscious, so production and delivery are made on time. Using high precision tools and injection molding process, manufacturing is completed quickly, which in turn translates to timely delivery.

Why Injection Molding for Plastic Pet Supplies Industry

Fast Prototyping

With the usage of high-precision 3D printers and CNC machining technologies in the injection molding process, the time taken to produce prototypes of plastic pet supplies is greatly reduced.

Effective Cost Control

Our injection molds are made of quality materials. With a very low cost, a mold can be constructed and used to manufacture thousands of parts while maintaining rapid and quality production.


Injection molding supports scale up the production of the pet supplies according to clients’ actual demands. This feature is extremely helpful when there is a sudden increase in orders.

Quality Control

Injection molding involves strict inspection and testing to ensure outstanding quality. As injection molding process produces plastic pet products in bulk, it’s easy to inspect the product quality of the whole batch.

Why FOW Mould for Plastic Pet Supplies Injection Molding

High-Quality Products

At FOW Mould, we make use of high-quality steel and plastic materials to make molds and plastic pet supplies. As a leading supplier of plastic pet products, including plastic pet crates and plastic pet toys, we make use of only the best materials.

Professional Injection Molding Team

We have a team of highly trained professionals that help in our injection molding production processes to ensure products meet all requirements and standards. From working with our professionals, there is always a 100% guarantee of quality production.

Custom Solution

We are an OEM expert that ensures that our products meet our clients’ specifications. Either based on color, shape, size, or other specifications, our team of experts provides unique solutions that satisfy your custom demands. 

Over 10 Years of Experience as an Injection Mold Manufacturer
and Plastic Pet Products Manufacturer

With over a decade of experience as an injection mold manufacturer and plastic pet supplies producer, FOW Mould has produced molds for many types of plastic pet products.

With our high-grade technology, we create very high-quality plastic dog food bowls that are usable in homes for dog feeding.

Plastic Dog Food Bowls

At FOW Mould, we produce various kinds of large plastic dog kennels depending on your choice of specification. These kennels come in different sizes, colors, and shapes.

Large Plastic Dog Kennels

We also produce high-quality pet plastic litter boxes that are useful in homes and veterinary offices.

Pet Litter Box

Our plastic bird cages are very durable and cost-efficient. They are built to withstand adverse conditions. These plastic bird cages are available in different sizes.

Plastic Bird Cages

With our injection molding technology, we built strong plastic dog houses. They are made to be of high quality and cost-effective.

Plastic Dog House

We manufacture plastic cat carriers that are of high standards and quality. This is made possible through the high-precision tools we implore during production.

Plastic Cat Carrier

Best-in-Class Materials for
Plastic Pet Supplies Injection Molding

High-Density Polyethylene for Plastic Cat Bowl

A strong and inexpensive resin used to make plastic cat bowls. HDPE provides a perfect barrier to impact, moisture, and other external factors.

Polystyrene for Large Plastic Dog Crates

Though may come in the form of a solid or foam, it has an excellent moisture barrier and low thermal conductivity. This makes it suitable for making large plastic dog crates.

Low-Density Polyethylene for Plastic Dog Toys

A flexible plastic used in making lots of plastic pet toys. It is well known for its ability to stretch and deform without breaking.

Polypropylene for Plastic Cat House

Due to its good resistance to various chemicals and liquids, polypropylene is used for making plastic cat houses, which are in high usage in homes today.

Previous Injection Molded Plastic Pet Production Projects

With over a decade of experience in manufacturing several plastic injection molds, including home appliances, baby products, warehouse storage, plastic furniture, and automobile products, we have gained recognition in the global market. 

Using our high-precision tools, we ensure that our product designs are unique and tailored to meet clients’ specifications. With the help of our highly trained team of experts, we offer a one-stop solution to our clients, ranging from plastic pet product design, mold design, injection molding, assembling, packaging, and delivery.

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