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Plastic Injection Molded Crate and Mold Manufacturer

FOW Mould is an experienced supplier of pallets and crates for warehouses and storage. We also supply
injection molds to clients that manufacture them. Our designs are innovative and solution-driven. They address
warehousing challenges such as space limitations and the need for lightweight storage units. We also offer
custom solutions and a host of other injection molding services all under one roof.

Our Plastic Crate Injection Molding Services


Our design team comprises creative and technical experts that work together to develop product designs. This collaborative approach enables us to create designs like collapsible plastic crates that offer great functionality. We use MoldFlow software to analyze each design, correct flaws, and ensure it meets our manufacturability threshold. We optimize all product designs for manufacturing and mold making to add value to your project.


Warehousing and storage parts include pallets and crates. They tend to have large structures and have detailed designs. This makes designing their injection molds quite complex. Fortunately, our design engineers are well-experienced and our facility is equipped with top-grade machinery that can handle complex mold design. This rich combination of skill and resources enables us to develop molds that use resins more effectively and produce units with consistent wall thickness.

3d image of a plastic part

We use 3D printers to produce design samples for analysis. This is especially effective for prototyping crate and pallet designs because ordinarily, part designs are finalized before a mold is developed. Moreover, 3D printing is cheaper than injection molding actual samples considering multiple prototypes may be required before the design is approved. Our 3D printing pool can print numerous prototypes at the same time. Each takes 3 to 5 days.


In CNC machining, high-powered tools are computer-controlled to produce a part using metal or polymers. We use this method to produce crate molds. It produces high-standard prototypes that make it easy to test and adjust designs before they go into production. Our high-speed high-tolerance CNC machines allow us to deliver samples with precision and within project schedules.


We use high-precision machinery to manufacture mold cores and cavities that align properly and have the right dimensions. This ensures that resin is evenly distributed after injection and helps achieve short cycle times. FOW Mould facilities are sufficiently equipped to produce 600 molds in a year. Our lead times are short and we solely use mold-making materials from certified and vetted suppliers.


Injection molding requires specialized machinery and technical knowledge of the optimal pressure and temperature conditions to apply at different stages. We have the capacity to offer these one-stop services to clients. Further, we offer a wide selection of thermoplastic and thermoset materials from verified companies. We also source custom materials on request. 

Injection Molded Crates for Storage and Agriculture

We manufacture plastic crates for fruits and vegetables with strong, compact, and stackable designs. They are easy to carry and allow free flow of air to ensure your agricultural produce stays fresh for longer. Our plastic crate designs are also diverse and cater to different requirements.

FOW Mould is a one-stop-shop plastic crate manufacturer. Our innovative design team creates plastic crate designs and produces prototypes for evaluation. This design is then developed into a crate mold under the guidance of our injection mold engineers. We then use the crate mold in our injection molding factory to manufacture high-standard plastic crates.

plastic fruit crates

Custom Plastic Crate Mould Designed by Experts

our injection molding experts

We understand that each of our clients is unique and that you may require specially-designed crates to suit your application. As such, we offer all-inclusive customization services. These services include: 

● Branded crates

● Shape and size customization

● Color customization

● Unique crate designs 

Our crate design and injection mold design teams are well-experienced professionals that have worked on countless projects. This firm understanding of crate manufacturing processes enables them to handle any customization request with ease. All you have to do is let us know the type of plastic crates you need and we will design and produce them for you. 

Why FOW MOULD for Storage Crates

Expert Injection Molding Team

At FOW Mould, we guarantee you a pleasant customer experience. Our team comprises professional experts with decades of experience in the business. They handle each client brief with discretion and urgency because they understand how important production schedules are. We also maintain constant communication with our clients and between departments to keep everyone apprised of the progress of the injection molding project. 

Custom Solution

Each industry have different needs in storage products. For these and other reasons, it may be more ideal to develop custom injection molded crates for your warehouse or agriculture. You only need to give us a list of your needs and our team will custom-make solutions for you. Whether it is space-saving foldable storage crates or lightweight stackable foldable crates, we are up to the task. 

Precise Crate Making

We understand that space is of the essence when it comes to storage and warehousing. As such, we strive to maintain high standards of precision throughout the designing and production of injection molding parts for your warehouse. This is achieved by carefully monitoring units during production and using machinery with high tolerances of up to +/- 0.002mm.

Previous Plastic Crate Projects

On average, FOW Mould manufactures approximately 600 to 700 molds in a year. Supported by our experienced mold designers and mold makers, we can offer one-stop services to our clients, from crate design, crate mould design, to crate production and delivery. Our storage products come with plastic crates and plastic turnover boxes for warehouse and fruit & vegetable storage. We supply our products internationally across America, Europe, and the Middle East. We can, however, use our reliable networks to supply to clients in other destinations too. 

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