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Plastic Household Products

By working with FOW Mould, you will be offered several plastic household products services. Implementing advanced injection molding processes, we help meet the needs of boosting your plastic household items business.

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Plastic Household Products Mold Manufacturing & Injection Molding

As a leading plastic home items manufacturer, FOW Mould is a one-stop solution provider for all plastic household products’ needs. 

Under one roof, using injection molding technology, we design and develop molds and injection molded household plastic products in accordance with your requirements. Our designs are innovative and reliable, offering uniqueness and high functionality.

Injection Molding Services for Plastic Household Items


Combining superior creativity and processes, we develop the perfect solution to satisfy your requirements. We have an extensive product design capability in customizing your home plastic items to your specifications, including the size, shape, and color you want.


With an advanced specialty in creating mold designs, we fabricate the perfect mold to shape your plastic household items. Following simple processes, we provide you with a suitable mold design that caters to your needs, no matter how complex and intricate the designs are.

3d image of a plastic part

Using 3D printing, we produce high-definition prototypes fast at a cost-friendly price. With this, the turnaround time needed to fulfill complex parts production is greatly reduced. Meanwhile, it does not compromise on quality as our 3D printing application offers high precision and consistent repeatability.

cnc machining

Making use of CNC machining to eradicate layers of material from an already existing component, we help in injection molding household products. This type of manufacturing supports quick turnaround, custom finishes, and high scalability.

mold making

At FOW Mould, we recognize that plastic molds must be made right as they determine how the injection molding process will turn out. Hence, our mold making process is keenly prioritized to ensure quality in every respect.


We offer a full range of injection molding services, such as production of bulk plastic household items. Also, we have expertise in handling hundreds of resins, making us able to provide various solutions to our clients’ needs.

Custom Plastic Household Products Mold by Experts

our injection molding experts

We have an understanding of the uniqueness of each of our clients. Treating each demand differently, we create specially-designed solutions to address them. As such, our experts specialize in providing custom mold services in many areas, including:

  • Plastic Tub Mold
  • Plastic Drawers Mold
  • Plastic Container Mold
  • Plastic Plant Pots Mold
  • Plastic Toilet Seat Mold
  • Plastic Basket Mold
  • Plastic Dustbin Mold

Fulfill Insert Molding & Overmolding Needs

A type of manufacturing that’s similar to injection molding, but involves the insertion of a metal part into a mold after which the actual injection molding process will be done.

Involves the combinations of various materials on a single component, providing more rigidity, durability, and overall functionality. For overmolding, other materials are molded on an already molded part.

How We Build Plastic Injection Molds to Support
Your Daily Supplies Business

Injection Mold Design

Our expansive capabilities include creating decent designs for a vast range of molds for all household plastic products. With our injection molding software, we will create and turn the designs into an accurate mold that supports the shape and texture of your plastic home items.

Injection Mold Shaping and Grinding

We have a team of highly skilled engineers that ensure the mold is configured to the exact shape needed. With strict adherence to details, we make sure that the mold is patterned to support the creation of your home plastic items.

Injection Mold Machining

Utilizing our CNC machinery, the making of more complex and intricate molds becomes easier. All the details will be shown, helping us to position our manufacturing process appropriately. Also, using it makes production faster, hence fulfilling bulk orders quickly.

Injection Mold Assembly and Finishing

Putting the finishing touches to your mold, we assemble all the parts together, inspect, and test the functionality. Any irregularity noticed is immediately amended, and those modifications can help avoid any defect during the process of injection molding household products.

Advantages of Making
Plastic Home Items Molds in FOW Mould

Instant Quote

After reaching out to discuss your demands, we work endlessly to provide you with the best experience, including providing you with fast quotations. This smoothens your ordering process, ensuring fast production to meet deadlines.

Accurate Dimension

Before we commence mass production, the products go through a high-precision designing process. Our designers will carry out several checks to ensure that your plastic household items are optimally designed.

On-time Delivery

At FOW Mould, we put ourselves in the position of the clients. With fast production achieved by our professional engineers and advanced machinery, we fulfill our clients’ orders within the specified lead time.

Why Injection Molding for Plastic Daily Supplies Industry

Fast Prototyping

Using 3D printers and CNC machining in the injection process reduces the time taken to produce prototypes. This in turn shortens the time spent in developing part designs. It also allows you to get fast feedback on the viability of your designs.

Effective Cost Control

Injection molds are constructed to be tough, durable, and highly functional. Without spending more money, a mold can be used for a very long time to produce thousands of parts while maintaining product quality.


Injection molding permits the expansion of the scale of production without altering the functionality or quality of the manufacturing process. It is a flexible production method that supports the making of different plastic parts.

Quality Control

Conducting several inspections and testing, we guarantee an outstanding quality production. Each of these procedures is carried out under the supervision of experts who implement strict quality policies.

Why FOW Mould for Plastic Daily Necessities Injection Molding

High-Quality Products

To provide optimal quality, we make use of quality materials. The mold is fabricated with strong steel, and professionally partitioned to support the insertion of all types of resins, including mild and harsh. At FOW Mould, only the best plastics sourced from leading suppliers are used for injection molding.

Professional Injection Molding Team

Having a team of professionals with vast experience in injection molding, there is always a 100% certainty of accurate production. Offering other inclusive services, we carry our clients along with every progress made to ensure that their intentions are fulfilled.

Custom Solution

We are an OEM expert with a broad range of capabilities in catering to different household plastic product needs like cutlery, pet products, and many more. Following your instructions and specifications, we offer unique solutions that appeal greatly to your demands.

Over 10 Years Experience as an Injection
Mold Manufacturer & Plastic Household Products Manufacturer

With over a decade of experience as an injection mold manufacturer and plastic home items maker, FOW Mould has assisted many distributors and business owners with their household plastic product needs. Over the years, we’ve built a strong collection of products and hardware that other manufacturers cannot match.

With our injection molding technology, we create plastic storage drawers on wheels that provide you with a seamless storage system.

Plastic Storage Drawers on Wheels

We have a wide selection of plastic shoe boxes with lids, offering you a lightweight packaging and safety from dust and other impurities.

Plastic Shoe Boxes with Lids

FOW Mould creates top-quality plastic containers with lids for household applications. With this lightweight and portable storage system, items will be perfectly preserved.

Plastic Containers with Lids

Our extensive collection of products includes plastic trash cans with lids. Serving as a collector of waste till final disposal, they are made with lids that prevent odor.

Plastic Trash Cans with Lids

With our injection molding technology, we provide the best set of plastic step stools. At FOW Mould, we implement our wide range of capabilities in manufacturing durable plastic step stools that stand the test of time.

Plastic Step Stool

Our plastic flower pots are highly efficient and strong, standing firmly with sand and flowers inside. They are also built to be eco-friendly and support the growth of flowers.

Plastic Flower Pot

Best-in-class materials for
Plastic Home Items Injection Molding

Polyethylene for Plastic Household Items

Having a high strength-to-weight ratio and a high resistance to acids, solvents, and other chemicals, Polyethylene is used for making storage containers, beverage bottles, toiletry bottles, and so many more.

LDPE for Plastic Household Items

A soft flexible plastic widely used in making clear plastic household items. It can be stretched and deformed without cracking or ripping.

Polypropylene for Plastic Household Items

With a good resistance to acids and solvents, as well as fatigue, Polypropylene can be repeatedly strained without cracking. Its varied applications include food storage containers, living hinges on lids, and so on.

Polystyrene for Plastic Household Items

Having two main advantages: stiffness and rigidity, Polystyrene is used for making tough home plastic items like casings for kitchen appliances, seed trays, disposable cutlery, and so on.

Previous Injection Molded Plastic Household Item Projects

With an annual capability to produce 900-1000 molds, FOW Mould specializes in fabricating quality molds that are used in household products injection molding. Supported by our experienced engineers, we offer one-stop solutions to our clients, starting from plastic household items design, mold design, to production and delivery. 

In addition to manufacturing all kinds of injection molded household products, we also cater to other needs like warehouse storage boxes, home appliances, baby products, furniture, and automobile products.

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