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"One Dream, for making better plastic moulds."

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FOW Mould: Not Just a Mold Maker.

FOW Mould is a high-technology enterprise established in 1978 with a mission to provide cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

Working closely with clients across the globe, we design and manufacture superior quality mold in industries including Bucket, Warehouse & Storage, Baby Product, Furniture, Home Appliance, Automobile.

With 40 years of experience in the mold making industry, our business network is extending to Europe, America, Russia and all around the world.

Focus on Overall Quality

Quality is a natural principle of the obligation that serves as a foundation for FOW Mould.

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    Project Management

    Every project are led by a project manager who oversees project specifics, logistics, and schedule.

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    Quality Assurance

    We've established a quality management system as required by international certifications, created documentation and constructed a system for our company.

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    Quality Control

    Our quality control process is a technological approach with consistent monitoring of quality throughout the manufacturing process.

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    Mr. Hongren Hu

    General Manager

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    Mr. Xiankang Jin

    Chief Technology Officer

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    Mr. Harry Hu

    Sales Manager

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