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In the past decade, Immould has helped various companies with their home appliance mold needs. We supply both insert injection molding services and overmolding moulds, so you can have your home appliance designs made into reality.

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Plastic Injection Molding for Home Appliances

Home appliances are an integral part of every home. Consumers rely on them for cooking, personal grooming,
entertainment, and many other essential applications. At FOW Mould, we specialize in providing injection molding
solutions for businesses that manufacture these important products. We are dedicated to offering designs and plastic
home appliance products that are manufacturable and deliver a delightful consumer experience. 

Our Injection Molding Services for Home Appliances


Adhering to recommended safety standards for plastic home appliances, we aim for cost-efficient designs that are modern, compact, and lightweight. We offer product design services at affordable rates and work within our clients’ design preferences.


Using design software that is flexible to facilitate design processes with high accuracy, the FOW Mould design team is experienced in developing molds for different home appliances. All designs are analyzed by an expert team with MoldFlow technology, helping correct any mould design and functionality errors.

3d image of a plastic part

FOW Mould provides 3D services for clients and uses it for prototyping. Our fast high-resolution 3D printers produce top-quality samples that give our team a chance to test for functionality and design viability. It only takes 3 to 5 days to produce multiple prototypes all at once.

cnc machining

CNC Machines comprise computer-controlled power tools that can use metal, thermoset, and thermoplastic materials to produce parts. We recommend them for forging molds or producing large home appliance prototypes. The machining process takes about 10 days but could hold the tolerances of up to +/- 0.002mm.

molding making

High-precision machinery is invested to make molds that can accurately replicate home appliance plastic parts. Our mold-making processes are performed under strict quality control and the supervision of expert molding engineers. Production is followed by technology-based quality inspections to rule out flaws and inefficiencies. 


FOW Mould is a certified appliance injection molding service provider. Our injection molding processes are optimized to reduce production costs and cycle times. Additionally, we use high-grade materials from authorized suppliers. They take well to injection molding processes without warping or forming cracks. 

Fulfill Insert Molding Part & Overmolding Mould Needs

Immould offers insert molding applications to clients. With this innovative molding technique, the main premise is to insert a metal part into the mold, before injecting the mold. This makes the home appliance mold a lot more compact and durable.

Aside from insert molding, we also have another molding technique that you should take advantage of. Overmolding entails you to combine different materials, in order to create a sleeker and more efficient home appliance mould.

How We Build Plastic Injection Moulds to
Support Your Home Appliance Business

Injection Mold Design

Immould is capable of creating a wide variety of plastic appliances through our injection mold technology. We will utilize our molding software to customize your home appliance according to your specifications. Just give us your specifications, and we will have it made for you.

Injection Mold Engineering

We have a team of the best engineers in the business, and they are more than capable of customizing your molds.Just give us confirmation of your design, and we will have our engineers customize your home appliance molds in the most effective way possible.

Injection Mold Machining

We are equipped with highly efficient CNC machines that will make the injection molding more efficient. This will allow us to create specialized prototypes. With our machining tools we are capable of creating prototypes that are as highly detailed and durable as possible.

Injection Mold Finishing & Assembly

Through our injection mold finishing and assembly services, we are more than capable of creating the best plastic home appliance molds. We have a great degree of injection molding experience. With our streamlined process, we could create the best home appliances in record time.

The Advantages of Making Home Appliance
Moulds in Immould

High Precision

By having your home appliance parts made with Immould, you could be assured that they are made with as much precision as possible. We have a team of designers that will make your home appliance mold design a reality.

Short Lead Time

With our streamlined process, you can be assured of a very short lead time. All you need to do is give us a detailed plan of your design, and we will handle the rest.

Instant Quote

We know the importance of speed when it comes to business, which is why our customer service team will have your quote read in record time.

Why Injection Molded Plastic Parts for
Home Appliance Industry

Injection Mold Experience

Immould has over a decade of helping home appliance companies with their plastic injection mould needs. We have perfected our injection molding process, and we are more than capable of helping clients new and old with their plastic mould designs.

One Stop Service

One of the best things about Immould is that we offer a complete set of services that ranges from home appliance design, to manufacturing your injection mold plastic parts. By signing up with us, you’ll have everything you need to create your plastic molds.

Competitive Price

We know how expensive it could be to have your products mass produced. This is one of Immould’s greatest advantages. Due to our highly streamlined process, we are more than capable of offering very fair and competitive prices, for top quality products.

Existing Molds

Due to our years of experience with plastic mold creation, we have a wide array of existing molds. This means we have a wide variety of past molds that we could draw inspiration from, and know which design mistakes to avoid.

Best-in-class Plastic Materials For Making
Home Appliance Molded Parts

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene for Home Appliance Molds

This plastic is very durable, and malleable. It could be used for plastic injection molding and RD printing. This type of plastic is perfect for plastic home appliance parts.

Polypropylene for Home Appliance Molds

This type of plastic is very robust, and could allow you to create very rigid exterior components. It could be used for plastic appliances such as phone plastic components.

Polyvinyl chloride for Home Appliance Molds

This material is widely used in home appliance businesses and it has chemical resistance properties.These are particularly effective as a combination plastic for home appliance molds.

Poly (methyl methacrylate) for Home Appliance Molds

This material is a great alternative to glass materials, because they are transparent. It is also very durable, and could take a lot of damage. It is perfect for glass components in washing machines.

Over 10+ Experience as a Plastic Home Appliances
Manufacturer & Injection Molding Company in
Plastic Home Appliance Industry

Immould has over ten years of experience in plastic injection molding, and we have perfected and streamlined our work process. With our vast experience in the industry, we have so much to offer you. Here are some of the key applications we have perfected along the years.

Electrical box molds are meant to enclose electrical components, prevent damage and theft. With our injection technology we can customize our electrical box molds to fit your design.

Electrical Box Mold

With our injection technology we can customize washing machine molds according to your designs, and manufacture them in record time.

Washing Machine Mold

Throughout our decade in the business, we have made a lot of refrigerator molds. With our designs and materials, we are capable of creating top-quality refrigerator molds.

Refrigerator Mold

Immould has created various air conditioner plastic injection molds through the years. With our injection technology molds, we can fulfill all your air condition component designs.

Air Condition Mold

In order to keep telephones as stable as possible, you will need to invest in good quality molds. With our injection mold technology, we will be able to design and manufacture your designs with ease.

Telephone Mold Case

Hair dryers need to have a strong design. With our injection molding technology, we will be able to design and manufacture your hair dryer molds according to your specifications.

Hair Dryer Mold

Why FOW MOULD for Home Appliances Manufacturing

Injection Molding Experience

With decades of experience in the injection molding industry, we have acquired priceless skills that enable us to provide highly effective solutions and innovate new approaches to designing home appliance parts and molds, like making recyclable components and combining plastic materials to realize firmer parts.

One-Stop Services

FOW Mould offers a full range of injection molding services. With specialized departments for design, injection molding, surface finishes, and quality inspections, we offer customization services on demand, which make it possible to maintain a uniform standard of quality.

Competitive Prices

FOW Mould is a bulk injection molding company. We, therefore, capitalize on our economies of scale to keep costs low for our clients. This is further aided by our dedication to efficient manufacturing and B2B relationships with suppliers that give us access to preferential pricing.

Previous Injection Molded Home Appliance Projects

Our project portfolio includes numerous successful partnerships with top home appliance manufacturers.
They include producing and designing
plastic kitchen appliances and air conditioner plastic injection molds
among many others. We continue to serve these clients by helping them continually improve their products.

FOW Mould serves other industries too. They include automobile, furniture, warehouse and storage, baby product
manufacturers. Each department has specialized experts and our factory facilities are equipped to meet the
specific needs of each industry. 

White plastic telephone case
hair dryer shell
A 3D model of a telephone case

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