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Top 6 Plastic Injection Mold Design Companies in China

Plastic injection mold making technology is the process of making plastic products in an industry. It involves injecting melted plastic pellets into a metal mold under pressure. The liquid plastic is then cooled and solidifies to form plastic products. The metal mold determines the final product’s shape, design, and size. Metals used in mold making are usually steel (hardened or pre-hardened), beryllium-copper alloy, and aluminum.

The molds are the foundation of the whole process. Any defects or malfunctions on the mold lead to wastage of time, resources, and manpower hence mold making is a critical project that needs to be done with all caution in place. While choosing the best mold designer, you should do your due diligence to ensure that the work is done by professionals. Some of these companies that offer mold design in China are as follows.

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Fow Mold

Fow Mould


Fow Mold is a plastic injection molding company situated in Taizhou, Zhejiang. It was established in 1978 and has a total of 29 employees. They use cutting-edge technologies and a team of experts in their operations. They aim to make plastic products affordable and accessible to everyone around the world. They always engage their clients in their projects step by step to guarantee quality products and also foster a good rapport with their clients.

Their capabilities include mold design, mold making, product design, insert molding, 3D printing, over-molding, CNC machining, and injection molding. The main product in Fow Mold is bucket moulds. They also produce baby products, furniture molding, auto molds, warehouse and storage, and home appliances. Their projects are managed by experienced project managers who supervise the stages of every project, and this promotes quality and trust from clients.

They supply locally and internationally to countries like Russia, the US, Europe, and so on.


Rilong company brand logo


Established in 1990, the RiLong industry started its operations as a supplier of high-precision plastics injection parts. They had an expansion ten years later, their factory occupying an area of 11,000 square meters and later expanded more opened a new facility in Dongguan, 8000 square meters. They are specialized in mold manufacturing. In addition, they offer other services like membrane switches and CNC machining for mold making.

Their employees are skilled in designing, engineering, QC units, inspection, and production. They supply to industries like consumer electronics, medical, automotive. Some of their customers are Epson, Canon, Honeywell, Topcon, Tyco, Simenz, and many more. Products produced at RiLong are LSR parts, membrane switches, two-shot products, assembled parts, over-molded items, plastics parts, mold manufacturing, and rubber parts.

Shenzhen Silver Basis Technology Co. Ltd

Silver basis branding


Shenzhen Silver Basis Technology Co. Ltd is a manufacturing and exporting company founded 28 years ago in Shenzhen. They are experienced in mold fabrication. Their clients include top-tier tire manufacturers, Peugeot, ZTE. They are a large company with eight facilities across China with total coverage of more than 200,000 square meters. They are reputable and have been recognized over the years winning awards twenty times for their molds.

They provide automotive design and manufacturing, smart manufacturing, mold design and fabrication, and industrial designs. Products at Silver Basis are die-cast parts, product designs, plastic parts, finishing, and product testing. The location of their factory is advantageous since it makes supplying and exporting very easy. They are situated near Shenzhen International Airport, Shekou Port, and Shenzhen High-speed Railway station.

Bluestar Technology Group Co, Ltd

Bluestar Technology Group Logo


Bluestar Technology Group is a key player in the Chinese mold and molding market. It was started in 2003, just eighteen years ago, and has already grown and expanded immensely. It employs more than 800 employees across all its facilities in China, Europe, and the Americas. They offer services in production, sales, research, and development. Their major clients are Whirlpool, CAPSA, Philips, Honda, Toyota, Renault, GAC Mitsubishi, and Nissan.

Manufactured items at Bluestar are automotive interior and exterior parts, a new energy vehicle battery management system, automotive plastic molds, and automotive lighting. They also manufacture injection molded parts for home electronics and white goods. Their company mission is to improve the automotive industry by creating value. They visualize becoming a world-class company that provides quality automotive molds and parts solutions.

JMT Automotive Mold Co. Ltd

JMT Mold


JMT is a manufacturing company specialized in molding both complex and large. Their services include mold design, plastic component production, mold fabrication, mold component mechanical design, prototyping, and several other services. It was established 19 years ago in Taizhou, Zhejiang. Their clients are Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Citroen, Geely, Audi, Toyota, Mahle, Valeo, Samsung, Honda, BMW, Land Rover, Ford, Jaguar, Nissan, and so on.

They own a 17,000 square meters facility fully equipped with machinery for mold testing and processing such as high-speed carved, large scale mold machine, high-speed Taiwan CNC, double-headed spark, three coordinate detectors, Haitian injection molding machine, and many more. Products manufactured at JMT are home appliances mold, automotive molds, children products molds, industrial molds, plastic molds, electrical appliances molds, and SMC sanitary series compression molds.

Nissha Precision IMD Mold Co. Ltd

Nissha Ltd Logo


Nissha is a Japanese-owned company located in Kunshan, Jiangsu. They deal with manufacturing plastic molded goods and provide plastic injection molding service. They produce molds like automobile molds, convectional molds, and IMD molds. Their facility is over 10,000 square meters where they produce 20 molds/month capacity of 15- 1300 tons. They own 22 injection molding machines ranging from 100 – 850 tons.

Capabilities include mold design, mold fabrication, product R&D, automotive part manufacturing [ chromed, interior and exterior], blow molding, finishing, aluminum die casting, injection-molded plastic components, and carbon fiber molding. Their molds are supplied to industries like IT, household electrical appliances, and automotive. Some of their customers are Amazon, Western Digital, Sony, GE, and Nintendo.


Molds are a crucial part of the injection molding machine since they determine the shape, size, and design of the final product. The process of mold making needs to be precise to ensure products are according to clients’ specifications. In Fow Mold industries, we have a quality assurance team who oversees all operations to certify that everything is in order before proceeding. Our products are cost-effective and quality, making us a world leader in mold design.

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