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FOW Mould specialize in making plastic injection molding parts that are useful in several industries like automobile, electronics, and home appliances.

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Design and Produce Plastic Injection Molding Parts You Need

FOW Mould is a specialist and leading manufacturer of injection molded components. Offering several services, we are a one-stop solution provider for all plastic injection parts needs. 

Operating a streamlined process and carrying out all production in-house, our engineers use advanced injection molding technology. From designs to delivery, we implement professional analysis and strict quality control measures that guarantee the production of quality plastic mold parts.

Services for Plastic Injection Mold Components


Backed by years of experience and a well-equipped production base with cutting-edge machinery, we craft alluring designs to fulfill your custom plastic parts needs. From the proper assessment of your prototype and samples, we will develop unique product designs that appeal to your demands, including the customized size, shape, and color.


With the expertise of our engineers, creating efficient mold design is seamless. We will fabricate the perfect mold that embodies your custom plastic parts. After receiving your sample, our experts will conduct a DFM analysis report, optimizing your mold design to ensure the precision and conformance to your specifications. 

3d image of a plastic part

To fasten the production process and ensure better accuracy, we use 3D printers to create high-definition prototypes. Our state-of-the-art 3D printing machines provide tremendous benefits, including making complex sample designs at cost-friendly prices. It also permits the viewing and provision of immediate corrections to designs.

cnc machining

We use CNC machining, a manufacturing process that boosts the production of injection molded parts by using computerized control. With this, we provide quick and satisfying solutions to plastic injection parts’ needs. It’s a unique type of manufacturing that provides fast and impeccable replicas of plastic parts.

mold making

FOW Mould operates the best injection mold-making services with the capability to produce thousands of injection mold components quickly. We make molds using quality steel as well as our experience and expertise. This helps in fulfilling bulk injection molding parts orders within a short time.


Combining our highly-precise manufactured molds and the cutting-edge injection molding technology we have installed, producing plastic parts in bulk is extremely easy. In no time, our engineers will get to work, manufacturing highly functional plastic injection molded  parts.

Fulfill Insert Molding and Overmolding Needs

This is a form of injection molding that involves the insertion of a metal part into a mold after which they will be molded together. It provides toughness and better handling of the part.

A manufacturing process that has to do with combining various materials to form one tough component. After the first layer of the mold is made, other resins are molded on it. This provides better rigidity and resistance to damaging components.

How We Make Injection Molds to Support Your Plastic Parts Business

Custom Plastic Parts Mold

Our extensive capabilities include fabricating different types of molds for injection molding parts. At FOW Mould, our experts provide custom plastic parts mold solutions, ensuring that all the structural specifications are followed. We visualize your plastic parts prototypes and create a mold that can replicate them.

Injection Mold Engineering

We cross-check the mold design to confirm that there is no flaw. All dimensional and structural defects are configured into the appropriate shape. Our highly skilled engineers carry out this process, ensuring that no complication occurs during the production of plastic parts.

Injection Mold Machining

Using our CNC technology, we implement accuracy into complex mold designs. To further ensure premium production of custom plastic parts, the molds are inspected through our CNC machines, which reflect all the details and positioning in real-time.

Injection Mold Assembly & Finishing

Completing the plastic injection mold buildup, we assemble all the parts together after polishing them to have an attractive look. They are inspected and tested to confirm their functionality. If there are any shortcomings, immediate amendments are made.

Advantages of Making Plastic Parts Molds in FOW Mould

Instant Quote

Putting ourselves in clients’ positions, we understand the need for fast production processing. This is why at FOW Mould, quotations are provided quickly, enabling you to cater to your market needs in time. After discussing your concerns with us, we work on providing you with the quote so that production can start soon.

Customized Manufacturing

We have the prowess to satisfy the plastic injection molding parts needs of different industries. Having a wide range of customization capabilities, we provide custom solutions to all injection mold component demands. Regardless of the industry.

Timely Delivery

Once you place your order, we kickstart the manufacturing process. Thanks to our skilled and experienced engineers, as well as our advanced machinery, all operations are fast-tracked, guaranteeing that your moulded components are available within a short time. 

Why Injection Molding for Plastic Parts Industry

Fast Prototyping

In injection molding, production time is reduced as there is fast prototyping thanks to 3D printing and CNC machining technologies. This also enables you to get quick feedback on the viability of your designs.

High Cost Effectiveness

Injection molds are made with strong steel, which makes them exceptionally durable and highly functional. With low investment, they are constructed to manufacture thousands of plastic parts.


Injection molding supports expanding the scale of production, allowing you to expand the manufacturing scale without compromising the quality and functionality of the plastic injection molded parts.

Quality Control

The manufacturing process involves several inspections, starting from the design stage to the injection molding stage. All these procedures are conducted following the implementation of strict quality policies.

Why FOW Mould for Plastic Injection Molding Parts

High-Quality Products

With the goal to provide reliable moulded components, we make use of quality materials, which are sourced from vetted suppliers. Our molds are made with tough steel materials that are professionally partitioned to support all forms of resins, including mild and harsh.

Injection Molding Experts

FOW Mould has a team of professionals with over 10 years of experience in manufacturing high-functioning plastic mold parts. Our experts carry clients along with the whole progress, thereby guaranteeing 100% quality and accuracy in every injection mold component.

Custom Solution

We are an OEM expert, providing a vast range of plastic injection molding solutions to several industries. Complying with your instructions and specifications, we offer creative solutions that distinctly attend to all your custom plastic parts needs.

Over 10 Years Experience as an Injection Mold Manufacturer & Plastic Molded Part Manufacturer

With more than 10 years of experience in the injection molding industry, FOW Mould has provided many distributors and business owners with all-around injection molds and plastic parts services. 

In this period, we’ve developed different molds and custom plastic parts for several industries, such as automobile parts.

Using our standardized injection molding technology, we manufacture different types of plastic molded parts for automobiles. Implementing trendy designs, they are produced to be highly functional.

Molded Parts for Automobile

Satisfying the unending demand for plastic parts for the home appliance industry, we supply wholesale plastic items used at homes, including telephone mold case, washing machine mold, refrigerator mold, and many more.

Plastic Parts for Home Appliance Industry

Helping to ensure the safe handling of electronic components, we provide plastic mold parts for the electronics industry. They are constructed to be strong while supporting high functionality.

Plastic Mold Parts for the Electronics Industry

Best-in-class Materials for Plastic Parts Injection Molding

ABS for Plastic Injection Molding Parts

A tough, impact-resistant plastic material with high dimensional stability and good resistance to corrosive chemicals, making it a suitable option for making plastic injection molding parts across a variety of industries.

Polypropylene (PP) for Plastic Parts

An inexpensive and easy-to-access plastic material with a very slippery surface that’s resistant to moisture absorption, making it a good substitute for other materials in several low-friction applications.

Acetal for Injection Molded Parts

Also called Polyoxymethylene (POM), is a high-performance material with excellent strength, stiffness, and creep resistance, making it useful in producing specific kinds of injection molded parts.

Nylon for Plastic Injection Parts

A strong material with high-temperature strength, especially when reinforced. Offering resistance to wear and chemicals, and conducting electricity, it’s used to make plastic injection parts for automotive and electrical applications.

Poly Ether Ketone (PEEK) for Plastic Mold Parts

A high-performance plastic material with excellent strength and ductility. It’s compliant with FDA standards, making it suitable to produce plastic mold parts for food and medical applications.

Acrylic for Injection Mold Components

An outstanding plastic material featuring many benefits, including high clarity, dimensional stability, UV resistance, weather resistance, and high heat resistance, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Polycarbonate (PC) for Moulded Components

Its dimensional stability, impact & scratch resistance, and biocompatibility properties make it a preferable option in medical, aerospace, and consumer electronic applications.

Previous Injection Molded Plastic Parts Production Projects

FOW Mould is a leading manufacturer of plastic injection molds and custom plastic parts. With an extensive capability to produce 900-1000 molds yearly, both those with simple and complex geometry, we customize all forms of plastic components. 

Thanks to the expertise of our outstanding engineers, we provide one-stop solutions to our clients, ranging from plastic parts design, mold design, injection molding, etc. Other value-added services we offer are the manufacturing of plastic parts for warehouse storage, home appliances, baby products, furniture, and automobiles.

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