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Common Injection Moulded Products in Daily Life

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Injection-molded products are necessities that anybody living in a civilized community can not avoid interacting with daily. They are more present in our everyday life than we imagine. From household items to specialized industrial equipment, injection molding has empowered industries to produce high-quality, durable, and cost-effective products.

In this post, we will look into the versatility of injection-molded products and examine their impact in industries such as automotive, medical, household, toys, and sports equipment.

What is Injection Molding

Injection molding is the manufacturing procedure through which products made of plastic are made in mass. It allows for the production of parts in a much faster and cheaper process. A single injection mold can be used to create a thousand parts.

An Injection Molding Machine

Advantages of Injection Moulding 

Injection molding is the mostly used method in the production of plastic parts. This is because of its many advantages, ranging from efficiency in high production to detailed precision, low cost, low waste, and ability to render complex designs and textures.

Allow Complex Design and Texture 

Injection molding is perfect for producing plastic parts because of its flexibility. This characteristic is very beneficial to both the manufacturer and end users because it allows for a wide range of colors, materials, and finishes to be integrated into products.

Using the injection mold process, achieving the right designs on astonishing intricate parts will become easier, no matter how complex it looks. 

High Production Efficiency 

Injection molding is the most reliable and efficient plastic part production process. This chance at efficiency is made even higher when the production process is in the hands of expert designers and engineers with years of experience in the industry.

The precision of this process also ensures that even though it’s mass production, every piece is highly detailed and without error.

Cost-Effectiveness for Large-Scale Production 

Another main reason to embrace injection molding is how cost-effective it is to perform, even while producing on a large-scale. The process ensures that the cost of labor is reduced significantly.

Due to the automated injection process, production costs will be cut and the amount of money it would have ordinarily cost to manufacture a thousand parts can be used to make tens of thousand parts.

10 Types of Common Injection Molded Products 

The advantages of injection molding make it the favorite across various industries. Explored below are some of the most common products of injection molding.

Plastic Bottles and Containers

Plastic bottles and containers are easily one of the most commonly produced injection molded items in the world due to the number of food items, beverages, household cleaners, personal care products, and pharmaceutical items they are used to store.

Injection molding enables the production of bottles and containers in different shapes, sizes, and colors, providing durability and cost-effectiveness.

Plastic Water Bottles

Household Appliances

Numerous appliances around the house come with parts that were injection molded. This includes household appliances like washing machines, TVs, electric extension boxes, and speakers.

Home appliances, especially those that carry electricity are produced through injection molding. Objects like TV, light switches, air-conditioners, computer, speakers, etc, fall in this category.

Washing Machine with Plastic Body

Plastic Cutlery and Kitchenware 

Other common products that come from injection molding are plastic cutlery and kitchenware. Unlike the more traditional ceramic, steel, glass utensils, and cutlery, kitchenware has evolved to more plastic molded products due to its affordability and efficiency.

Injection molding works perfectly for the production of most kinds of kitchen products, even those made from steel and aluminum still require plastic molded parts like handles. Plastic kitchenware are non-toxic, easily disposable, easy to clean, and safe for dishwashers.

A Set of Plastic Cutlery

Automotive Parts 

If you are one to ride around in cars, then you surely touch an injection-molded automotive part every time you do so. From the door handles to seat belt clips, window controls, AC outlets, cup holders, etc, they are all injection molded products.

Production of automotive parts through injection molding helps to keep the affordability of mobile vehicles in check also ensuring that they retain their proposed pre-production aesthetic.

Parts like the dashboard, windpipe, airbag frame, and even cup holders require intricate designs that can not be compromised. With injection molding, these can be produced in different shapes and sizes on a large scale to meet up with demands and timelines.

Dashboard Display of a Car

Showing Stand and Pos Display 

Injection molding is the most used technique when it comes to the production of showing stands and POS displays. This is because they require a certain degree of precision, specifications, and intricate designs that the injection molding process is able to achieve easily.

Injection molding allows for flexibility, making it possible to create complex designs that would attract customers. Also, it ensures that showing stands and POS displays reach the market at pocket-friendly prices albeit in the best quality.

A POS Display for Lady Products

Pet Products

One of the reasons injection molding is highly utilized for the production of pet products is how suitable this process is for making durable products, like chewy toys, interactive playthings, food and water bowls, and milk bottles. These products are capable of withstanding impacts from pet play. 

Factors like high precision, design and texture, cost-effectiveness, and fast turnaround times are also some reasons why manufacturers rather use injection molding to produce pet items.

Pet Plastic Items

Medical Devices 

The healthcare industry is one of the several industries that rely heavily on injection molding for the production and supply of medical devices. Plastic is an extremely important material for healthcare apparatuses due to its versatility, affordability, and its sanitary level. 

Medical facilities require items like plastic syringes, filter plates, plastic containers, and tools used for surgical procedures, breathing devices etc, in bulk quantity, and some of these (for example syringes) are only used once, as a result, it is required they are procured cheaply and in large quantities.

Heart Monitor made from Plastic


The biggest toy brands depend on injection molding to meet up with consumer needs. One of the reasons for this is that the toys can come in the most basic to complex designs, ensuring the colors and textures are as realistic as possible.

Every toy from building blocks to dolls, guns, trucks, and robots is either fully injection molded or has injection molded parts. 

Packs of Block Toys

Plastic Furniture 

The minimalist household trend of recent years, if anything, has encouraged the integration of plastic furniture into homes and work areas. These are for obvious reasons like low costs, making furniture more mobile, and having them in designs that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible with traditional materials like wood or steel. 

Some of the most popular furniture includes chairs, tables, shelves, diners, etc.

A Plastic Dining Set

Sports Equipment

The sports industry is one in which its demand for injection molded products is endless due to the fact that the process creates highly durable equipment. Some sports equipment that is produced from injection molding includes tennis rackets, protective gear like helmets and shin pads, hockey sticks, water bottles, etc.

The process also allows for mass production at a cheaper cost, making it possible for both professional and amateur athletes/teams to afford them.

Sports Equipment on a Rack
Sports Equipment on a Rack

Why Choose FOW Mould for Injection Molding Products? 

Injection molded products come with various advantages and FOW Mould is prioritized to make them available for your needs at request. So why should you choose FOW Mould for injection molding products? Here is why.

Custom Molds by Experienced Experts 

With over 40 years of experience in the business of providing injection molding services to top clients like you, FOW Mould is an expert and industry leader in injection molding products. 

The company’s fountain of experience and expertise ensures that customers get unique, dynamic, worry-free, and affordable custom molds of the highest quality. 

Support Overmolding and Insert Molding 

Having a wide range of expertise, we use both over-molding and insert-molding techniques. You can rest assured that your project requirements will be achieved by the latter. Also, we only use the best materials, which ensures efficient production.


With injection molding, items can now be mass-produced in high-quality. Injection molding is the preferred method for producing a wide range of things like automotive parts, cutlery, household appliances, medical devices, etc in complex designs, varying textures, and at cost-effective measures. 

You can contact us at FOW Mould today to benefit from this technology.

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