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Top 8 Plastic Injection Molding Companies in the USA

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Plastic molding is one of the most used forms of manufacturing and an important part of almost every product in the market. Plastic injection molding adds a certain uniqueness to the products because of its ability to create even the most complex of shapes.

Plastic injection molding is a comprehensive industry in the USA with thousands of injection molding manufacturers offering quality services. Here is a list of the top plastic injection molding companies in USA that will help narrow down your search for one.

Top 8 Plastic Injection Molding Companies in the USA

1. Seaway Plastics Engineering

Seaway Plastics Engineering logo
Source: Seaway Plastics Engineering

Year Established: 1991

Location: Port Richey, Florida, USA

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016

Seaway Plastics Engineering was established in the year 1991 with the purpose of providing molded products. It specializes in prototype injection molding, plastic mold design, mold making, and low volume production. With a team of 160 associates, Seaway provides performance excellence in consumer products, food service, industrial products, and medical products.

Seaway also offers a wide range of value-added services such as EMI shielding, assembly, pad printing, ultrasonic welding, and more. 

2. The Plastek Group

The Plastek Group logo
Source: The Plastek Group

Year Established: 1956

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Industry: Manufacturing

The Plastek Group provides a  plastic injection molding service in America. It is one of the top manufacturers of plastic packaging for Food & Beverages, automobile parts manufacturing, Cosmetics, and the Personal care industry. They specialize in product designing and packaging development

The Plastek Group has grown into a global supplier of plastic molds for some of the world’s top companies in the USA, UK, Mexico, and Brazil. They take the product ideas from their clients and create the most efficient and reliable products.

3. Britech Industries

Britech Industries logo
Source: Britech Industries

Year Established: 1996

Location: Florida, USA

Industry: Manufacturing

Britech Industries has been appreciated by its customers worldwide for its quality of injection molding plastic parts. They provide excellent customer services such as quick delivery services, technician visits, and maintenance services. Their rapid injection molding manufacturing gives design engineers a quick way to get injection molded parts in low volume quantities. Britech specializes in custom plastic moulding using complex tooling methods.

4. Ironwood Plastics Inc.

Ironwood Plastics logo
Source: Ironwood Plastics

Year Established: 1979

Location: Michigan, USA

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: IATF 16949:2016 and BSI

Ironwood Plastics is one of the top plastic injection molding companies in Michigan that was founded in 1979 by Gordon K. Stephens. It understands that technology is constantly changing and that is why it tries to stay ahead of the latest trends and technologies in the market to provide the highest quality products to its clients.

The management of Ironwood Plastics has over 200 years of experience in the plastic industry, which gives its clients the confidence that their team can handle any complex challenges. Its reputation is built on performing the most challenging projects in the industry with an emphasis on insert molding and injection molding.

5. Jones Plastic & Engineering

Jones Plastic & Engineering logo
Source: Jones Plastic & Engineering

Year Established: 1961

Location: Kentucky, USA

Industry: Manufacturing

Jones Plastic & Engineering was founded in 1961 by Harry and Larry Jones and today is one of the world’s leading injection molders for automotive mold technology and home appliance molds. Their dedication and hard work have helped them grow into a global operation with five manufacturing units in America and subsidiary companies in Europe and Asia. 

Jones Plastic is popularly known for its molding expertise and its ability to help its customers get their products to the market quickly. They have positioned their units in a strategic location to help minimize freight and labor costs to their clients.

6. Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering Inc.

Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering Inc. logo
Source: Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering Inc.

Year Established: 1982

Location: Michigan, USA

Industry: Manufacturing

Hi-Tech is one of the full-service plastic injection molding companies Michigan. It is committed to providing high-end products that exceed its customers’ expectations. It achieves excellence with high-performing teams of 175 skilled workmen and utilizing advanced technology. Hi-Tech Mold provides several services such as CNC machining, tool assembly, polishing, and 3D printing.

7. Decatur Mold, Tool, & Engineering Inc.

decatur logo
Source: American Tool & Mold Inc.

Year Established: 1966

Location: North Vernon, USA

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO 9001

Decatur Mold was established in 1966 with only 5 people to work on the injection molding in a 2,400 square foot facility. It has an excellent work ethic and a desire to provide the best quality products that the industry has to offer. Its commitment to innovation has helped this company to develop a global network of customers.

The mission of Decatur Mold is to enhance the competitive position of its customers in the market by providing high precision molds. It tries to merge tomorrow’s technology and its American work ethic into a new standard for excellence in the mold-making industry. Its facilities operate 24×7 to deliver its products in a timely manner, especially, urgent orders.

8. American Tool & Mold Inc.

Source: Fow Mould

Location: USA

Industry: Manufacturing

American Tool & Mold Inc. is one of the leading injection molding companies in the USA that provides multi-cavity molds, custom plastic 3d printing, and assembling. It strives to develop high-precision products using the latest technology and methods available. Its unique molder-friendly approach sets it apart from its competitors. 

American Tool & Mold Inc. brings its clients a combination of the best resources and quality workmanship to meet the one-of-a-kind needs of its clients.

Top Plastic Injection Company in China

Fow Mould logo
Source: Fow Mould

Fow Mould is the leading plastic mold manufacturer China that has over 40 years of experience in the industry. It is a high-technology enterprise that provides economical and innovative solutions to manufacturing plastic molds. With its high-quality products, it has managed to develop a global presence in the mold manufacturing industry. 

Working closely with its clients around the world, they design and export quality molds in industries that require bucket molds, storage box mold, baby product molds, and many more.

Top 8 Plastic Injection Molding Companies in the USA


We hope that this guide helps you narrow down your search for plastic injection molding companies in the USA. You can reach out to these companies and request all the requirements that you need for your plastic mold and wait for highly precise molds to reach your doorstep.

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