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Best 5 Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers in Malaysia

Do you ever wonder how the plastics you use on a daily basis are made? Well, we have your answer. Plastic injection molding is the process of making plastic products out of plastic resins. This is done by melting these resins and once molten enough, they are injected into a metal mold under pressure, left to cool and solidify to form the final product. These metal molds come in different shapes and designs and the final item depends on the design and shape chosen.

It is very useful, especially for irregularly shaped items. Many investors around the globe are putting their money in this lucrative industry and hence several companies have come up that deal with plastic molding. Malaysia is not left out and has a lot of plastic injection molding companies. In this post, we will look at the best manufacturers in Malaysia.

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Fow Mould

Fow Mould


The Fow Mould industry was developed in Zhejiang, China in 1978 as a manufacturer of bucket molds. They have expanded their specialization into the molding of other plastic products. They use cutting edge types of machinery in their operations hence producing high calibre goods. They aim at producing high quality but affordable plastic molds not only in China but also around the world.

Over the years, they began producing other items like warehouse and storage, baby products, furniture, home appliances and automobiles. They have an annual capacity of 600 molds and half of this is bucket moulds. Every project undertaken in Fow Mould is supervised step by step by a group of experts who ensure that nothing goes wrong in the process of manufacturing. This has helped them in terms of quality and clients’ relationships because they deliver goods on time and of very good standards. 

Fow Mould has now expanded its operations immensely and supplies to markets such as the US, Europe, Russia and many more.

Nam Keong Sdn Bhd

Nam Keong Sdn Bhd Logo


Nam Keong Sdn Bhd is a manufacturing industry specialized in plastic injection molding and other similar projects and supplies to various companies. The facility is situated in Kuala, Lumpur and has an operation space of 25,000 square foot and a 12,000 square foot factory in Klang. The company has injection machines that range from 70 – 650 tons. What the Nam Keong industry wants to achieve is to be among the leading manufacturers of the best quality plastic products.

Their main product is the manufacturing of plastic bar chairs and supplies them to countries such as Australia, the US and New Zealand. Plastic bar chairs are those used to hold up reinforcement steel in the building industry. They also produce auto molds home appliance, wire connectors, telephone handsets, audio and video, and air conditioner. Other services offered are the fabrication of tools, sub-assemblies, dies and spray painting.

Nam Keong Sdn Bhd has been in existence for 47 years and has been ISO certified.

Excel Mold Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

Excel Mold Manufacturing Sdn Bhd Logo


Excel Mold was founded in 1990  in Sham Alam, Selangor and its main objective was to play a role in the molding and tooling industries in Malaysia. They created a slogan ‘EXCEL in search of excellence which is the fuel that runs their company since all operations that are undertaken must meet this slogan. Their total office and operation area is 25,00 square foot. They use state of the art types of machinery and other equipment to ensure the quality of products is not compromised.

The process of manufacturing in Excel Mold is supervised by an ID control automation system. This minimizes human errors since there is reduced interaction between the employees and the machines. This process does not affect the quality of the goods. Services include; plastic injection molds and tooling. Some of the products produced are home appliances, stationery, car audio, printer cartridge, AC panels, medical products, automotive parts e.t.c.

Currently, Excel Mold Manufacturing Sdn Bhd is among the leaders of plastic injection molding in Malaysia.

H.H. Precision Mold Sdn. Bhd

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Started over 40 years ago in Sham Alam, Selangor and was known as HH Engineering Works. In the same year, they were honoured to have a tax deduction from the Malaysian government and given pioneer status plus a 5 years partial tax exemption.In1985, they partnered with a company called Watertec and changed their name to the current one. Watertec specialized in plumbing products, and this aided HH Precision Mold to improve on their already immense knowledge and to incorporate it into their operations.

Ever since it has grown rapidly to be among the leading plastics injection molding manufacturers in Malaysia. It is a well-known brand both locally and internationally and has an unlimited number of loyal and satisfied customers. The products manufactured are pharmaceuticals, electronics, pipe fitting, automotive, air filter molds and injection molds. All this is possible due to the usage of futuristic technology plus the team of experts they have creating quality goods for their vast market.

HH is a one-stop shop for all your plastic needs in Malaysia.

May Plastic Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd

May Plastic Manufacturing Logo


May Plastics was established in 1975 and had only 2 injection molding machines. They started small but eventually grew into a recognized company internationally. They have 200,000 square foot of land in Rawang, Selangor and 105,000 square foot of this is facility space. They have been serving local industries around Malaysia and international industries in Japan, Europe and the US with the manufacturing of products, moud design and even supplying to these markets.

They are experienced in the production of several goods such as computer parts, construction products, home appliances, electronics, electricals, plastic switches and plastic molds. They supply to industries like medical, electrical, automotive industries and construction. They have a quality control and assurance team to supervise every stage of each project to ensure quality is met and clients are beyond satisfied with the final products.

May Plastics has won some awards and recognition since its conception.


Plastic injection molding is an important process in the world today and companies that are concerned with this are scaling up daily in order to meet the market needs and improve on their specialization. Plastic products are very useful in different circumstances either medical, automotive, consumer goods and many more. 

In the Fow Mold industry, all this is taken into consideration and we provide the best products both in design and quality. If you are looking for a plastic injection molding company to work with then you are home. Contact us any time and have all the best information about injection molding and the services we offer.

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