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Best 6 Plastic Injection Molding Companies in Canada

Plastic injection molding is the process of making plastic products from melted plastic pellets. These pellets are melted and injected into a mold at high pressure and once they solidify, a final plastic product is formed. It is a very useful process especially for items with irregular shapes. The main plastic used in this process is polyethene and can either be high density or low density. 

This procedure is applied in various industries including: auto molds for automotive, medical, electronics, electrics, packaging industries and so on. The manufacturing of plastic injection molds in Canada has grown over the years. Many companies are seeing an opportunity to invest and gain huge profits. This has led to tremendous improvement in plastic products quality across Canada and the world.

The top companies involved in this industry in Canada include:

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Fow Mould

Fow Mould

Situated in Zhejiang, China, Fow Mould is a plastic injection mold manufacturing company that was established 40 years ago with the main aim of producing cheaper but quality plastic goods in China and around the world. They have created good rapport with their clients and hence know their needs and satisfy them by using state of the art machines that enable them to incorporate unique designs into products.  

Bucket moulds are the main items manufactured by Fow Mold, but that has not stopped them from producing other goods like baby products, furniture, home appliances, automobiles, warehouse and storage. As expected by international certification, Fow Mould has formed a management team that facilitates the production of quality goods and this is done by employing project managers who oversee every process from the start to the end.

Today, they have diversified into bigger markets like Europe, The USA, Russia and around the world.

Canada Mold Technology Inc

Canada Mold Technology Inc Logo


Canada Mold Technology Inc is a custom manufacturer of plastic molds for the automotive industries. They are located in Woodstock in the province of Ontario. This company was founded 32 years ago by merging six Japanese companies that had experience in international trade, technology and commerce. They design and make tools for both interior and exterior components.

Examples of these tools are instrument panels, instrument clusters and bezels, consoles, exterior bodyside moldings, step pads, wheel flares and so on. They offer various services in their company including; tool design, spotting services, preventative maintenance, design changes, and molding making services.

T&T Custom Injection Molding Canada

T&T Company Logo


Established in 1962, T&T has been a leader in custom injection molding in Canada. They are a full-service plastics injection molding enterprise and possess a team of highly experienced technicians since they are a second-generation company. They are skilled in the molding of parts from thermoplastic and engineered resins. According to their CEO, their priority is to produce the best quality plastic products for customers.

All this is done within budget and on time making it among the preferred custom injection molding in Canada. Their facility is capable of small, medium and large scale production runs. The ranges of the molds manufactured are from 1oz to 50.6oz shot size and press tonnage from 250 to 500 tons. The building of a lasting relationship with their clients has helped them gain recognition in Canada and overseas.

Performance Plastics Ltd

Performance Plastics Ltd Logo


Situated in Toronto, Canada, Performance Plastics Ltd is a custom injection molding company recognized as a leader through its innovations, technical supremacy and strong customer support for over 25 years. Their facility is spread over 20,000 square foot. Their prime services are plastic injection molding service, assembly service, products development, hot stamping, pad printing and ultrasonic welding.

Performance Plastics Ltd is the first company in Canada to incorporate advanced prototype molding systems  HD3000 and rapid prototyping machine into its operations. This technological spectacle uses acrylic-based resins in its procedures to form fine details in the final product and all this at an affordable price. Their services come in handy in trade shows since they can build you a remarkable prototype that will display your distinctive design and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Their target markets comprise electrical, pluming, medical, consumer goods and automotive components.

Capable Plastic Injection & Mold Ltd

Capable Plastic Ltd Logo


Started as a small producer of consumer goods and expanded to a manufacturer of several items using ultra-modern injection machinery and technologies. Capable Plastics Ltd was founded in 1989 and ever since then, they now supply to industries that deal in automotive, consumer products, medical, construction, marine and many more. Currently, they own a fully equipped facility that has a 13,500 square foot operation space in Concord.

Capable Plastic collaborates with their customers in the first stage of project development to get a better understanding of the client’s objectives and to also enlighten them on the best design and quality of plastic to be used in their items. They are committed to the progressive improvement of all their operations to meet international standards while continuing to satisfy their clients.

Panon Plastic Inc

Panon Plastic Inc Logo


Panon Plastic Inc is an injection molding company founded in 1994. They began their operations with just one milling machines and have been able to expand and by 2004 had acquired 6 injection molding machines and a complete tooling area to meet any kind of machining needs. They are currently providing services to the automotive and electronic industries by giving them professional advice and recommendation on molding to improve the quality of products.

They are well-known for their high calibre products which are affordable.


Plastic injection molding is a process that has made things easier for consumers and many industries. Many people, if not all around the world use plastics one way or another and even with the rising concern of environmental degradation, we cannot simply do away with them but we can find other ways of minimizing pollution. These products are very useful in sectors such as medical, electricals, electronics e.t.c.

With the rise of plastic mould makers around the world, one may wonder which companies to choose from, but not any more. Fow Mold industries are a one-stop-shop. They are here to offer solutions to your company by providing the best mold design, injection molding services and many more.

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