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Top 6 Plastic Toy Manufacturers in India

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The method of shaping plastics with a rigid structure or mould is known as plastic moulding. The technology enables the fabrication of things in a wide range of forms and sizes, as well as a great deal of design versatility for both simple and sophisticated designs. 

Many automobile parts, containers, signage, as well as other elevated objects are made using plastic molding techniques, which are a common production choice.

Placing molten polymer into an empty cast so that it can acquire its shape, typically with varying pressures and temperatures, is the basic notion of plastic moulding.

Top 6 Plastic Toy Manufacturers in India

1. Aloke RubPlast Limited

Aloke RubPlast Logo
Source: Aloke RubPlast

Type of Business: Plastic solutions

Location (Headquarters): Mumbai

Year Founded:1994

Products offered:

Aloke Rub Plast Private Limited is one of the leading mould supplier and plastic toys manufacturer in India that produces a wide variety of plastic items. Tap, Water Tap, Industrial Package, Insulated Water Bottle, Insulated Refillable Bottle, and Insulated Casserole are all available in this category. We also provide a large selection of Tea Urns, Plastic Tubs, Plastic Jugs, Plastic Lunch Boxes, and Plastic Glasses.

These goods are known in the industry for their durability, superior finish requirements, and nontoxicity. They are made from high-quality thermal and chemically stable materials. We offer these plastic items in a variety of sizes, forms, colors, and other parameters to meet the needs of our customers.

2. ITech Plast

iTech Plast Logo
Source: iTech Plast

Type of Business: Plastic manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Gujarat

Year Founded: 1960

Products offered:

iTech Plast India PVT LTD is situated on India’s western coast, having more than three ports within a 250-kilometer radius.

iTech Plast began as a partnership with Meccania RPC SRL of Italy, a company with over 60 years of experience in the field. iTech Plast is now the most major corporation in its business field, thanks to the expertise gained and the newest injection molded parts machines from Engel- Austria, and Arburg. 

iTech Plast has the ISO 9001:2008 Quality System, as well as the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems.

3. Bharati International

Bharti International Logo
Source: Bharati International

Type of Business: Plastic Goods Manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Delhi

Year Founded: 1990

Products offered:

Bharati International is a renowned plastic toys manufacturer in Delhi that makes children’s toys and accessories. They have become leaders in the industry as a result of their industry experience, and their function has thus grown greater to meet the different needs of their clientele.

4. Awals Creations

Source: Awals Creations

Type of Business: Toys and Game Manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Delhi

Year Founded: 1988

Products offered:

Awals Creations is a toy production company with an aim to serve kids of all ages with a range of school and imaginative games and toys.

The staff at Awals Creation takes great care to make toys out of high-quality materials in order to provide durability and high-quality items that are safe for children. The company sells educational and imaginative toys for babies and children of all ages at a reasonable price.

5. Riya Plastics

Riya Plastics Logo
Source: Riya Plastics

Type of Business: Plastic fabrication

Location (Headquarters): Delhi

Year Founded: 2012

Products offered:

With their unique products, they serve a wide range of customers around the country. These items are made from the highest-quality materials available in the market. A team of talented individuals employed by them creates their unique and functional layouts.

This personnel are chosen from the best in the field and are educated in the use of cutting-edge systems and machinery. They make earnest attempts to maintain them up to date with current industry technology and provide the best injection molding service for toys.

6. Chetan Plastics

Source: Chetan Plastic

Type of Business: Plastic wholesaler

Location (Headquarters): Hyderabad

Year Founded:

Products offered:

Chetan Plastic Industries is committed to establishing long-term relationships with its clients by providing high-quality goods at competitive costs.

They provide a variety of simple payment alternatives to meet the needs of their valued consumers. The unrivaled quality of the given product is never jeopardized by the use of advanced tools and demanding techniques.

Chinese Company for Your Plastic Toy Needs

Fow Mould logo
Source: Fow Mould

FOW is one of the best plastic mold makers. They offer services ranging from plastic components and mould design to mould making and moulded parts production as a competent injection mould company in China. They can make injection moulded product concepts a reality for a wide variety of industrial applications.

FOW can produce 600 moulds each year, 300 of which are bucket moulds. We began with bucket moulds and have since expanded their mold-making and injection moulding services to include industries such as warehousing & storage, baby items, furniture, automobiles, and household appliances. 

Their staff of skilled engineers can assist you in achieving a one-stop solution in China plastic injection moulding that includes both high quality and low injection molding costs.

List of The Best 6 Plastic Toy Manufacturers in India


The moulding services might be used for a variety of applications. They are divided into five categories, and understanding the specifics of each strategy is essential for determining which will be the most beneficial for you to employ.