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Top 6 Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers in Mexico

Plastic injection molding is the process of producing plastic products by injecting molten plastic into a metal mold to form items of different shapes and design. It was first done by an American inventor John Hyatt when he tried making billiard balls from plastics other than the normally used material, ivory. However, the billiard ball did not get recognition as expected but his machine was admired by many people and soon companies started manufacturing plastics using this method.

Plastic injection molding  serves different industries such as medical, automotive, construction, electrical, electronics and consumers. The products manufactured in this industry are used daily across the world making them a vital component of countries’ economy. We are going to look at some of these industries in Mexico and also know the brands that are leading the markets.

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Fow Mould

Fow Mould

Situated in Zhejiang, China, Fow Mould is a plastic injection molding  manufacturing company established over 40 years ago. Its mission is to provide high-quality, cost-effective products. it uses modern technologies in its projects and has a close relationship with all of the clients and this enables out of this world designs to be created and above standard products.

Fow Mould has a lot of experience in bucket moulds, this is the main product produced. Other goods are plastic toy mold, furniture molding, auto molds, plastic box mould, and house appliances. Capabilities include product design, mold making, mold designs and injection molding . All the processes that are done in Fow Mould are overseen by a management team that makes sure every step is in order before the final item is put on the market.

Currently, they have grown immensely and are now supplying across the world, not just in China.


Rocand Industry Logo


Started in 1996 as an injection and blow molding  industry in Silao, Mexico. Since its conception, it has grown immensely and has reached many markets with its products. They incorporated 3D virtual monitoring and retro engineering in their processes. The goal of this company is to respond to clients as quickly as possible while providing quality services. Their facility covers 4,128 square meters and has 5 axis CNC molding  machines that have a capacity of 900 tons.

The molding  services at the Rocand industry are injection molding , blow molding , in-Mold cutting, twin-sheet molding , insert and over molding , 3D molding , unscrewing and vacuum blow molding . Industries that are supplied by Rocand include electricals, electronics, automobile, consumer goods and many more. They have been recognized internationally for their contribution to the injection molding  industry.

Providence Plastics

Providence Plastics Logo


The company was started in 1989 in Guadalupe, Mexico. They were specialized in plastic injection molding  but in 2006 they partnered with an American investor who was an expert in this industry. They expanded their operations and improved their techniques in production. They opened another factory in texas. They continued with their growth and in 2015, opened yet another facility in Queretaro, Mexico their vision is to expand more in both Mexico and the US.

They serve many industries; packaging, industrial, automotive, healthcare and appliances. Capabilities include tooling and molding  of good quality. One thing about Providence Plastics that contributes to their reputation is how cost-effective their products are and at the same time of very good quality. Products manufactured are household appliances, electricals, electronics, packaging and hardware molds. They are ISO certified and recently expanded to China.

Platinum Tool Group

Platinum Tool Group


Platinum Tool Group is a molding  company with its head office in Ontario, Canada but its factories are in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico. It is among the leading companies in plastic injection molds in the world. The company has experience in automotive lighting, consumer products, interior trims and electronics. Their factory space covers more than 20,000 square foot and is equipped with a range of machinery that helps facilitate all their projects.

Services offered by Platinum Tool Group include design and engineering, injection molds, CNC machining, Mold manufacturing, project management, compression molding  and Mold repairs. In terms of quality, they are ISO certified and all their products are beyond market quality standards, this makes them stand out among all their competitors. They work closely with their clients to achieve the expected outcome and often surpass their clients’ expectations.


Intran Logo


It was established in 1969 as Flota Mex. The main reason was to meet the need for fuel for the original equipment market. Its clients were Americans. In 1988, they expanded and penetrated the US and Canada with their exports and established an office in Dallas, Texas after a few years. The company continued with growth and in 2009, it changed its name to Intran. Its main products are automotive molds and they are among the leading suppliers in Mexico.

Capabilities include; end forming, harness manufacture and assembly, plastic injection molding , leak and continuity testing, tube bending e.t.c. in Intran quality is a priority and the belief that the customer comes first. These two have propelled it to be a leader in this industry. It offers an advantage to companies in the US since it has a short supply chain hence cutting on cost and time of delivery.

Century Mold

Century Mold


It is an American company that deals with injection molding  and has several factories both in the US and Mexico. Locations are in Chihuahua and Queretaro, Mexico and New York, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee in the US. Its services target the automobile industry with products such as interior accessories and mechanical parts. Century Mold is IATF certified and this recognition has helped to build its reputation in the market.

The factories have more than 160 injection molding  presses that are from 60 – 2,200 tons, making it possible to work on big projects without any limitations. Capabilities include; mould design, manufacturing, tool building, programme launching. It continues to grow daily and accepts new challenges which they ultimately deliver on time and in good quality.


In summary, plastic injection molding  is a vital process that we all depend on since most of the items we use are made from plastics. It has expanded over the years and now different technologies are being used to improve manufacturing. Plastic mould making companies service many industries such as medical, automotive, home appliances, electricals and electronics and many more. 

 The Fow Mold industry is the leading plastic injection molding  manufacturer in the world and this reputation did not come easy, they put a lot of work into their projects to maximise quality and time of delivery to its clients. From design, prototype to the final product, every step is monitored. For more information on this, you can reach us and you will be satisfied with our services.

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