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Top 7 Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturers in India

Plastic injection is the process of injecting melted plastic into a mold using pressure and it solidifies to form a product. Polyethene either high density or low density is the main plastic used in this process. Plastic injection molding is applied in several industries including construction, automotive, medical, packaging industries and many more. In recent years, the plastic injection molding industry has grown rapidly across the world and in Asia, India is among the leading countries that are concerned with this industry.

Many companies are investing and exploring plastic injection leading to improvement in the quality of products due to the increase in competition. One needs to be at par with other manufacturers or be better to prosper in this industry. We will be looking at some of the best manufacturers of plastic injection mold in India to get conversant with the different brands in the market and to know which brands to look out for.

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Fow Mould

Fow Mould

Fow Mould is a molding company located in Zhejiang, China with experience of over 40 years. They use refined mold making technology in their manufacturing processes to produce the best quality of goods around the world. Its mission is to provide affordable plastic products around the globe. Fow Mould works closely with clients to deliver the perfect product in design and quality. Their main product produced is bucket molds.

However, they now venture into the manufacturing of other goods like warehouse and storage, plastic toy mold, furniture, home appliances, and auto molds. In Fow Mould industries, they have created a quality management team as expected by international certification and every project is supervised by a project manager who ensures there is quality control throughout the process of manufacturing.

These days, the Fow Mould industry has scaled up and penetrated markets in the USA, Europe, Russia and around the globe.

Vikas Industries

Vikas Industries Logo


Vikas industries were founded in 1967 at the time where the plastic revolution was being introduced in India. They started in a single unit in Mumbai and grew into a massive company. At the time, many companies were going to the drain since consumers were introduced to plastic products such as plastic molded chairs and preferred them. This paved the way for Vikas industries to emerge and take charge in the growing plastic manufacturing market.

They are now among the leading plastic injection molding companies in India. Its services include plastic injection molding service, gas injection molding, goods development, manufacturing of molds, assembling and the creation of Injection molding techniques. Today, Vikas has established its factories in other areas; Thane and Pune but their main offices are still located in Mumbai.

Primex Plastics PVT Limited

Primex Plastics PVT Limited logo


Primex plastic limited is a manufacturing company located in Bangalore and majors in the manufacturing of automotive parts. Since its incorporation into India 30 years ago, it has expanded its productivity by a huge margin making it among the companies to look out for in the market. It produces not only automotive parts but also electrical and white goods, furniture components and sub-assemblies.

The company has grown and now has 13 injection molding machines and a 25,000 square meters factory. It is now regarded as one of the top suppliers of the listed products in India and is even mentioned in Trade India’s list of verified sellers. Departments are led by qualified and trained professionals who have immense experience in their respective fields. These professionals together with the executive to achieve their client’s expectations.

Micro Plastic

Micro Plastic Logo


Micro-plastic is a manufacturing and supplying company specialized in the production of plastic goods. It is a big exporter in the US, Europe and Asia. they started small just like many businesses and grew from only 3 injection molding machines to 125 machines. They now own an operating space of 400,000 square meters across all the 3 locations in Bangalore. Their main aim is to provide the highest quality services.

Apart from the key products, other products manufactured are auto molds, sports equipment, power tools, appliances, electricals, electronics, Telecoms and heavy engineering. The company believes in giving back to the community hence they contribute to health care, education and promotion of a green environment in underprivileged societies. Micro Plastic has won several awards and recognition over the years.

Think 3D

Think 3D Logo


Think 3D is a plastic manufacturing company founded in 2014. Its main aim is to use 3D molding machines to print plastic products for the fulfilment of clients.  Although the normal horizontal injection machines are more reliable, they require a lot of space that may not be possible for some companies. For this reason, Think 3D came up with the idea of using vertical injection molding machines and desktop injection molding machines.

Vertical machines are employed when creating products that contain two parts putting to good use the aspect of over-molding or insert molding. Desktop machines facilitate the injection of molten resins into closed, tiny and cooled molds hence, it is indicated for small products. These two machines use small spaces hence allows the company to purchase more machines to increase productivity.

Currently, they have 69 machines in use. Think 3D has established the largest integrated advanced prototype molding facility in Visakhapatnam in partnership with the government of India. It has been set up at a dedicated medical device manufacturing zone named AP MedTech Zone (AMTZ). It is the first facility of this kind in India and was launched under the MAKE IN INDIA initiative to expedite innovations in India.

Tooling Temple

Tooling Temple Logo

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Tooling Temple is among the leading manufacturers of plastic injection mold and components in India. They are situated in Coimbatore where they began their operations in 1992. Their products are used in various industries like textile, electricals, automobiles, computer, machinery and many more. They pride themselves in their design and quality of products and this is realized by a group of a proficient team.

Anantha Naayaki Enterprises

Anantha Naayaki Enterprise Logo


Anantha Naayaki enterprises are a manufacturing company based in Chennai. They produce a variety of goods including plastic injection molds and export them around the world. Their products are valued because of features like durability, simple to use and are very effective. The enterprise is also concerned with the repair of these machineries.


Plastic injection molding has come a long way over the years since its introduction into the world markets. India is among the countries exploring this and by the look of things it is doing a great job. Several companies concerned with plastic injection molding are innovating ways of making plastic products more available to meet the demand while ensuring quality is not affected.

From using state of the art traditional molding machines, 3D injecting machines and other tools, these industries are revolutionizing the manufacturing of plastic products not only in India but the rest of the world too. Some companies like Fow Mould that venture into international markets play a vital role because they aid in reducing the demand for plastic products and this, in turn, lower prices making them affordable even for the common population.

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