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How to Choose a Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer to Partner With

In a world full of plastic injection molding manufacturers, it might become tiresome to decide on which company to partner with. Most of these companies offer almost the same services, creating a dilemma for you and your team to settle on one. However, as much as the services may be similar, the distinction comes in when looking for features such as quality products, cost-effectiveness, durability, and most importantly, the relationship between you and the manufacturer.

Many plastic injection manufacturers will come to you with their services to impress, but you need to take your time and be keen before settling on one. Some plastic injection molding manufacturers like Fow Mold are reputable due to their vast experience and a good number of satisfied customers. Be on the lookout for such companies since they are the best to partner with and have no regrets.

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What Services Do the Best Injection Molding Companies Offer

3D Printing

Companies in injection molding offer services according to their capabilities. When choosing a manufacturer to partner with, one needs to be aware of what the manufacturer is capable of to avoid any misunderstandings that may arise. Do proper research on the company you are interested in partnering with regarding their processes, quality of products, and the relationship they have with their clients. This research gives you insight on whether to partner with that manufacturer or choose another one.

The best injection molding companies offer services such as;

Injection molding: this process requires a good machine, a mold, and plastic material. Before settling on your manufacturer, ensure you check these aspects out first to guarantee success in our project

Mould design: several companies offer these services but one needs to be careful since mould designing requires experts who make sure that even the minute details are taken care of.

product design: can the manufacturer be able to create your desired product according to your design? If yes then that is the right manufacturer for you.

CNC machining: manufacturers with CNC machine are a plus when choosing a suitable company to partner with. CNC is flexible, complex tasks can be executed, and it increases machining precision.

3D printing: manufacturers that use advanced prototype molding reduce costs for their clients, it is a fast production technique, and it is very flexible.

Mold making: after the design of a mold, the mold is built by a team of engineers who ensure that the final product matches the desired design and is also functional.

Checklist for Choosing an Ideal Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer


Before making the major decision of partnering with a plastic injection manufacturer, always have a list to assess the pros and cons of these manufacturers so that you avoid wasting time and resources on the wrong one. There are necessities that a good plastic injection molding company should possess to ascertain its capabilities in delivering your desired products in both design and quality according to your preferences. Some of these features are discussed below.

Does the Company have a rich Industry Experience?

Checking for Experience


Some companies gain experience with time while others with the amount of work done. Both of these experiences are important since it shows you that they are conversant with the process of injection molding. While looking for an experienced plastic injection manufacturer, there are several things you need to consider;

Their duration in plastic injection molding shows their knowledge in this industry and also reflects on the trust they have been accorded by their clients over the years.

Inspect their team of experts to learn what specializations can be managed in that company.

Inquire on their clientele to get a better understanding of who they serve and the quality of products

Inquire on the number of projects the manufacturer has been entrusted with and what percentage are the successful projects.

The benefits of dealing with an experienced manufacturer are;

There is efficiency in the whole process

Minimizes the cost of production

Reduction in resources wastage

They give good advice and recommendations based on your project

Lead Time


This is the time taken between the commencement of a project to its completion. The lead time varies depending on different manufacturers. When choosing a manufacturer to partner with, this is a crucial part of the process because you will want to see your projects finished on time without any defects. Lead time reflects on things like;

The level of qualification the team has. Qualification and lead-time are directly proportional.

The technological advancement of the industry, if they are using modern technology, then their lead time will be reduced and vice versa.

Competency. Lead time shows how the company works and delivers.

The benefits of lead time are;

Boosts the company’s competitiveness.

Improves productivity in the industry

Saves companies’ expenditure

Increases customers’ satisfaction

Promotes trust between the clients and manufacturer

Minimizes wastage (time and resources)




Knowing the cost of injection molding is very important. You need to choose a manufacturer within your budget without compromising on quality. The bulk of plastic injection molding is usually on the mold. Ensure the manufacturer of your choice has expertise in mold design and mold making as this will affect how much you spend on the whole process. Pricing is affected by factors such as:

The design of the mold (simple or complex)

The materials used in both mold making and plastic production

The size of the mold (directly proportional to cost)

Production quantity, small projects cost less.

Make sure the manufacturer you choose can execute your demands to the letter to avoid unnecessary spending on repairs and modification after completion of the injection molding process. The benefits of checking out different manufacturers pricing are;

You get multiple quotes from various companies hence choosing the one in your budget with preferred services.

Pricing is used to attract certain customers

Pricing sets standards for similar products in different companies emphasizes on quality of products

Pricing promotes the products’ image and the company’s first impression


ISO Certification


Being a certified company is not an easy fit, it requires commitment and continuous improvement in operations undertaken to be recognized by international certification bodies. The standard for plastic injection molding manufacturing companies is being ISO certified. International Organization for Standards (ISO) is a non-governmental organization that verifies manufacturers that are legit and use the right means in their operations.

Validate that the partner you are choosing is ISO certified to guarantee high-level production and quality products. There are different ISO certifications with their indication of achievement.

ISO 27001: deals with the safety of your company data, reputation, and the system

ISO 45001: assist in protecting your people

ISO 9001: prioritizes your customers

ISO 14001: minimizes the impact your company has on the environment

ISO 22301: guard disruptions of your enterprise

The advantages of being certified are:

Promotes customers’ trust and confidence in a company

Boosts employees morale

Improves the efficiency in processes

Broadens the market a company serves

Aid in tendering since it is a tendering requirement.

Minimizes risks in the manufacturing company

Efficient Communication


Efficient communication is being able to relay clear messages in the shortest time possible. Communication is a basic requirement for every living being. We communicate both knowing and unknowingly, verbally, gestures, facial expressions, visuals ( ads and images), etc. Manufacturing companies should direct proper resources in the communication department to promote awareness of their company to the market.

Efficient communication needs to be

Clear: to be understood by the targeted audience

Concise: it should be brief to avoid boredom or any misunderstandings

Honest: the message should relay the truth

Reliable: the sender should trust the message he /she is sending

The importance of efficient communication is;

Creates a good relationship between you and your chosen manufacturer

Choosing a manufacturer with correct and honest communication facilitates trust-building

You will feel confident in the information your manufacturing partner will give you

In-House Design and Production Team

In-House Design at Fow Mold

Selecting the appropriate manufacturer to partner with is vital for the success of your project. It is cost-effective to choose a manufacturer that has an in-house design team and a production team. It also promotes the quality of production since their team of experts in design and engineering has experience working together. You should be keen on;

The capabilities of the companies you are considering to partner with

Their types of machines, some designs, and Production need advanced machining

The team of experts and their qualifications (designers and engineers)

Inquire on the clients they have worked with and assess their finished products

Several benefits come with an in-house and design team;

It is cost-effective

Communication is easier since both designing and Production are in the same facility

Customization and modifications are achieved easily

Quality Management System


A quality Management system is a system for achieving quality objectives and goals in a company’s processes. The end goal of producing goods and services apart from making profits is usually to make quality goods that will be reputable in the market. You should put this in mind while choosing a plastic injection molding company to partner with. Your partner should have a quality assurance team in-house who oversees projects step by step to assure you that everything is according to your specifications and the products are above standard.

You should never compromise on quality even if the cost will be more, the long-term results will be better. Always check for the following in manufacturing companies;

Do they have a quality assurance team?

Do they have a team of experts in-house?

What type of mold material do they use?

Do they have machining capabilities to execute your desired project perfectly?

If they check all of the above properties, then they are a good candidate for choosing a partner. Having a quality management system is advantageous in that:

Promotes improvement of operations in the company

Aids in meeting the required standards of regulatory boards

Facilitates customers’ satisfaction and confidence in a manufacturer

Keep Your Needs in Mind

Prioritize Needs


Selecting a manufacturer to partner with that prioritizes your needs is crucial. As a client, you will want to feel confident that your manufacturing partner is doing everything to ensure the success of your project. This assurance helps you relax and focus on other aspects of projects that may need your attention. The things to check out for to know if a manufacturer prioritizes your’ needs are;

Inquire on your preferences and expectations before starting the project

They involve you in any decision making and prioritizes your suggestion

They consult you first before making any changes to your project

Give advice and recommendations whenever there is a better way of approaching something

Companies that keep their clients’ needs in mind enjoy certain benefits such as;

Helps companies maintain their clients

Achieve a good reputation and building of brand names

Creates a buzz about your company eventually gaining more customers

Increases profits

Does the Manufacturer Know the Materials that Meet your Needs

Injection Molding Materials


In the injection molding process, different materials are used for different projects. For instance in mold making, if the production is long term or large, then steel is needed for mold making, while aluminum is preferred for short term and small productions. Before deciding on your partner, always keep in mind that they need to be knowledgeable on the different materials needed for both molds and plastic parts. To check for this, look out for;

Are they knowledgeable enough to choose the proper materials for you?

Do they know how to handle the chosen material according to its properties?

Are the materials chosen for you durable and high-quality depending on your product?

Do they have the personnel and machining capabilities of handling your material?

It is important to be conversant with different materials if you are a plastic injection molding company because;

It prevents the return of goods due to dissatisfaction by clients

Reduces cost since there will be no replacements

Production of quality and functional goods

It prevents unnecessary conflicts between manufacturers and customers

Low Plastic Waste

Plastic Waste


Dealing with an experienced manufacturer guarantees minimal wastage. When choosing your manufacturing partner, evaluate their wastes on every project since this will show you the kind of company they are. Companies with a lot of wastes mean that they do not know how to handle their raw materials, equipment, processes and also do not value the environment. Such companies are those to stay away from.

Always check for;

The number of projects a company handles and assess their waste

Are they recycling some of their waste

How do they dispose of the non-recyclable waste

These are critical aspects to look out for because, at the end of it all, we still need a healthy environment. The benefits of low plastic wastes are;

Minimizes pollution of the environment

Reduces greenhouse gas effects promoting sustainable climate

Conserves energy

Less plastic saves lives both human and animal

Reduces expenditure since raw materials will be recycled

Precision Machines for Mold Making and Part Manufacturing

Precision machines are those used to precisely make products according to the required specifications. They are commonly applied in the production of tiny parts or large parts. When choosing a manufacturer to partner with, do an audit of the processes done to have an idea of the condition of the products manufactured. This will help you identify if the company is capable of precision machining.

Check for things like:

The technology they utilize in their company

Assess the company’s experience to know its capabilities

Evaluate if they are certified or not

Some of the benefits precision machines offer are;

There s tight tolerance

Improves efficiency in production

Permits working with various materials

Minimizes cost

Does the Company Offer After-Sale Services

After-Sale Services


After-sale services are the services offered by a company after selling products. These services include maintenance, repairing of machines and equipment, upgrading services, return policy, warranty, and so on. Manufacturers that offer these services are usually preferred since it shows they believe in their products and have the best intention for their customers. Some companies advertise their products and services including after-sale services to attract customers. Checking for companies that offer these services look out for;

Do they offer maintenance services?

Do they train their clients’ employees on how to handle the products?

Do their products come with a warranty?

Are there return policies or upgrading services?

After-sale support has benefits to both the clients and the manufacturers. Examples of these benefits are;

You gain loyal customers

Puts companies ahead of their competitors

Improves productivity

Increase in sales

Support of Mold Maintenance

Mold Under Repair


Partner with a plastic injection molding manufacturer that knows how to maintain molds. Molds are very expensive and they need maintenance to keep running for longer and more cycles. Your partner needs to have the expertise in mold (in general) to understand when a problem arises. As a client, ensure you have this on your checklist, assess the companies you interested in to verify if they are capable of;






The importance of supporting mold maintenance is;

Minimizes scraps in the facility

Lowers the working hours since the molds are in good condition

Improvement in production and quality goods

The mold becomes more reliable and efficient

Top 3 Plastic Injection Molding Companies

bucket injection molding process

The plastic injection industry is growing rapidly and spreading across the world. It is a needed industry since the products are affordable, accessible to everyone, and are high-quality. The best plastic injection companies in the world are as follows.

Fow Mold

Fow Mould

Established in 1978, Fow Mold is a plastic injection molding company situated in Taizhou, China. They are capable of mold making, product design, insert molding, mould design, 3D printing, CNC machine for mold making, over-molding and professional plastic injection molding service . The key product produced at Fow Mold is bucket molds, auto molds, furniture molding and etc. 

They have a team of experienced experts who ensure that quality is adhered to in each step of processing. They supply locally in China and to countries like the US, Russia, and Europe. They have good relationships with all their clients and they have stayed loyal to Fow Mold industries making them a reputable company in this industry.

Abtec Inc

Abtec Inc Logo


Abtec Inc is a manufacturing company located in Pennsylvania, USA. They started their operations in 1981 at Bristol. Their specialties include the production of custom injection molds, supporting tools, design, and development. They use modern technologies in their processes making them one of the leaders in plastic injection molding. They distribute their goods to several areas in the US, however, they do not supply to the mid-Atlantic region.

They use computer-aided designs like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CADKEY, CimatronE, and Pro/E. Other capabilities are over-molding, insert molding, side action, and unscrewing. The machinery for the listed capabilities is in-house facilitating the processes faster. These machines are hydraulic core pull, horizontal clamps, and many more. They utilize drawings, models, parts, sketches, and existing molds from their customers to accomplish the perfect products. Their wish is to make quality products cheap for all.

Primex Plastics PVT Limited

Primex Plastics PVT Limited logo


Situated in Bangalore, India, Primex Plastics is a plastic injection molding company that specializes in automotive parts production. It was started in 1991 and has grown to be among the best plastic injection molding companies in the world. Apart from automotive parts, they also produce furniture components, sub-assemblies, white goods, and electrical components. The company has been recognized in India and beyond.

Currently, they own a 25,000 square meters facility and are fully equipped with 13 injection molding machines and other equipment. Their various departments are governed by professionals who ensure that production is done according to standard to continue satisfying their clients around the world. They are now regarded as the top plastic products supplier in India.


Choosing the right plastic injection molding manufacturer to partner with is not an easy fit. One needs to put in the time and effort to ensure that mistake is not done on the final decision. The right manufacturing partner brings a lot to the table and the benefits will serve both parties. At Fow Mold industry, our customers are our priority. Any decision made in our company creates a positive ripple effect on our clients. We value the rapport already existing and are very eager to create new ones.

Choose Fow Mold industry now as your plastic injection molding manufacturer to enjoy our services for the longest time.

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