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Top Plastic Mold Manufacturers in Taiwan

Plastic molds have taken over the manufacturing industry given how efficient and easily accessible they are. They are easy to produce with several manufacturing processes available for easy use and access. When it comes to plastic molds, you can get them done to your specific design and mass produce them for your business. Outsourcing these services to a plastic mold manufacturer is a great idea.

If you want to target the Taiwan market and manufacturing industry, you need to be well informed. Knowing the best companies to work within this region will give you an easy time finding one that suits you. Some of the companies for you to consider.

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Fong Yu Precision

Fong Yu Precision

Fong you precision is a company that was established in 1997 in Taiwan to cater to the plastics manufacturing industry. They specialize in both metal and plastic injection molding to create amazing products and designs. This company has years of experience and offers great mold designs for both local and export use.

When it comes to working with clients from overseas this company is dedicated to ensuring their service delivery is top-notch. This company prides itself on ensuring that all their export products arrive at their intended destination on time and in the best condition.

They pack their molds in fumigated wooden cases to give them the best chance of being in perfect condition. The best part about this company is that they offer additional services like original design manufacturing and also original equipment manufacturing.

Ann Tong

Ann Tong3

Ann Tong was founded in the year 1989 and has been in the manufacturing industry since then. They work to provide the best molds possible to ensure that their customers are well served.

They specialize in creating mold designs and also mold manufacturing to ensure that they give their best. The best part about this company is that their minimum order quantity is easy to keep up with even for startups.

They don’t ask for too much and are quite price friendly. Given the fact that they specialize in the production of small quantities, they use a different manufacturing process. They employ the use of a microinjection molding machine to cater to their orders. This process allows them to achieve precision and ensure that they deliver quality results.

Push Power

Push Power1

Push power is one of the longest plastic mold manufacturers in Taiwan. They were founded in 1977 and with over 44 years of experience have managed to be among the leading manufacturers. This company produces a wide range of molds going all the way from 60 tons to 1360 tons.

The push power company applies the latest technology to ensure that their processes are run with at most efficiency. With this, you find that they can produce quality and also increase their output at the same time.

This company has grown tremendously and has plants in different cities. These plants are serviced by several injection molding machines to ensure they meet their goals. If you are looking for a company that will produce your designs on large scale, this is the option for you.



Immould is one of the biggest exporters to Taiwan and across the world. They specialize in mould design and plastic injection molding service. They were established in 1978 and has worked in this industry to realize the dreams of their clients.

With over 40 years of experience, they perfected their manufacturing systems to enhance efficiency and delivery. They pride themselves on ensuring that all their projects are managed as they should. Their main products include auto molds, bucket mould, plastic box mould, plastic toy mold and etc.

Additionally, they assure that they’ll deliver on quality and also have a quality control measure. This helps them ensure that they don’t compromise on quality at any point in their manufacturing process.

Pro Design Group

Pro Design Group

The pro design group is a plastic container manufacturing company that has been around for a long time. It was established in 1989 and worked its way into plastic mold manufacturing.

They specialize in creating amazing mold designs that are well decorated with the vision of their clients in mind. To make this happen, they employ the use of the latest technology to ensure they are as efficient as possible. This technology helps them get to create the molds and also decorate them simultaneously.

Without this, they’d have to create the molds then get them started on another decorative process. Using such technology allows them to save time and add to the products they produce.

Jier Chen Enterprise

Jier Chen Enterprise

This manufacturing company was founded in 1985 and specializes in creating plastic molds for their customers. They offer a variety of services including product finishing, vacuum molding, and injection molding.

They have gained a great amount of experience over the years that has allowed them to provide the best. The Jier Chen enterprise mainly relies on using 3D printers given that they work with more intricate designs.

Additionally, they also offer vacuum molding services where they make products in low volumes but produce multiple prototypes.

Mony Industrial

Mony Industrial

The Mony industrial company was established in 1977 working in the plastic mold industry. This company specializes in working on their molds using three different machines. They include single-shot injections, double shot injections, and triple shot injections.

These machines are designed to fulfill different functions. For instance, the single-shot injection is meant to be used for small products.

On the other hand, the double-shot injection is meant for reducing the labor required to produce molds. The triple shot injection allows you to alter the shape of your mold at every injection stage.

Eastern Cross

Eastern Cross

The eastern cross-company was established in the year 1982 and specializes in creating quality plastic mold with their different processes. They offer CNC machining, injection molding, and mold design. The best part about this company is that they support their clients when it comes to creating a custom design. They have a team that is solely dedicated to ensuring that such development is done with the best attention to detail.

With experience of over 37 years, you can be sure that they will get you the designs you desire. They have created systems that help them work on presenting their customers with a mockup of how their design would turn out. To improve their injection molding process, they include the use of other types and machines. This includes the use of stack molding, two-shot mold, and gas assist mold.

Long New Group

Long New Group

The long new group was founded in 1984 and has become a great plastic mold manufacturer. They have established their presence in Taiwan and also managed to break through to other markets. They deliver their end products worldwide to countries like Europe, Australia, Brazil, Japan, and the United States of America. This company is made of three companies that work hand in hand to ensure that they offer the best quality of products and services.

The three companies include Long new mold plastic steel co, Fast new precision plastic steel mold company. These two companies are responsible for ensuring that the right molding processes are applied. The last company which is the long new technology and research company limited is responsible for finding new technology that will help advance their manufacturing processes.


Plastic molds are a great resource that many businesses are slowly embracing. This has seen a rise in demand with more manufacturers coming up as well. In Taiwan, the companies that deal with plastic molds offer a variety of services. This helps them distinguish from the competition and ensure that they get the right clients.

As you look for a company to work with, be sure to take your time to ensure that you get the best products. Check out the processes they apply and see if they can create what you need. Additionally, consider working with a company that will give you the option of presenting your designs and work from there.

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