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Top 6 Plastic Molding Companies In Pune

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The method of reshaping plastic using a rigid structure or mold is known as plastic molding. The technology enables the fabrication of things in a wide range of forms and sizes, as well as a great deal of design versatility for both simple and sophisticated mold designs

Many automobile parts, containers, signage, plastic molded chairs and other objects are made using plastic molding methods, which are a common production choice.

Placing liquid polymer into an empty mold so that it can acquire its shape, typically with varying pressures and temperatures, is the basic notion of plastic molding. 

Below is the list of the top 6 Plastic Molding Companies in Pune.

Top 6 Plastic Molding Companies in Pune

1. Premolc Industries

Premolc Industries Logo
Source: Premolc Industries

Type of Business: Plastic Injection Moulding Services

Location (Headquarters): Sinhgad Rd

Year Founded: 1991

Products offered:

PREMOLC INDUSTRIES, a plastic moulding company in Pune, specializes in the production of bespoke precision polymer molded parts. They are at the vanguard of efficient tool engineering and the development of plastic molding in a logical fashion.

High-additive plastics, such as high glass fiber, glass beads, PTFE filled, thermally lubricated, anti-wear, anti-friction, pretty rough high-performance materials, are their main focus.

Their company has a strong technical team of engineers and skilled personnel. They’ve honed their skills in molding a variety of engineering plastics, including PA6, 66, 46 PBT, POM, PC, PET, PPA GF 50 percent PPS, and others.

2. Niru Plastics

Niru Plastics Logo
Source: Niru Plastics

Type of Business: Precision Plastics

Location (Headquarters): Fursungi

Year Founded:1997

Products offered:

Niru Plastics Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to producing and supplying precision Engineering Plastic components that meet the needs of our customers. Its mission is to improve client happiness by offering a variety of services.

Consistently high-quality products, delivered on time and at a reasonable price.

3. Sai Precision Tools

Source: Sai Precision Tools

Type of Business: Plastic Precisions

Location (Headquarters): Navale Industrial Sate

Year Founded: 2008

Products offered:

Sai Precision Tools is a major factor in the production and distribution of high-quality plastic injection moulding goods. 

A company that has consistently achieved high levels of customer satisfaction has done so by using creative methods to manage goods, processes, and staff, as well as precision and aesthetics, to properly comprehend market dynamics and exceed customer expectations.

Different thermoplastic polymers such as Acetyl (Delrin), Nylon 6, TPU, and Polyethylene of various grades & technical plastics are used to mold components.

4. Pune Polymers

Pune Polymers Logo
Source: Pune Polymers

Type of Business: Plastic Fabrication

Location (Headquarters): Bhosari

Year Founded: 1991

Products offered:

They are a well-known producer of plastic mold designs and polymer components. A journey that began with the purpose of producing plastic molded components for the Bajaj Auto Ltd two-wheeler has now developed exponentially. The company includes six production divisions that cater to the automotive, defense, electrical, telecommunications, hospital, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries.

With in-house industrial capacity for Injection, Blow, and Filament Molded components, they offer solutions for all types of plastic molding.

5. Ikon Moulders

Source: Ikon Moulders

Type of Business: Plastic Injection Services

Location (Headquarters): Ahmednagar

Year Founded: 2003

Products offered:

Plastic sculpted components and assemblies are manufactured by Ikon Moulders Pvt. Ltd for a number of industries. Ikon manufactures the plastic mold design with high-precision and constant quality using microprocessor-based Plastic Injection Moulding equipment.

Ikon provides components and sub-assemblies to companies in a variety of sectors, including electrical & electronics engineering, vehicles, consumer goods, and equipment. They play a proactive role in customer needs and provide edge solutions which include design, research, molding, printing, adorning, and assembling.

Ikon is committed to providing high-quality, dependable products and is ISO9001:2008 certified.

6. Vikas Enterprises

Source: Vikas Enterprises

Type of Business: Moulding Manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Bhosari

Year Founded: 1996

Products offered:

Vikas Industries is a company that specializes in injection moulding components for the automotive and engineering industries. Vikas Industries has made significant progress over the previous 22 years, and it now employs a group of young professionals that are dedicated to achieving the company’s goals and objectives in a learning environment.

Vikas Industries emphasizes process control and completing items correctly the first time, which improves customer satisfaction. We designed a visually captivating environment by considering customer happiness, confidentiality, health and safety, the requirement for visibility across their production processes, and the need to communicate better at every level.

Plastic Moulding Manufacturers in China

Fow Mould logo
Source: Fow Mould

FOW Mould is a plastic mold maker company that was founded in 1978 with the goal of providing low-cost production solutions. They are one of the best plastic mold makers around.

They develop and make excellent quality mold in industries such as Bucket, Warehousing & Storage, Baby Goods, Furniture, Domestic Appliances, and Automobile, working in conjunction with clients all over the world.

Their network infrastructure stretches across Europe, the USA, Russia, and the rest of the world, thanks to their 40 years of mold-making expertise.

They’ve set up a quality management system in accordance with international standards, generated paperwork, and built a system for their business.

List of The Best Plastic Molding Companies in Pune


Plastic molding is the process of pouring liquid polymer into a container or mold and allowing it to harden into the desired shape. These plastic molds might be used for a variety of applications. 

Even at low production volume, this results in lower beginning costs and much more efficient manufacturing expenses. Therefore, thorough research before fixing the right plastic moulding company is important. You can always select the reliable Chinese mold factory options if the location is not a barrier.

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