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Top 6 Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers in the USA

Plastic injection molding was first started by an American inventor, John W. Hyatt when he was experimenting on making billiard balls out of plastic instead of ivory. His innovation did not become as popular as he would have wanted but his machine caught the eye of many people. Ever since then, plastic injection molding evolved and many industries involved in it began manufacturing even larger products.

So what is plastic injection molding? It is the production of plastic items from molten plastic resins that are being injected into metal mold under pressure to form different shapes of products. It serves different industries such as automotive, medical, defence, construction, consumer goods and home appliances e.t.c. Several companies have emerged that deal with plastic injection influencing governments to invest in this lucrative industry.

Some of these companies in the USA are as follows.

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Fow Mould

Fow Mould

Fow Mould started in 1978 in Zhejiang, China and grew into an internationally recognized and certified company. They possess a lot of experience in plastic injection molding and have expanded their expertise in other molding services. Bucket moulds are the prime production here, but they deal with other goods including warehouse and storage, furniture molding, home appliances, plastic box mould, automobiles, and plastic toy mold. Their products are widely preferred by consumers due to their uniqueness and quality.

One thing that sets Fow Mould above other companies is the interaction with their esteemed clients who are made to feel satisfied by the quality of goods they get. 

How is this achieved? 

By using the best technology available in their operations and ensuring supervision of all processes from the start to finish. Fow Mould industry is now exploring other markets in the world like the rest of Asia, the USA, Europe, Russia and so on.

USA Injection Molding

USA Injection Molding Logo


USA Injection Molding company is a manufacturing industry that focuses on plastic injection molding, designs it and distributes it across the USA. They are a division of LMT Mercer Group, Inc, which was founded in 1987 as a supplier of high-quality parts to the fence and deck industries. They provide design services, assembly, packaging, bulk shipments e.t.c. Their distribution centers are situated in New Jersey, Ohio and Nevada making it easy for them to preside over shipping costs.

USA Injection Molding Company is also an expert in the design and production of single and multi-cavity molds. The company uses high cavitation tooling and operates 36 refined injection molding machinery, with nitrogen gas assist and servo robotics abilities. Currently, they are leading manufacturers of railing, fence and deck accessories in the US and Canadian market.

Artemis Plastics

Artemis Plastics


Artemis Plastics founded in 2011 is a manufacturer of injection molded plastics and offers assembly services as well. They serve local and international industries that are concerned with industrial, consumer markets and the medical sector. In 2014, a company called Apollo Renal Therapeutics procured a manufacturing industry and formed Artemis Plastics. Just like all companies, they believe in the quality of products and trust between them and their clients.

They are specialized in designing products, tooling and maintenance, assembly, secondary operations, production and prototyping. They have won awards for example; Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Award 2019 and GrowFL 2018, the ‘Florida Company to Watch’ Award. Artemis’ team of experts work collaborates with their clients to ensure they save their time and money while building relationships.

Veejay Plastic Injection Molding

Veejay Plastic Injection Molding Company Logo


Veejay Plastic Injection Molding is a manufacturing company situated in Burlington, Illinois with 50 years of experience in plastic injection molding.  They are experts in micro molding, insert molding, over-molding, custom micro injection molding and miniature molding. They possess presses ( 17 – 220 tons) with single to multiple cavity operations. Their reputation has been earned due to their remarkable services and effectiveness of their products.

They serve a couple of industries, these are; hardware, automotive, electric and electronics, packaging, construction, aerospace, OEM industrial applications and defence contractors. Veejay industry invests in their public relations since they understand the importance of a good relationship between them and their clients. They ensure their customers are satisfied with both the quality of goods and services.

Plastic Molding MFG

Plastic Molding MFG Logo


Plastic Molding MFG started in 1968 and were providing contract manufacturing of plastics injection molding, their main aim is to establish a foundation in the plastic industry. They acquired another plastic company in 2010 and continued doing so, and their recent acquisition is in 2019. This has facilitated their production and supply since they have branches in different states in the USA.

Their area of expertise is in plastic molding development, tight tolerance molding, thin and thick wall molding, part joining, and assembly. Their target markets are electronics, defence, medical, consumer, connectors and transportation. Apart from their headquarters in Hudson, they are located in Berlin, Connecticut, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and South Bend, Indiana.

Rex Plastics Inc

Rex Plastics Inc Logo


Rex Plastics is a family-owned business passed down to the current executive. They focus on plastic injection molding as a full-service industry. It was started in 1971 by Rex Clark with one machine in his pump house. They take pride in using local raw materials in injection molding manufacturing. They offer several services including; plastic injection molding, mold making, prototyping, OEM services, startups, and secondary operations.

Examples of products they manufacture are; buttons, beads, closures, boxes, toys, plugs, spoons, dishes, ornaments and so on. Industries they serve include security, consumer goods, electronics, medical and communication.


In a society that depends on plastic products be it in hospitals, schools or even at home, plastic injection molding is a vital process that needs to be developed to meet society’s needs even more. The industries that are involved in these are evolving daily and as the competition continues to become stiff, so are their services and quality of their respective products to have a place in the ever-growing market.

In the Fow Mould industry, we are aware of the variety of options available for you to choose from, but the satisfaction you will get from our company in terms of services, advice, recommendation and without forgetting quality products is unrivalled. Get in touch with us anytime and our team of experts will have all your questions and concerns dealt with.

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