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Top 6 Plastic Injection Moulding Companies In Chennai

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Injection molding is a production method that involves injecting liquid material into a mold, or mold, to create parts. Metals, glassware, elastomers, confections, and, most typically, thermoplastic and hardener polymers are among the materials used in injection moulding.

The part’s material is supplied into a heated cylinder, mixed (using a helical screw), and then injected into a die cavity, where it cools and solidifies to the cavity’s shape. Injection moulding is commonly utilized to produce a wide range of components, from simple sections to whole automotive body panels.

Below are the top 6 Plastic Injection Moulding Companies in Chennai.

Top 6 Plastic Injection Moulding Companies in Chennai

1. Sara’s Plastics

Sara’s Plastics Logo
Source: Sara’s Plastics

Type of Business: Plastic Industry Solutions

Location (Headquarters): Pallikaranai

Year Founded: 1999

Products offered:

Sara’s Plastics is a producer of injection-molded automotive and engineering parts. Started with four employees and grew to fifty over time.

2. Tech Plastics

Tech Plastics Logo
Source: Tech Plastics

Type of Business: Plastic Moulding Company

Location (Headquarters): Sipcot, Sriperumbudur

Year Founded:


Products offered:

Tech Plastic Industries is one of the best plastic mould manufacturers in Chennai.

It is a family-owned business that began with compression moulded thermoset components for the automotive sector. The company has solidified its position as one of India’s premier plastic moulding producers.

TPI provides high-quality injection molded parts at an affordable price, from thermoplastic injection moulding process to Thermoset Moulding.

3. N & T Engineering

N&T Engineering logo
Source: Tech Plastics

Type of Business: Tool manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Ambattur

Year Founded: 2016

Products offered:

As a medium-sized business, they primarily serve the needs of multinational corporations, original equipment manufacturers, and Tier One automakers. They are a dependable provider to their customers because they have knowledgeable employees, advanced production facilities, a developed quality management system, and a proper organizational structure.

They produce Press tools, Mold, Mould, and Die tools, Fittings, Jigs, Inspections Gauges, Reusable Tools, Machine Parts Supply, and Precision manufactured components for the automotive sector. They also manage our various sort suppliers to offer other components to individual customer needs.

4. Anantha Naayaki Enterprises

Anantha Naayaki Enterprises Logo
Source: Anantha Naayaki Enterprises

Type of Business: Machine Manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Selliamman

Year Founded: 1996

Products offered:

They have a well-established production plant that guarantees that the entire production process runs smoothly. This facility is outfitted with cutting-edge machinery that aid in the production of high-quality, long-lasting goods. 

These sophisticated devices are handled by personnel who are competent and guarantee that they are kept in good operating order. At the client’s end, the main focus is on maximising manufacturing capacity and lowering production costs. 

Furthermore, these high-tech machines are upgraded to reflect the most recent market advances and upgrades.

5. United Industries

United Industries Logo
Source: United Industries

Type of Business: Plastic Moulding

Location (Headquarters): Choolaimedu

Year Founded:1990

Products offered:

United Industries are among the finest plastic injection moulding companies partner for high-quality, bespoke plastic injection moulding solutions to clients across a wide range of industries. In all operations aimed at providing value for clients, they seek FIVE values. These ideals assist them in making decisions and enrich their work environment.

6. Royal Plastics Industries

Source: Royal Plastic Industries

Type of Business: Plastic Manufacturing

Location (Headquarters): Velacherry

Year Founded: 1995

Products offered:

Royal Plastics Industries first opened its doors in 1995. Mr. P Gopalakrishnan Nair, an entrepreneur, founded the company, which has been managed by well-experienced professionals in the area since the beginning.

Drinking Straws were the company’s first product, and it began with a small production plant. Later on, it expanded into plastic industrial and domestic goods. Presently, Royal Plastics Industries is well-known in Asia – pacific region as a producer and distributor of plastic household items. 

They have a simple goal: to provide low-cost home improvement solutions in order to build long-term relationships with their customers.

China Plastic Injection Moulding

Fow Mould logo
Source: Fow Mould

The above was a list of plastic injection moulding companies in Chennai. However, if the location is not a concern for you, you can also look for other alternatives.

FOW Mould is one of the best China moulding companies and was founded in 1978 as a high-tech company with the goal of providing cost-effective production solutions. They design and manufacture high-quality molds in industries like buckets, warehouses and stockpiling, baby products, furniture, home appliances, injection mold runner design, and automobiles, working directly with clients all over the world.

Their chain stretches across Europe, America, Russia, and the rest of the globe, thanks to their 40 years of mold-making ability.

They’ve written documentation and built a system for their organization, as needed by international certifications.

List of The Best Plastic Injection Moulding Companies in Chennai


Mold milling commences immediately after plastic models are transported to the factory floor, however, most molds are made of aluminum rather than steel. When opposed to typical steel molds, this enables faster and more cost-effective machining.

A variety of secondary solutions are available to help you with your project. That is why we have compiled a list of Sriperumbudur’s top 5 plastic injection moulding companies.

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