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Top 5 Custom Injection Molding Companies In China

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The widespread use of plastic products has positioned injection molding technology as a cornerstone in the manufacturing industry. With the rapidly increasing demands for more complex products, custom injection molding has become an indispensable part of modern manufacturing.

As a manufacturing powerhouse, many Chinese injection molding manufacturers have enhanced their custom molding services. In the following list of China’s top 5 custom injection molding companies, you will witness China’s molding capabilities.

Top 5 Custom Injection Molding Companies In China


FowMould logo

Year Established: 1978

Location: Zhejiang, China

Industry: Manufacturing

FOWMOULD is one of the well-known custom plastic injection molding companies in China.. With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, FOWMOULD is able to provide customers with one-stop plastic injection molding services from design to manufacturing. At FOWMOULD, customers’ needs always come first.

It is worth mentioning that they have set up a professional team to understand the specific requirements of each project in depth to ensure that every step from design to production meets the highest standards.

They also adopt a streamlined molding system in the production process, which ensures high efficiency while fulfilling a reliable commitment to quality, whether it’s a tiny precision part or a large, complex product.

2.Eco Molding co., Ltd

Eco Molding
Source:2.Eco Molding co., Ltd

Year Established: 2005

Location: Shenzhen, China

Industry: Manufacturing


Eco Molding co., Ltd, located in Shenzhen, China, is a company with over 10 years of experience in plastic injection molding. They offer a one-stop injection molding service, including mold design, plastic injection molding, and custom injection molding.

While expanding their business capabilities, Eco Molding also emphasizes team building. They utilize modern management systems and place importance on the professional development of their employees, ensuring an efficient communication process, making them a reliable and professional plastic injection mold manufacturer.


Plastopia logo

Year Established: 2015

Location: Shenzhen, China

Industry: Manufacturing

Plastopia, a renowned leader in the injection molding industry, specializes in providing high quality custom injection molding services. With its advanced technology and experienced team, Plastopia has successfully provided tailor-made solutions to many customers.

At the same time, Plastopia additionally adds free design analysis and free resin particle testing sessions during the injection molding process, guaranteeing that the finished products are produced with greater precision and scientific integrity.


ICOMold logo

Year Established: 2003

Location: Shenzhen, China

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification:ISO 9001:2015

Fathom’s subsidiary, ICOMold, is a world-class plastic injection molding manufacturer. Since 2003, it has been dedicated to providing fast, cost-effective, and high-value custom plastic injection molding services.

With its online quoting system, ICOMold can complete injection molding quotes in as little as 30 seconds, offering immediate feedback to customers. Moreover, the custom molds and injection plastics they provide are at very competitive prices, making them the top choice for businesses across various industries to produce high-quality injection molding parts.


Baiwe logo

As one of China’s leading custom plastic injection mold manufacturers, Baiwe focuses on the development of custom injection molding. The injection molding factory has passed the BSCI audit and is equipped with advanced production processes and a complete set of equipment, capable of meeting any standard plastic injection molding project required by customers.

Meanwhile, Baiwe has assembled product design teams, prototype teams, mold teams, and manufacturing teams, providing customers with precise injection solutions from all angles, continuously enhancing their one-stop service capability from technology to products.


The aforementioned five companies have showcased a diverse range of custom injection molding services, which stands as a testament to the advancements in China’s manufacturing capabilities.

They have dominated the injection molding sector in both domestic and international markets, earning accolades from countless customers.

Not only have these enterprises mastered various advanced injection molding techniques, but they have also delved deeply into the combination of different material properties with injection molding technologies, such as ABS injection molding, PC injection molding, and PLA injection molding.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the company that’s right for your project and customize your own injection molding solution!

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