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Plastic Chair Manufacturing Process: How Plastic Chairs are Manufactured

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If you are a business looking to invest in quality plastic chairs for your customers, having a clearer understanding of the manufacturing processes is a great advantage. This will allow you to invest in the best processes that will meet your exact needs.

You’ll also be in a better position to select the best manufacturers for you to work with. Plastic chairs are a great investment especially when you invest in quality and durable pieces.

These chairs are designed to ensure that they cater to your customers’ needs and allow you to scale your business. In this post, we’ll take a look at the different mold manufacturing processes used in the production of quality plastic chairs. This will give you a better understanding of what it all entails.

Methods Used in the Manufacture of Plastic Chairs

When it comes to the manufacture of quality plastic chairs, there are different manufacturing processes that are used. These processes are designed to feature different advantages and aspects that make them great choices when working with plastic chairs. Some of the manufacturing processes include:

Rotational Molding

Source: Technology Student

Rotational molding is a manufacturing process that is used a lot when it comes to the manufacture of plastic materials. This process features the use of both thermoplastic and thermoset plastic materials.

Most businesses find this process a great option especially seeing as it is not a complicated process. Additionally, it also requires less expensive tooling compared to other manufacturing processes. This is made possible by the fact that this process uses centrifugal force without pressure to fill the mold.

Rotational molding is designed to feature uniform wall thicknesses on all the products you manufacture. This makes it easier and allows you to work with products that meet your needs. This process is a great option when it comes to working with short-run productions. When it comes to the production of plastic chairs, this process features the following aspects.

The charging stage features the introduction of plastic powder into the mold cavity. The plastic used is highly dependent on the aspects you want to observe when producing quality plastic chairs. Once the powder is in the mold cavity the remaining parts of the mold are installed, closing them for heating.

In this stage, the heating of the plastic powder is an important aspect that caters to the results of the products you manufacture. The plastic powder is heated until it melts and adheres to the mold’s walls. As the melted plastics are adhering to the walls, the mold is rotated along two perpendicular axes to ensure a uniform coating.

The cooling process takes place as the material is still in the mold cavity, different manufacturing processes are unlike other manufacturing processes. With this, the materials are allowed to cool down as the mold continues to rotate. This is done to ensure that the plastic materials cool uniformly and avoid sagging or any other deformities.

This is the process where the part being produced is removed as the final product. Once the part is removed, you’ll have a better feel of how the products are and the quality you’ll be investing in.

Injection Molding

Source: Molding USA

Injection molding is by far the best manufacturing process used when it comes to the production of quality plastic materials. This process features the use of injection molding machines that are designed to offer the best accurate products.

When looking to invest in plastic injection molding service, you need to ensure that you work with qualified injection molding manufacturers. This will give you the best results and allow you to invest in quality products designed to ensure that you get the best for your business.

When it comes to injection molding, you can use different plastic materials in the production of your plastic chairs. This gives you more flexibility and will allow you to feature a mixture of plastics if needed. However, it is important to note that when it comes to the tools in the injection molding process, you’ll need to invest in the molds you’ll be working with.

Your injection molding manufacturers will require your desired product design and you can also work with them to develop one. Once that is done, the next step is to work on the mold design to ensure that the features on your product design are catered to.

With the mould design in check, the mold-making process will begin and will require the use of specific materials. This is where working with the best injection mold tooling manufacturers will prove to be a great advantage.

They will ensure that they work with materials designed to ensure that your needs are met. After the mold-making process is done, the injection molding process of your plastic chairs begins. At the injection molding stage, different aspects are catered to. They include:

After the mold has been made, securing it on metal plates is a great idea to give it more structure and ensure that the products are manufactured accurately. Once the metal plates are in place, the mold is secured onto the injection furniture molding machine and clamps are introduced.

The mold setup stage must be taken seriously to ensure that you get the best products to meet your needs. The mold’s security ensures that the molten material has ample time and space to form and cool.

This is where the injection process starts with molten plastic material being introduced into the mold cavity. The plastic materials are reduced to pellets and subjected to heat to ensure they are ready for the injection process.

Once they have melted, they are introduced into the injection device and slowly introduced into the mold. During this time, the injection stays put to allow for any excess molten material to flow back and avoid any deformities. Once that is done, the injection tool is withdrawn from the mold cavity.

This is the process where the plastic molten material is allowed to take the shape of the mold in use. For this case, your plastic molten material will be taking the shape of the chair design featured on the molds created earlier. The molds are designed to feature even thickness in the walls to ensure that the products are uniform after production.

Once the molding process is over, the plastic product is allowed to cool to ensure that it retains its shape accurately. It takes a while to ensure that it is fully cooled and ready for use.

After the cooling process, the final product is released and can now be used to ensure that you enjoy its use. If there are any polishing and corrections required, they’ll be done at this stage.

Once the molding process is over, the plastic product is allowed to cool to ensure that it retains its shape accurately. It takes a while to ensure that it is fully cooled and ready for use.

Injection Molding with Gas

Source: MDPI

Injection molding can also be performed using gas which is blown at high velocity inside a mold that pushes the molten plastic out of specific parts of the mold. This would create channels in the form of plastic.

Injection molding with gas makes the chair much lighter in weight while maintaining the same strength. The other aspects of injection molding stay the same. However, the result is a chair that has hollow parts and other solid parts. This process also allows you to use different plastic materials and mix them to get the best results. 

Reliable Plastic Chair Injection Molding Services Provider

As mentioned above, the injection molding process of plastic chairs is complex and many professional machines are needed. Because of this reason, finding a trustworthy plastic chair injection molding services provider is the best way to boost your plastic chair business. 

FOW Mould is a reliable choice whether you want to custom the injection molds for producing plastic chair or purchase injection molded plastic chairs in bulk. 

As a company with over ten years of experience in plastic injection molding industry, FOW Mould is capable of a one-stop solution, including designing and producing the products or molds according to your requirements. 

If you are find a business partner, contact us now and get your quote.

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Plastic chairs are manufactured featuring 3 distinct processes with injection molding being one of the leading options. Consider the different aspects of the manufacturing processes and settle on a manufacturing process that is designed to meet your specific needs. Once you have your process in mind, look for a qualified mold manufacturer who will give you quality results on what you invest in.

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