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Top 5 Vacuum Casting Companies

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As the field of prototyping rapidly evolves, vacuum casting technology is becoming the preferred process for prototype production and small batch manufacturing due to its high precision, low cost, and quick turnaround times.

With increasing market demand, numerous outstanding vacuum casting companies have emerged, offering professional vacuum casting services and high-quality products.

FOWMOULD, as a leading prototyping manufacturing company, has established a wide customer base and provides customized vacuum casting services.

In this article, we will compile a list of the top 10 vacuum casting companies worldwide based on collected data, evaluating their technical advantages, service features, and market impact, to provide you with authoritative industry insights.

Top Vacuum Casting Companies Displayed In Google Search Results

Using search engines to enter keywords is a common method for finding information about top vacuum casting companies.

Google ranks these keywords scientifically based on the descriptions and content of indexed web pages.

Therefore, we used Google search to find the top-ranked vacuum casting companies.

Here are the search results for the keyword “Best Vacuum Casting Companies“:

Best vacuum casting companies
Best vacuum casting companies

The Top 10 Ranking Vacuum Casting Companies as below:

  1. Shapers India Pvt Ltd
  2. 3D Print India
  3. 3d Usher
  4. Auto Diecasting Company
  5. NextGEN 3DTech
  6. Fabforma
  7. Indus 3 D Printers
  8. Radiant Design (Rdes Engineering Pvt Ltd)
  9. RPT Hubs
  10. Z Hive Solutions

Who Makes The Best Vacuum-cast Components?

Determining who makes the best vacuum casting parts is challenging, as each company has its unique strengths and expertise in vacuum casting services.

Therefore, we analyzed several influential companies in the vacuum casting industry.

Xometry offers a wide range of vacuum casting materials, capable of producing multicolor or two-color vacuum cast parts with different material properties.

Thus, Xometry is considered to make the best multicolor vacuum cast parts.

Star Rapid is renowned for its vacuum casting services, producing showroom-quality display models, engineering samples, and crowdfunding prototypes.

Without a doubt, Star Rapid makes the most excellent prototype vacuum cast parts.

FOWMOULD‘s vacuum cast samples are highly praised by customers. With rich manufacturing experience and a professional design team, they provide cost-effective vacuum casting solutions.

For customers, FOWMOULD is the most trusted vacuum casting manufacturer in China.

Who Is The World’s Largest Vacuum Casting Manufacturer?

Evaluating the world’s largest vacuum casting company is no easy task.

Based on internet data and related information,ARRK has been identified as the largest vacuum casting manufacturer Considering factors such as the number of employees, global influence, revenue, and market capitalization, we compared Xometry, Star Rapid, RapidDirect, HLH Prototypes, and ARRK.

The ARRK Corporation has over 4109 employees and over 20 locations worldwide, with a current market capitalization of 1000 million dollars.

As one of the world’s largest product development experts, ARRK has become the largest vacuum casting company globally, leveraging over 70 years of manufacturing experience and cutting-edge technology.

Top 5 Largest Vacuum Casting Manufacturers In The World
Top 5 Largest Vacuum Casting Manufacturers In The World

Below table will shows you more details of information we collected:



Revenue (million $)

Market Capitalization (million $)

Global Coverage











Star Rapid





HLH Prototypes










* The above information is sourced from the internet and is not 100% accurate. It is for reference only.

Breaf Introduction Of Top 5 Vacuum Casting Companies


Year Established:1948

Total Revenue:$450 million USD

Market Cap:$1000 million USD

Employee Size: 4109

Address:11F, Tatsuno Minami Hommachi Building,2-2-9 Minami Hommachi, Chuo-Ku, Osaka-Shi, Osaka 541-0054, Japan


Company Profile:

ARRK originated in Osaka, Japan, in 1948 and is one of the world’s leading product development specialists.

The company currently has over 3,300 employees and more than 20 branches worldwide, producing over 1,000,000 parts annually. ARRK employs an integrated approach to product development, leveraging advanced engineering skills, cutting-edge technology, and expert guidance to maintain high-quality standards.

Their vacuum casting services include customized production of high-quality, small-batch parts in various sizes, colors, and shapes using plastic and soft polyurethane materials.

Main Services Offered:

3D Printing

Vacuum Casting

CNC Machining

Microwave Molding

Lighting Prototype


Xometry homepage

Year Established:2013

Total Revenue:$463.4 million USD

Market Cap:$805.7 million USD

Employee Size: 900

Address:6116 Executive BlvdSte. 800,North Bethesda, MD 20852


Company Profile:

Xometry, founded in 2013, pioneered on-demand manufacturing in the AI market by connecting customer needs with a vast network of manufacturers to provide one-stop production solutions.

Xometry boasts an engineering team of over 10,000 and an online quoting platform, enabling quick and efficient production at competitive prices.

As a leader in polyurethane casting services, Xometry leverages its advanced engineering capabilities and extensive manufacturing network to offer customers efficient and cost-effective professional production solutions.

Main Services Offered:

Additive Manufacturing

CNC Machining

Sheet and Tube Fabrication

Plastic Part Production

Metal Part Production



Year Established:2014

Total Revenue:$50 million USD

Market Cap:$150 million USD

Employee Size: 200

Address:Building A12, Haosi Industrial Park,Nanpu Road, Xinqiao Street, Bao’an District,Shenzhen, China, 518104


Company Profile:

Founded in 2009, RapidDirect is a leading on-demand manufacturing service provider in China, offering high-quality prototypes and end-use parts.

RapidDirect’s main manufacturing capabilities include CNC machining, injection molding, and 3D printing, supported by a smart online quotation platform.

With fast production speed, low costs, and durable parts, RapidDirect’s vacuum casting services are the best choice for manufacturing custom parts for the automotive, medical, consumer goods, and other industries.

Main Services Offered:

CNC Machining

Injection Molding

Sheet Metal Fabrication

3D Printing

Die Casting

Vacuum Casting


Year Established:2007

Total Revenue:$33.6 million USD

Market Cap:$20.6 million USD

Employee Size: 152

Address:44 W 28th St FL 12, New York, NY 10001-4212, USA


Company Profile:

Shapeways is a global 3D printing marketplace and services publicly traded company that has developed proprietary software, offering a wide range of materials and technologies as well as a global supply chain.

In Shapeways’ vacuum casting services, you can choose from a variety of materials and enjoy high-quality castings with fast production times.

Its digital manufacturing solutions enable over 1 million customers worldwide to produce more than 21 million parts using 10 different technologies and 90 different materials and finishes, delivering to 160 countries.

Main Services Offered:

3D Printing

Rapid Prototyping

Injection Molding

Urethane Casting

CNC Machining

Vacuum Casting

Machine Tooling


FOWMOULD-web page

Year Established:1978

Total Revenue:$430 million USD

Market Cap:$650 million USD

Employee Size: 131

Address:No.328 Xiaoliqiao Village, Beiyang Town, Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, 318024, China


Company Profile:

As a renowned plastic manufacturer in China, FOWMOULD boasts over 40 years of manufacturing experience, dedicated to providing customized vacuum casting services to its clients.

FOWMOULD’s vacuum casting process involves creating precise and durable prototypes and small-batch production parts from master models, serving various industries such as automotive, medical, and consumer goods.

Additionally, FOWMOULD has assembled a team of experienced designers and engineers who continuously innovate advanced solutions.

The company has expanded its manufacturing operations to Europe, the United States, Russia, and other parts of the world.

Main Services Offered:

3D Printing

Mold Making

Vacuum Casting

Injection Molding

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