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Top 6 Plastic Bucket Manufacturers
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Are you looking for the best and most accredited plastic buckets manufacturers in the world? You’ve reached the right place! Check out our global listing of the best plastic bucket manufacturers, exporters, and distributors.

Plastic buckets are basically tiny to medium-sized, portable round containers which are used for transporting or storing a variety of commodities in small quantities. They are generally smaller than plastic tubs and they can be huge enough to move an emulsifier on a commercial or industrial scale.

List Criteria & Capabilities

The manufacturers listed above were chosen based on the following criteria:

Top Bucket Manufacturers In The World

FOW Mold

Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Private Label

Location: Zhejiang, China

Main Markets: America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Year Of Establishment:1978

Certificates: ISO certification

Source: Immould

Immould is widely recognized as one of the best bucket mold companies in the world. The company provides insert injection molding and overmolding molds to a variety of bucket manufacturers, and they guarantee only the highest-quality goods. In 2009, FOW Mould began producing bucket molds for enterprises. The company has over 10 years of experience, and throughout that period it has come up with a wide range of plastic bucket designs.

The company has gathered a lot of knowledge and competence in designing buckets, creating molds, and producing plastic buckets over time. All of the company’s plastic injection molding services and projects are overseen by a well-coordinated team of designers, engineers, and marketing consultants. 

FOW Mould company has a high client satisfaction due to their collaborative approach in business. They use exceptional materials and cutting-edge machinery to create molds that are both durable and efficient. Their CNC machines ensure that your bucket measurements are exact, with tolerances of roughly +/- 0.02mm. The company also handles bulk bucket production in a timely manner.


Key Products

Affordable Buckets LLC

Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier

Location: Victor, LA

Main Markets

Year Of Establishment:2007



Affordable Buckets provides high-quality plastic buckets and pails. They meet and exceed industry standards at a very reasonable price. The company is a family-owned business that prioritizes customer service. It provides 1 to 6-gallon plastic buckets in a variety of sizes and colors, as well as the small box and skid orders, all at a very low cost. Their team of experts has the opportunity to oversee the quality of their products, ensuring that their consumers receive nothing but the best. 

Products from this company are constructed of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is a cost-effective, impact-resistant plastic that also serves as a good moisture barrier and is compatible with a variety of products. HDPE material is opaque, but not glossy when color is added. They also use mold making technology to come up with their plastic buckets. This is an assurance of quality products. The company’s quality control ensures that each of its products fulfills the customer’s specifications.


Key Products

Great Western Containers

Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier

Location: Canada

Main Markets: They ship worldwide

Year Of Establishment: 1979

Certificates: ISO-9002, HACCP, IMS, and AIB quality certifications and accreditation


Western Containers provides the best plastic pail packaging choices accessible to their customers. They offer injected molded plastic buckets in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from one pint to 13 gallons, to meet the demands of individual clients. For the dairy, food processing, industrial chemical, and oil industries, the company provides plastic pails in tight head and open head configurations, as well as a choice of colors and wall thicknesses. 

Great Western Containers will maintain and stockpile this diverse assortment of products for local delivery at all of its locations. UN ratings are available on all their plastic pails. If you need it, they can also provide custom decoration and inventory management. Great Western Containers is committed to becoming your success partner, and they have the people, product, and service to do so! 

Great Western is your one-stop shop for industrial containers and packaging supplies Containers. With locations across Canada, Great Western Containers can reach clients all over. They keep goods on hand at all of their locations so you can get what you need when you need it! 


Key Products

Pro-Western Plastic LTD

Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier

Location: Canada

Main Markets: Western Canada, United States

Year Of Establishment: 1969

Certificates: ISO-9001, OCS, FDA, AIB, and WCB PIR certification


Pro-Western Plastic limited is a family-owned and operated company that has been in operation since 1969. Their employees’ dedication has been the key to their success. Their business model is built on delivering high-quality plastic items with short lead times and consistent on-time delivery. For the benefit of their employees, the public, and the environment, Pro-Western Plastics encourages and maintains environmentally friendly practices. 

They conduct and build their business in such a way that demonstrates environmental respect and sustainability through natural resource protection and conservation. Pro-Western Plastic company is constantly looking for ways to lower its environmental footprint in compliance with the Pro-Western Plastics Environmental Sustainability Policy.


Key Products


Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Supplier, private labeling

Location: Leominster, MA, United States

Main Markets: U.S A

Year Of Establishment: 1945

Certificates: OSHA


Leaktite has more than 50 years of experience and Innovation in bucket manufacturing. True product design innovation is the foundation of their reputation for product quality. The company constantly updates its product range to include features and benefits that distinguish its products as the best and most reliable on the market.

The company’s range of plastic pails and buckets can be custom offset printed. You may develop a look that is suitable for promotional programs that demand a custom look with printing up to four colors. This is a fantastic approach to get your private label product on the market. 

The company’s metal forming, plastic injection molding service, and thermoforming equipment have evolved to keep up with the evolving technology of plastics manufacturing. This ensures that their customers can benefit from the most up-to-date manufacturing procedures. When it comes to injection molding, die, construction and mold design are crucial to producing high-quality goods. 


Key Products

US Plastics

Business Capabilities: Manufacturer, Sells delivery, private labeling

Location: United States

Main Markets: U.S.A

Year Of Establishment: 1955

US Plastic logo

U.S. Plastic Corporation sells over 30,000 plastic items for both industrial and commercial applications. Their best-selling lines are bottles, tubes, tanks, and buckets. The company’s Product Management Department is always looking for new products to add to their offering and to suit the needs of their consumers. Plastic buckets, pails, and accessories are available in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors from US Plastic Corp. 

The company has popular 5 gallon round buckets, which come in a variety of colors and can be used with three different lid designs, as well. Tamco Industries, Whis is their own manufacturing division, also distributes industrial-strength, rotomolded products, which U.S. Plastic is proud to distribute. They have bucket mold in large numbers which produce well-designed and high-quality buckets on time.


Key Products


We’ve compiled a list of seven reputable plastic bucket manufacturers in this article. Plastic buckets of exceptional quality are produced by these factories, firms, and industrial facilities. They can also supply in volume and meet production stability criteria, ensuring that you receive stock each time you place an order. For inquiries click here.

Top Bucket Manufacturers In The World

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