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Top 10 PVC Sheet Manufacturers In 2024

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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheets are plastic products made primarily from PVC resin, along with added plasticizers, stabilizers, and other auxiliary materials, processed through calendering, extrusion, or pressing techniques.

As a product that combines cost-effectiveness and versatility, PVC sheets are widely used in construction, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and other industries, with high market demand.

However, producing high-quality PVC sheets requires advanced production equipment and mature processing techniques, which PVC sheet manufacturers integrate.

This article will analyze data to list the top 10 PVC sheet manufacturers worldwide, assessing their market influence and business capabilities, providing readers with valuable insights.

Top PVC Sheet Manufacturers Displayed In Google Search Results

When we search for information on PVC sheet manufacturers using a search engine, Google typically ranks the search results based on keywords and page content.

This ranking algorithm considers multiple factors, including the relevance of the webpage, content quality, user experience, and more.

Therefore, by searching for “Top PVC Sheet Manufacturers” on Google, we can obtain a series of well-ordered results, as shown in the image below:

Top rated 10 PVC Sheet Manufacturers
Top rated 10 PVC Sheet Manufacturers

The Top 10 Ranking Vacuum Casting Companies as below:

  1. JRG Laminates Pvt Ltd
  2. Power Chem Plast Ltd
  3. Swami Plast Industries
  4. Heights India Pvt Ltd
  5. Real Pvc Panels Grand Overseas
  6. Kaka Industries Ltd
  7. Bansal Roofing Products Ltd
  8. Panku Plastic Polymers
  9. ABC Plastics
  10. M k sales

Which Company Makes The Best PVC Sheets?

It’s challenging to provide a definitive answer to this question because each company excels in producing different types of PVC sheets with varying applications and manufacturing processes.

Palram is a global leader in extruded thermoplastic sheets. Their PVC sheets are suitable for various roofing and cladding applications.

We can say that Palram makes the best construction-grade PVC sheets.

Tarkett is a world-leading company in innovative commercial flooring solutions.

Their PVC flooring is known for its durability, environmental friendliness, and aesthetic appeal.

Therefore, Tarkett produces the best PVC sheets for flooring applications.

3A Composites‘ lightweight PVC foam sheets are highly popular due to their excellent printability and ease of processing. Hence, 3A Composites makes the best PVC sheets for advertising and signage applications.

FOWMOULD provides PVC sheet manufacturing services worldwide and has gained much acclaim for its rapid production and highly competitive pricing.

Many customers consider FOWMOULD’s PVC sheets the most cost-effective option.

Who Is The Largest PVC Sheet Manufacturer?

Based on the information collected, we compared some top companies regarding their number of employees, office locations, revenue, and market capitalization.

We found that Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. is the largest PVC sheet manufacturer in the world.

According to the information gathered, we compared the following companies: Shih-Kuen Plastics (SKP), United States Plastic, 3A Composites, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd., and Palram.

Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. has 26,004 employees and operates in 23 countries worldwide. Its market capitalization is approximately $81.11 billion.

Therefore, based on the above information, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. is the largest PVC sheet manufacturer in the world.

Top 5 Largest PVC Sheet Manufacturers in the World

Below table will shows you more details of information we collected:




(million $)

Market Capitalization

Shih-Kuen Plastics (SKP)



$73.7 million

United States Plastic



3A Composites



$1870 million

Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd



$81.11 billion




$355 million

* The above information is sourced from the internet and is not 100% accurate. It is for reference only.

1.Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Year Established:1926

Total Revenue:$17.42 billion

Employee Size: 26004

Address:Marunouchi Eiraku Building., 4-1, Marunouchi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan


Company Profile:

Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in Japan in 1926 and has subsidiaries in 23 countries worldwide.

The company employs a unique integrated system of sales, development, and manufacturing to closely align with customer needs and conduct various research and development projects.

Shin-Etsu Chemical offers a wide range of PVC sheets to meet diverse customer requirements.

Top Products Offered:

Rigid PVC Sheets

Flexible PVC Sheets

Transparent PVC Sheets

2.United States Plastic Corporation

United States Plastic Corporation

Year Established:1956

Total Revenue:$500 million

Employee Size: 200

Address:1390 Neubrecht Rd.Lima, OH 45801,American


Company Profile:

United States Plastic Corporation currently distributes over 30,000 plastic products for industrial and commercial use.

PVC bottles, pipes, tanks, and buckets are among their bestsellers.

Additionally, they offer a wide variety of PVC sheets. Their product management department continually develops new products, ensuring they provide the latest and best offerings to meet the needs of customers worldwide.

Top Products Offered:

Gray PVC Sheet

White PVC Sheet

Clear PVC Sheet

Expanded PVC Sheet

3.Laird Plastics

Year Established:1944

Total Revenue:$430.7 million

Employee Size:593

Address:4000 W Royal Lane Suite 100 Irving, TX 75063 United States


Company Profile:

Laird Plastics, founded in 1944, has been a leading distributor of PVC plastic sheets for over 70 years.

The company continuously adapts to new markets and innovations to meet the needs of commercial and industrial applications as the industry modernizes.

With over 50 distribution centers across North America, Laird Plastics collaborates with industry-leading companies to ensure high-quality products and services.

Top Products Offered:

Rigid PVC Sheets

Flexible PVC Sheets

Transparent PVC Sheets

Foamed PVC Sheets

4.ChangZhou HuiSu QinYe Plastic Group

Year Established:2008

Total Revenue:$3 million

Employee Size: 100

Address:11th Floor, Huasheng Building, Zhonglou District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China


Company Profile:

Changzhou Huisu Qinye Plastic Group, founded in 2008, produces a wide range of products and continually develops new technologies, formulations, and solutions.

Renowned for quality, customer service, and technical support, the company is committed to advancing sustainable practices in its markets.

With an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons of PVC sheets, they export to 18 countries.

Last year, the company achieved sales of approximately $15 million, exporting nearly 800 containers annually.

Top Products Offered:

PVC Rigid Sheets

PVC Foam Board

PVC Soft Film

PVC Celuka Board

5.Shih-Kuen Plastics Co., Ltd 

Year Established:1986

Total Revenue:$100 million

Employee Size:1000  

Address:125 & 127 Ma-Gong 3rd Road, Ma-Kou Li, Ma-Dou District, Tainan, Taiwan 72154


Company Profile:

Shih-Kuen Plastics Co., Ltd., founded in 1982 in Taiwan, offers a wide range of PVC products, including custom transparent PVC sheets, extra-thick PVC sheets, and plastic vinyl.

The company also provides opaque textured PVC sheets, customized textures, embossing, matte styles, and thick PVC sheets.

Their PVC rolls are made from EN-71 compliant materials and adhere to REACH, RoHS, and non-phthalate formulations.

ISO 14001:2015 certified, Shih-Kuen Plastics serves various industries, including home and office supplies, construction, personal protection, and medical applications.

Top Products Offered:

Transparent Colored PVC Sheet

Opaque Textured PVC Sheets

Translucent Textured PVC Sheets

Semi-Transparent Textured PVC Sheets

Super Clear Laminated PVC Sheet

Colored Laminated PVC Sheets

Thick PVC Sheets

6.Palram Industries Ltd

Year Established:1963

Total Revenue:$101.3 million

Employee Size: 4109

Address:Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan, Northern District, Israel


Company Profile:

Palram Industries Ltd., established in 1963, is a world-leading manufacturer of extruded thermoplastic sheets and panel systems, with manufacturing and sales offices in multiple countries.

Palram possesses advanced production equipment and technology, capable of producing PVC plastic sheets in various sizes and thicknesses, serving multiple industries including construction, advertising, and agriculture.

Top Products Offered:

PALBOARD® Family of Multilayer PVC sheets

PALCLEAR® Transparent PVC sheets

PALlGHTo Family of Foam PVC sheets

7.PAR Group

Year Established:1984

Total Revenue:-

Employee Size: 200+

Address:30-34 Watling Street, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 8DY, United Kingdom


Company Profile:

PAR Group is a comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of rubber, plastic, and insulation products with over 40 years of manufacturing experience and two production facilities.

They offer customized CNC machining services for PVC sheets, enabling the creation of various finished products.

Additionally, PAR provides tailored options for PVC sheet colors, sizes, and thicknesses to meet specific customer requirements.

Top Products Offered:

Rigid PVC Sheet

Telbex Pressed PVC Sheet

PVC Foam Sheet (Foamex)

8.3A Composites GmbH

Year Established:1969

Total Revenue:1.2 Billion Swiss franc

Employee Size: 4600

Address:Hauptstrasse 15, 9230 Flums, Switzerland


Company Profile:

3A Composites GmbH is a global leader in composite materials manufacturing, specializing in high-quality plastic sheets, aluminum composite materials, paperboards, and foam boards.

As a leading supplier of rigid PVC sheets in Europe, the company boasts strong production capabilities and a diverse product line, holding a significant position in the global PVC sheet market.

Currently, the company has established 42 brands and operates in 35 locations across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, with an annual revenue of approximately 1.2 billion Swiss Francs.

Top Products Offered:

FOREX® LITE Expanded Rigid PVC Sheets

FOAMALITE® PLUS Expanded Rigid PVC Sheets

9.Brett Martin

Year Established:1958

Total Revenue:$144.8 million

Employee Size: 1050

Address:24 Roughfort Road, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland, BT36 4RB


Company Profile:

Brett Martin Ltd. is a leader in the plastic sheet and roofing systems sector in Europe that primarily provides high-performance plastic sheets, roofing systems, and drainage solutions for the construction, manufacturing, and print display industries.

The company has multiple offices and manufacturing facilities in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, with operations spanning globally.

With over 60 years of industry experience, Brett Martin is dedicated to innovation and quality, offering a wide range of products, including multiwall sheets, corrugated sheets, and transparent flat sheets.

Top Products Offered:

Foam PVC sheet

Solid flat PVC sheet


FOWMOULD-web page

Year Established:1978

Total Revenue:$430 million

Employee Size: 131

Address:No.328 Xiaoliqiao Village, Beiyang Town, Huangyan,

Taizhou, Zhejiang, 318024, China


Company Profile:

FOWMOULD is a leading Chinese manufacturing enterprise established in 1978, specializing in providing high-quality mold and plastic product manufacturing solutions.

FOWMOULD’s physical factory incorporates advanced production equipment and technology, enabling the production of PVC sheets in various sizes and thicknesses.

The company employs a strict quality control system to ensure that each batch of products meets international standards.

With over 40 years of industry experience and competitive product pricing, the company holds a significant position in the global PVC sheet manufacturing market.

Top Products Offered:

Rigid PVC sheet

Transparent PVC sheet

Coloured PVC sheet

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