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How to Make Pallet Mold
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1-Product Design of Plastic Pallets


The product design of plastic pallets should consider the load-bearing, molding process, deformation, and convenience of use according to the actual needs of use.

For products that cannot avoid deformation, a pre-deformation plan should be prepared in advance.

Source: Immould

2-Plastic Pallet Mold Gate Design

1) Gate design

The plastic pallet product is large in size and heavy in weight. It adopts multi-point gate to feed the material. The gate position should be analyzed and verified by CAE, so as to make the product filling balance, avoid forming defects and weld lines that affect the strength, and strengthen the exhaust at the trapped position.

The use of integral hot runner can reduce the risk of material leakage in the hot runner.

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2) Designs for Plastic Pallet Mould Inserts and Inserts Waterway

Many pallet moving molds and fixed molds are designed with inserts splicing, which makes the precision requirements of the inserts relatively high, and the waterway is also more complicated.

In order to prevent the inserts from shifting, the positioning of the inserts should be well-designed, and the water channel should be cooled evenly.

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3) The Ejection Design of the Pallet Mold

Due to the product structure, pallet molds often require a large number of ejector pins for ejection.

In the ejection position, you must choose a place with good structural support, a sufficient number, and choose high-quality pin accessories.

The pin should fit smoothly with the insert.

When the ejector plate of the pallet mold is ejected, it is necessary to connect as many ejector rods of the plastic machine as possible, so that the ejector plate can be ejected evenly under the force and reduce the deformation of the ejector plate.

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3-Selection of pallet mold steel

Steel hardness, toughness and processing costs are all need to be considered when select the pallet mould steel.
These steels are usually P20, 718, Becu, which need to be tested by a spectrometer to make sure it is the correct steel we ordered before processing and fabrication.As for the selection of these steels, it depends on the cost budget and service life of different customers.
Source: Immould

4-Requirements for processing equipment

The processing equipment of Pallet mould is mainly CNC, Wire cutting, Grinding machine and EDM. Good equipment can process the pallet mould more accurately according to the drawing, and the processed parts need to do the CMM to see if it is within the tolerance.

Source: Immould
Source: Immould

5-Experience in making pallet mould

With many years experience of making pallet mold, FOWMOULD make pallet mold fast and good. 

Source: Immould
Source: Immould
Source: Immould

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