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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Injection Molding
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What is Custom Plastic Injection Molding?

Making plastic components according to the customer’s requirement using an injection molding machine is known as custom plastic molding. Taking advantage of injection molding, it becomes possible to make numerous identical items at an affordable price and with an efficient production rate.

Injection Molding Process
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Making a metal mold of the part is the first step in the procedure. Two metal blocks—typically steel or aluminum—that have been machined to form cavities on each side make up a mold. The injection molding machine then combines the two sides of the mold.

To fill the cavity, the machine ejects molten thermoplastic into the mold. The mold is opened, the part is removed, and the procedure is repeated after the portion has cooled.

Application of Injection Molding in Various Industries

As mentioned above, the injection molding technique is widely used in many industries to produce plastic parts in bulk. In this part, the application of injection molding in different industries will be introduced.

Automotive Plastic Injection Molding

Automobile plastic injection molding components and automotive molds are produced by FOW Mould, an ODM and OEM manufacturer.

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Their design team has experience in producing interior and exterior automotive components and molds that are practical while staying within your budget. Additionally, they have qualified car engineering specialists that make sure that the assembly of all the automotive injection molding solutions they provide is optimum.

Plastic Furniture Injection Molding

In places like homes, workplaces, and social gathering places, furniture is essential. It provides everyone with convenience and comfort. These crucial elements are taken into consideration by FOW Mould while designing and producing high-end plastic furniture.

FOW Mould strives to satisfy not only the requirements of their business clients but also those of the consumers who will use the furniture on a daily basis in their homes. During the furniture injection molding process, FOW Mould takes many measures to 

Plastic Bucket Injection Molding

In 2009, FOW Mould began producing bucket molds for commercial use. They have accumulated a great deal of experience and competence over the years designing buckets, creating molds, and producing plastic buckets. All of their bucket injection molding projects are managed by a well-coordinated team of designers, engineers, and marketing consultants.

Plastic Baby Product Injection Molding

FOW Mould takes additional attention while designing baby items and baby product molds. The designers and engineers in FOW Mould are committed to making sure that every product is completely safe in terms of its design, usability, and material makeup. They also ensure that their molds are efficient during production and that parts are developed for manufacture on the manufacturing front.

The customized injection molding services at FOW Mould make this manufacturer your go-to source for all your needs. You are no longer required to pay several businesses hefty fees for each procedure. Additionally, they take advantage of the enormous economies of scale to give you great deals while upholding high standards for quality.

Additionally, as a professional injection molding service provider, FOW Mould employs only top-grade polymers in the injection molding procedures and premium steel for your molds. This increases the longevity of the products and lowers your ongoing expenses.

The Custom Injection Molding Services FOW Mould Can Provide

The team of engineers at FOW Mould specializes in injection molding, and they are extremely skilled and knowledgeable in their field. They consistently develop new cutting-edge solutions and stay abreast of trends in the injection molding sector. 

FOW Moulds Employees

FOW Mould manages your injection molding project with the utmost professionalism and commitment. Every design element will be built specifically to meet your needs and simplify the manufacturing process. They pledge to relieve any of your concerns and to treat all of your intellectual property in the strictest confidence.

Design the Injection Mold

The designers of the FOW Mould injection molds are always looking for new, creative methods to make molds that work well. To make sure that all pertinent departments collaborate with one another, they have staged the mold design procedures. The procedure goes like this.

A first session is a mold flow analysis. The team would assess critical design elements, including mold accuracy, draught angle, and cycle times, during these meetings. Each department offers its opinion and, if changes are required, makes recommendations. This stage is added to avoid the uncoordinated design approach leads to expensive mistakes and delays.

FOW Mould can give you wholesome injection molding solutions. Due to this, they examine your injection molding project from start to finish, including the part design and planned production procedures. 

The design specialists may provide insight on material selection, part design, or if the part is appropriately designed for manufacture.

CAD tools such as MoldFlow and SolidWorks are used for all of the injection mold design engineerings. To ensure that they create molds with extreme precision, it features built-in tools that direct the plastic mold designer as they draw. 

Additionally, it makes it simple to examine mold designs in great detail from various perspectives prior to the mold being prototyped for additional examination. This reduces time because the majority of design faults may be found and fixed early.

Produce the Injection Mold

The engineers take the time to carefully confirm that the supplies are of the greatest quality before beginning the actual injection procedure. They also make certain that the molds meet all of client’s requirements, which is why the customized injection mold they produce is flawless.

Design Plastic Products

FOW Mould strives for cost-effective designs that are contemporary, compact, and lightweight while adhering to the recommended safety standards for plastic items. 

They cooperate with clients’ design preferences and provide product design services at competitive prices.

Injection Molding Service

For more than 40 years, FOW Mould has offered enterprises injection molding services. They provide clients with innovative and affordable injection molding solutions by fusing their extensive knowledge with the most recent technological advancements in the field. 

They also employ a varied group of designers and engineers with a range of industry specialties. This enables them to expertly serve a wide range of businesses, including those in automotive, furniture, baby products, and warehousing

Why Injection Molding is a Good Choice?

There are many ways to produce plastic items. However, in many cases, plastic injection molding is the best way for manufacturers, especially when they need to produce plastic products in bulk. Injection molding is one of the optimal ways in plastics items manufacturing industry for many reasons, and some of these reasons will be mentioned in this part.

Injection Molding Materials

Fast Prototyping

Quick prototype manufacture aids in the completion of part design development more quickly. It also offers fast feedback on their viability. FOW Mould have made investments in the best 3D printers and CNC machines available to provide your prototypes in the least amount of time practical.

Greater Strength

One of the most important aspects to consider when developing a plastic injection molded product is strength. To alter them by integrating ribs or gussets, the designer will need to know whether the part needs to be flexible or rigid. It’s crucial to comprehend the customer’s intended use for the component as well as the environment it will be placed in.

Your part’s need for stability and strength can be addressed by finding the right mix of design factors. Another important factor in the part’s strength is the material choice.


When making plastic parts, picking the appropriate material and color for the job is crucial. The options are almost unlimited because both are so varied. There is now a wide variety of resins to choose from thanks to advancements made in polymers over time.

Working with an injection molder with experience with a range of resins and applications, including resins that are FDA, RoHS, REACH, and NSF compliant, is crucial. Consider the following factors when choosing a resin for your project: impact strength, tensile strength, a flexural modulus of elasticity, heat deflection, and water absorption.

Decreased Waste

It’s crucial to take into account a company’s green manufacturing activities when searching for a high-volume injection molding partner because they demonstrate a dedication to quality, sustainability, and maximum safety. 

Extra plastic is produced during the molding process. Look for a business that has a system in place to recycle any extra plastic it produces. Modern equipment is used by the most environmentally conscious plastic injection molding businesses to help reduce waste, transportation, and packing.

Injection Mold Gate Design

Low Labor Cost

In comparison to other methods of molding, labor expenses for plastic injection molding are often quite inexpensive. Its cost-effectiveness and effectiveness are aided by the parts’ capacity to be produced at a high level and production rate. A self-gating, automatic tool is often used by molding equipment to keep processes streamlined and production moving along with no need for supervision.


In short, plastic injection molding is perfect for mass production. It functions best when similar parts are produced in large quantities. Custom injection molding businesses are essential to the manufacturing process. Custom injection molding is essential to the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries. 

Accuracy and precision are prerequisites for these sectors. Some of these components are essential for operation. The production process of the company may be fatally affected by incorrect part dimensions. Contact FOW Moulds for more details.

CNC machine
CNC Machine

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