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Top 5 3D Printing Manufacturing Companies In China

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As a representative of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, 3D printing technology has become widespread across various industries. With the advancement of technological innovation, Chinese enterprises have achieved remarkable results in the field of 3D printing.

Below, in this list of the top five 3D printing companies in China, we will provide a comprehensive overview of 3D printing services to offer insights for customers keen to understand this craftsmanship.

Top 5 3D Printing Manufacturing Companies In China


FowMould logo

Year Established: 1978

Location: Zhejiang, China

Industry: Manufacturing

FOWMOULD is a well-equipped 3D printing and prototyping service provider, with customized 3D printing services being one of their key offerings. Using advanced industrial 3D printer, they can rapidly produce high-precision prototypes.

Additionaly, FOWMOULD’s 3D printing services span various sectors, including furniture, baby products, and household appliances, with a notable popularity in the plastic bucket industry. Moreover, FOWMOULD’s professional team is capable of handling various printing resins and a wide range of prototype designs in terms of size and complexity.

2.Yingchuang Building Technique (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. (Winsun)

Source:Yingchuang Building Technique (Shanghai)Co.Ltd.

Year Established: 2002

Location: Shanghai, China

Industry:  Manufacturing

As a global leader in 3D printed construction, Yingchuang Building Technique (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the research and development of 3D printed architecture and is the world’s first high-tech company to truly realize 3D printed buildings.

Furthermore, the company emphasizes the concept of sustainable development, using a mixture of ground construction and industrial waste (such as cement) to form its printing material, thus reshaping the landscape of the construction industry with 3D printing technology. Their efficient methods allowed them to successfully print 10 houses in a single day.


3d printing companies-ProtoFab

Year Established: 2014

Location: Xiamen, China

Industry: 3D Printing, particularly Stereolithography (SLA)

ProtoFab is an industrial-grade 3d printing manufacturing company established by DUCH GROUP, primarily engaged in providing industrial-grade stereolithography 3D printers and 3D printing materials, excelling notably in the field of SLA printing.

ProtoFab boasts an independent 3D printer laboratory and a standalone research and development system. Leveraging 20 years of rapid prototyping experience, they focus on innovating 3D printing technologies, offering a wide variety of material choices, and have earned the accolades and trust of clients from various countries.



Year Established: 2000

Location: Shanghai, China

Industry: 3D Printing

Founded in the early 2000s, United Tech was one of early industrial 3d printing companies in China, and has a broad industry presence and brand recognition in the 3D printing field, with particular competence in Stereolithography (SLA) technology.

United Tech focuses on product innovation and quality, and the industrial-grade SLA 3D printers they produce are known for their precision, reliability, and versatility. They are also widely used in multiple industries such as automotive, aerospace, healthcare and  home appliance.

5.Beijing Tiertime Technology Co. Ltd.

3d orinting manufacturing companies-Beijing Tiertime Technology Co. Ltd.
Source:Beijing Tiertime Technology Co. Ltd.

Year Established: 2003

Location: Beijing, China

Industry: 3D Printer Manufacturing

As the first manufacturer of 3d printers in China, Tiertime has pushed 3D printing technology to a new dimension through its printer control software. After decades of continuous technological development, it stands as a global leader in manufacturing and prototyping solutions.

At the same time, Tiertime also designs specialized solutions for 3D printing applications with customized software, constantly upgrading the quality of its products and strictly fulfilling its commitment to innovation for its customers, which are widely used in education, research, and manufacturing in many fields.


In summary, the companies mentioned above are currently the best 3d printing manufacturing companies in China. Each is renowned in the global market for its unique innovative concepts and advanced technology, meeting the dual needs of 3D printing machine and technology .

As we move forward in the world of manufacturing, the advancement of 3D printing technology will not stagnate. It’s time to choose the perfect partner for creating your new prototypes!

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