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Top 6 Plastic Moulding Companies in Malaysia

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Plastic molding is a type of manufacturing process that is used to produce parts by using molten material into a mold and cooling it down to create a fixed frame. Are you looking for an injection molding service in Malaysia? Have a look at this compiled list of the top 6 plastic molding companies in Malaysia.

Top 6 Plastic Moulding Companies in Malaysia

1. Advance Plus Moulds & Injections Sdn Bhd

Source: Advance Plus Mould & Injections SDN BHD

Year Established: 1987

Location: Selangor, Malaysia

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO 9001:2008

Advance Plus Mould was established in 1987 by a local Malaysian with the purpose of providing high-quality plastic molds in Malaysia. Over the years, this company became enriched with experience in plastic mould design and mold making, which helped them become a trustworthy and reliable plastic molding company.

Advance Plus Molds not only supplies its molds locally but also to foreign multinational companies all over the world. Every mold that is manufactured by this company has 34 years of hands-on experience gained in the field.

2. H.H Precision Mould

H.H Precision Mould logo
Source: H.H Precision Mould

Year Established: 1980

Location: Selangor, Malaysia

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO 9001:2008

H.H Precision Mould is a full-serving injection molding company in Malaysia. With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing automotive, home appliance, pipe fitting, electronic, and air filter plastic parts, has helped this company create a reputable position in the market.

H.H Precision Mould supplies its products not only in Malaysia, but also in North America, Europe, and Australia. Its team of workers is intimately involved in producing high-quality products that include mold storage systems, personal care products, baby products, and many more. It ensures that all requirements of the customers are met by staying in close touch with them throughout the project.

H.H closely collaborates with Wartec, a plumbing product manufacturing company, which helps it derive vast knowledge and expertise in Gas injection molding. This technology helps it develop even the most challenging of products.

3. Nam Keong

Source: H.H Precision Mould

Location: Selangor, Malaysia

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO 9001

Nam Keong is one of the ISO-certified plastic injection molding companies in Malaysia that delivers custom injection molding solutions to various industries. It specializes in the fabrication of tools and dies as well. 

Nam Keong’s production area is 25,000 square feet which are capable of producing 600 tons of products. It strives to direct its mission to produce custom molding solutions and modular components. Its diversification contributes to both the automotive and electrical industries.

4. Pro-Fine Plastics

Source: H.H Precision Mould

Year Established: 1995

Location: Selangor, Malaysia

Industry: Manufacturing

Certification: ISO 9001:2015

Pro-Fine Plastics was founded in 1995 and has since flourished into a preeminent plastic molding company in Malaysia. Owning state-of-the-art equipment and machines, this company is armed with enough operating material to cope with its vast production of custom plastic moulding.

The core business of this company is to manufacture and supply plastic molds using injection molding technology. Apart from Malaysia, Pro-Fine Plastics Exports its products to overseas countries like China, Singapore, Australia, India, and many more.

To better serve its clients, Pro-Fine Plastics offers customized solutions to meet the production needs of each individual. Its business runs on the foundation of going beyond customer satisfaction and expectations of the market in terms of price and quality.

5. Excel Mould Manufacturing

Source: H.H Precision Mould

Year Established: 1990

Location: Selangor, Malaysia

Industry: Manufacturing

Excel Mould Manufacturing was established in 1990 with the purpose of contributing to Malaysia’s mold manufacturing industry. Its enterprise is run by a dynamic management team whose attributes are flair for motivating and cultivating dear team members to achieve corporate growth.

Personifying the company’s name “Excel”, they strive to make sure that they provide excellent quality and services to their esteemed clients. Since their inception, they have invested in some of the most advanced computerized machinery that assist them in making plastic kitchen appliances, home appliances, automotive molds, and electricals.

6. Edverson Marketing

Source: Edverson Marketing

Year Established: 1989

Location: Sungai Bakap, Malaysia

Industry: Manufacturing

Edverson Marketing is one of the well-known plastic manufacturing companies that has been dedicated to producing household products since 1989. They are equipped with everything that takes to deliver quality injection molding products in a limited period of time.

Edverson’s team of experienced and skilled technicians operate automation machines to produce plastic molds of superior quality. Their expertise in the industry for more than 20 years helps them provide their clients with the best services, quality, and price.

Best Plastic Moulding Company in China

Fow Mould logo
Source: Fow Mould

Fow Moulds is a plastic moulds China company that has in-depth knowledge and expertise to provide a complete one-stop solution for plastic mold buyers. They assist their clients from product conceptualization to the final manufacturing of the product. Their cutting-edge technology coupled with a dedicated team of skilled engineers ensures that the products are of the utmost quality. 

Fow Mould is confident in its manufacturing process to make sure that the products exceed the expectations of its clients in terms of quality, durability, and reliability. It is the timely support and excellent services that have catapulted Fow Mould to the pinnacle of fame in the mold manufacturing industry.

List of the Top Plastic Moulding Companies in Malaysia


Plastic molding companies are flooding the market right now with quality products at economical prices. With so much competition in the market, it becomes difficult for buyers to choose from hundreds of options of plastic molding companies. Just make sure that you reach out to the right plastic molding company for your application.

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