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Key Points of Storage Basket Mold
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The use of plastic baskets

Storage baskets are convenient, lightweight that can store a variety of items. It has a variety of styles, colors, and capacities. It can be used on many occasions to classify items better.

For example, for home and office storage, not only to save space but also to organize. It is a must-have product for both at home and at office. Storage basket mold should pay attention to the following points:

1、Design points of storage basket mold

The storage basket design should be functionally feasible and thickness rationality. Not only to make the product lightness, but also to ensure the strength and make the product weighted without bending or deforming. The pattern should be designed with reasonable release slope and anti-deformation treatment.

Source: Immould

2、Gate design of storage basket mold

The storage basket mold adopts multi-point needle valve gate which should be balanced for filling and not trapped air. The gate location is determined with CAE analysis.Selection of branded hot runner can make production stable and efficient.

Source: Immould

The storage basket can be produced by two-color injection molding machine to realize the production of lid and basket on one mold at the same time to save time and production cost.

Source: Immould

3、Slider core and ejection system of storage basket mold

Most of the storage basket mold are used four sides’ core-pulling mechanism.

Compared with the moving core-pulling can control the mold size and reduce the cost.

The movement of four sliders should be more uniform, efficient and stable.

Source: Immould

The lid usually adopts pushing plate ejecting first, and then picking up the parts by robot.

Source: Immould

The basket usually adopts the four sides’ core-pulling first to keep the product on the moving mold,and then picking up the parts by robot.

Source: Immould

4、Cooling system of the storage basket mold

The cooling system of the storage basket mold is very important. Reasonable cooling system can reduce the deformation of the product and shorten the injection cycle time. Suitable diameter of the water circuit and arranged distance can ensure the mold cooling evenly.

Source: Immould
Source: Immould

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